WandaVision Episode 5 takes a horrific turn

    If you’re a Marvel fan, I’m pretty sure that you’re hooked on the recently released series by Marvel Studios, WandaVision.

    WandaVision Episode 5 tries to solve the mystery of the energy field created by Wanda. As we’ve seen earlier, Wanda and Vision are stuck in a sitcom world. The fans kept on wondering why, when in the last episode, we realised that all of this stemmed from Wanda’s pain. She created an energy field and held thousands of citizens hostage because she couldn’t cope up with the pain of losing Vision. They were all S.W.O.R.D agents who got trapped in this alternate reality scenario.

    The audience also kept on wandering about Vision’s return from death. WandaVision Episode 5 solves that mystery but deepens the mysterious aura even further. It also brings back a character nobody even expected. Let us get down to the episode analysis to understand what’s going on.

    WandaVision Episode 5 Analysis

    The episode begins in the sitcom world. Wanda and Vision are having a hard time dealing with their new born twins, Tommy and Billy. Wanda tries to use her power to stop them from crying, but her power doesn’t work on them.

    They cannot soothe the crying children when overtly friendly neighbour, Agnes drops by. She decides to babysit the kids to help the distressed couple. When things weren’t going as planned, Agnes asked Wanda if they should take it from the top. You would feel like an actor asking the director for re-shooting a particular scene. At that moment, Wanda wished that the kids grew up a little bit so that it becomes easier. The next thing they know, the cribs are empty. The kids’ age by five years and are calling them Mommy and Daddy.

    WandaVision Episode 5
    Tommy and Billy in WandaVision Episode 5.

    Vision finds it extremely suspicious. What was Agnes talking about? Why did she act like it was a scene going on? Why didn’t Agnes question the fact that the kids grew up in seconds in front of her eyes?

    A stray dog catches the attention of the twins. They try to convince their mommy so that they can keep it. Again, Agnes stops by with a pet house. How does she know that they have got a pet? Everything seems very vague to Vision. Wanda tells the twins that they’re too young to raise a dog. If they were 10, they could think about it. Immediately, the kids age a bit, to prove to Wanda that they can take care of the dog. Her kids are growing up fast.

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    In his office, Vision gets praised again. Norm is impressed with his technological knowledge. As Vision explains to him the functions of E-mail, they receive a mail from S.W.O.R.D. All of a sudden, all the employees start reading the same thing in an echoic manner.

    Vision finds it extremely strange. This is the first time he felt like things around him are staged.Vision tries to read Norm’s mind when Wanda’s spell breaks. Norm tells him how “she” is hurting everyone and how it is “her” that’s ruling everyone’s mind. He gets all worried about his father and sister when Vision realises the bigger play and sets everything back to normal to avoid the catastrophe.

    WandaVision Episode 5 gives Vision a separate identity. From here, Vision develops a psyche of his own, and starts questioning his surroundings.

    The events outside the energy shield

    Meanwhile, there is chaos outside the energy field. Everyone is busy with Monica Rambeau’s return. They run several tests on her, but the result comes out as blank. Monica describes her time in Wanda’s field as full of grief. The sense of grief was so overpowering that it controlled all the other emotions. It was clear that Wanda’s pain and tragedy was the main source of power in the energy field. It was so strong that nothing could penetrate that barrier.

    Amidst all the analysis, Darcy makes a breakthrough revelation. All the happenings in the sitcom world are somehow costumes that stem from reality. Monica went in wearing a bulletproof jacket, so her dress that she wore in the sitcom world was bulletproof too. Wanda isn’t controlling reality, she is rewriting it to soothe her agony.

    WandaVision Episode 5
    All the major events in WandaVision Episode 5.

    Hayward accuses Wanda of being a terrorist. Monica comes to her defence as she believes that she didn’t mean to harm anyone. Hayward showed her a video of 9 days before, when Wanda blasted in one of S.W.O.R.D’S Headquarters where Vision’s corpse was kept. She not only resurrected him but also paid no heed to Vision’s wish. Vision didn’t want to be used as a weapon. She violated Sokovian Accords.

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    During moments like this, one cannot help but wonder, what would have Captain done? He was always out there, guiding Wanda and being her friend. Maybe, Wanda needed some trusted companion to overcome her grief. Darcy and Jimmy talk about who could’ve taken out Thanos single handed. The scar of that war left a hollow in Wanda’s heart which resulted in this mess. WandaVision Episode 5 delves deep into Wanda’s agony.

    Monica had an idea on how to contact Wanda. She sends in a drone to the ’80s. Wanda, the kids, and their pet( Sparky or Sniffy) come out of their house. The next thing you know, there is a breach in the energy field.

    The soldiers witness furious Wanda stepping out of the energy field for the first time in her original avatar. She came here to give a final warning. She doesn’t disrupt their world, so they shouldn’t disrupt hers. Monica tries to talk some sense into her, but she knows they’ve nothing to offer. Everything she has ever wanted is in her fictional reality. She manipulates everyone into pointing their guns at Hayward and steps back into her field. But this time, she makes the field even more powerful as the energy field turns deep red.

    WandaVision Episode 5 once again gave a glimpse of Wanda’s immense power. She created an energy field, and manipulated thousands of citizens into submission. This Wanda reminds one of the person she was before joining the Avengers. Is Wanda losing her powers only to succumb to her original violent self?

    Vision’s realisation

    The twins are heartbroken as their favourite dog goes missing. Finally, when they find him, he is dead. They request their mother to bring him back from the dead. Wanda is all confused and scared. Can the twins sense anything about Vision’s resurrection? She tries to make them understand that there is a balance in the universe. Once something is gone, it’s gone. They’ve to learn how to embrace the pain and not run from it. Ironical, Isn’t it?

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    WandaVision Episode 5.
    Vision reading Norm’s mind in WandaVision Episode 5.

    Vision realises that Wanda is behind all this. She is manipulating everyone’s mind. The couple gets into a fight as Vision starts asking questions that Wanda dreaded. He claims that he can’t remember anything before Westview. Wanda must have wiped away his memory during his resurrection. He wants to know what’s outside of Westview, why aren’t there any other kids here, why is everyone acting so strange, why is Wanda openly displaying her powers?. Wanda stammers as she cannot find an answer. At that moment, they hear the bell ring.

    The surprise appearance in WandaVision Episode 5

    When Wanda opens the door, she finds Peter standing at the door. Darcy cannot believe that Wanda recast Pietro. But, this leads to so many unanswered questions. Peter/ Quicksilver is a part of the X-Men franchise. When Marvel acquired the rights, it was evident that they would bring back some characters. But, in MCU, Pietro died. In the X-Men franchise, Peter is the son of Magneto. How does this tie-up?

    WandaVision Episode 5
    Pietro and Wanda in WandaVision Episode 5.

    What started as a mere subconscious act, is developing into a full-blown play. Maybe, Wanda is losing control of her power. Otherwise, how did Peter get in? Why is Vision getting so close to reality? Moreover, why doesn’t her power act on the twins?

    There is also one thing I would highlight. Agnes watches the kids grow up in seconds and Wanda using her powers. Why doesn’t she question it? Is it because of her actual identity as Agatha Harkness, the Original Witch? Why is she interested in taking care of the twins? Is she looking after the fragments of Mephisto’s soul? To learn more about Mephisto, check out our take on WandaVision’s new villain –

    The future of Wanda

    After the jarring WandaVision Episode 5, the audience cannot help but want more. As Vision is starting to question the truth, the residents of Westview are also screaming for help. Moreover, with Peter’s cameo, I’m sure MCU has more mystique hidden under their wraps. A surprising cameo is supposed to be there at the end of the season. Who can possibly come to save these hostages? Will Vision go against Wanda? How does this setup lead to the multiverse?

    We’ve to wait and find out more in the upcoming episodes.


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