Philips Hue Module – the Smart Light From the Future

    Smart appliances have become popular, and lighting fixtures are no exception in the race of becoming smart. Here is the new Philips Hue Module – the smart light and its related fixtures.

    Maybe it sounds like one product, but in reality, it is a combination of three amazing products of Philips. This wall -based Philips Hue module contains existing light switches, a new light bar for outdoor, and of course, a refined dimmer.

    Who doesn’t want to own a smart light these days? It is easy to control them with a phone or application. You don’t have to get up from your bed on your lazy days. You can control them however you like, whenever you like. But imagine a dumb switch ruining all your features of a smart light bulb. Would you want that? No right? That’s the problem that Philips Hue smart light owners have been facing with the dumb switches.

    We all know it is really annoying for a smart light owner to have a dumb switch this which you cannot control. But this new wall module of Philips Hue is going to solve all those problems of Hue smart light owners.

    As per the features which we are getting right now, we can install a so-called smart light bulb of Hue into a lamp or in-ceiling fixtures or wherever we want. And then we can get the ability to control that light bulb of Philips hue from our phone. It sounds perfect but there is a very big problem as we mentioned above.

    We can get these facilities until someone flips the switch off the wall which is connected to a light bulb or cut the power of that smart light bulb. These few simple things are enough to ruin your experience with a smart, expensive light bulb. But this is not going to happen with the new Philips Hue Module.

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    Easy Switch from Philips

    The new wall switch module of Philips hue is powered by a battery, which has a life-time of at least 5 years. But you should be ready with a screwdriver after the mentioned time because maybe you have to change it on your own.

    As per the signify, you can place the intelligence right inside the wall, and it can make the switch smart so that no one can ruin your experience with your smart, expensive bulb. But unfortunately, the switch module of Philips Hue will not work out with regular lights or will make regular lights smart. It can only control the smart lights of Philips Hue.

    The next one on our list is a light bar of Philips Hue Module. It is nothing new; they only oversized the Philips Hue play bar and made it suitable to fit in outdoors.

    You can install this one outdoors to bathe a side of a house or in a hedgerow. It can also be installed on the fence or pathway. It has a length of 79.5 cm or approximately 31 inches and maxes out approximately at 1400 lumens. Here is one unfortunate thing too. It will require a power supply of Philips Hue unit, and you have to buy it separately.

    Philips Hue Model Ambient Lighting

    Last but of course, not the least, they have finally upgraded to the magnetic Philips Hue Dimmer switch, which now has a detachable wall plate.

    This is also nothing like a head- to- toe new thing but it only received few functional changes and got a makeover. But still this is a very important up-gradation because by using this feature, you, your family, your guests, or anyone who wants to can control the hue lighting without using any type of application. It is a little different from the products mentioned above because this new Philips Hue Module dimmer is a faux wall switch, and it can adhere to any kind of wall with tape.

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    It is cheap in price, mostly in all countries so that everyone can enjoy the features of this new product.

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