How To Clip Dog Nails At Home: A Precise And Comprehensive Guide

    Most of us who have a dog at home don’t know how to trim their nails. Whenever we think about how to clip dog nails at home, the very thought gives us tremors.

    Lack of knowledge is not the only thing that makes us anxious but the fact that we might accidentally hurt our pets, makes it more important to know about the right techniques to clip dog nails at home. It is important to trim their nails from time to time, just like we do with our nails. It is important for their hygiene, health, and quality of life. Just like us humans, their overgrown nails can be painful. So, for a dog owner it is very important to know how to clip dog nails at home.

    Overgrown nails of dogs can lead them to pain, and also it can create some serious issues. You will be surprised to know that from a simple overgrown nail, your dog might get spine & posture problems over time, for example, sitting or standing oddly.

    If the nails are too long then it can make their daily life tasks like walking difficult, sometimes lameness, or even serious injury. Extreme long ground touching nails can limit the movement of your dog.

    Clip Dog Nails At Home Safely

    But in order to cut it at the right time, you should know what length of a dog`s nail is too long. At first check their nails – is it touching the ground? Can you hear the sound of clicking or you see them turning sideways?

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    If you notice any such things then it’s time for a trimming. Basically, when you can pass a piece of paper between your dog’s nail and floor, it’s time to take action. Finally, you know how they can create huge problems for your furry friend and you also know when to cut them. Now comes the main part of how to clip dog nails at home.

    In order to clip their nails, you have to prepare all the equipment first. Equipment you will need for this task is Scissors, Paw Balsam (optional), Flashlight (especially for dark-colored nails), and dog nail clippers or grinder or scissors (in case you have none of them).

    Dog Nail Clipping

    Once you have everything ready, get your dog and comfort him. It is the most important thing to make your dog comfortable. Before clipping their nails cuddle them or give them a biscuit or their favorite cookies. In case they are a bit nervous, giving them a sense of security before the beginning is necessary.

    Now it’s time to decide till where to cut their nail because dog nails are supplied with blood. So, you have to be super careful at the time of deciding the range because it could give your dog a lot of pain if you accidentally clip in the wrong place or more than the required range.

    If your dog has light-colored or clear nail, then it is quite easy to get the right range, but it would be tricky if they have darker ones. Don’t worry; the flashlight is going to help you in this phase. Turn on the flashlight on to get a better sight of the blood supply area.

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    You have to remember 3 things. First, the finishing line of blood supply is the actual cutting range of nails, mostly we can see overgrown nails on their front paws, and the thumb rule of clipping dog nail every time clip parallel to the bottom.

    Clip their nails by taking small steps, cut one at a time, give them rewards to bit their nervousness if it is needed. If you completed the whole process of clipping their nail without getting any blood and if your dog is relaxed then your procedure of clipping was absolutely right. You have done a great job.

    Dog Nail Trimming

    But what if they bleed after a trimming? Don’t get nervous by seeing a little blood on the nail and try to stop the flow of blood and prevent it from getting infected. If you see that blood flow is not stopping even after 30 minutes, then contact your vet right away.

    You need to act fast in this type of case and prevent any dirt from getting in contact. Following these simple steps and precautions, you can safely clip dog nails at home.

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