How Much You Need To Walk To Lose Weight? Briefly Explained

    Walking is a most simple and effective physical activity that we can perform to stay fit or lose weight. If you have set a goal for your weight loss, following a perfect program of walking and a good diet can do wonders for you. But, there are many things that you should know about walking. Such as How far you should walk to lose weight? What should be the right intensity? What should be the diet?

    So, keep reading to get complete knowledge and few tips that can enhance your weight loss journey.

    The Ideal Walking Duration

    A person should spend 30 minutes in moderate-intensity exercise every day or at least 150 minutes every week, according to the American College Of Sports Medicine (ACSM). It can help you in battling health conditions and to stay on the path of cardiovascular fitness. But, if you have the desire to lose weight, you have to put a quite more effort.

    The person who wants to lose weight or maintain weight, he/she should take this number to 200-300 minutes (3 hours-5hours) every week, this recommended by ACMS

    Cutting it down, 1 hour of the walk for 4-5 days per week will be enough for attaining your goal of weight loss. If you also do any other exercise, it will produce more calorie burn and increases fitness.

    The right Intensity To Walk To Lose Weight

    A moderate-intensity walking/exercise is described as a physical activity that increases the rate of heart to 50-70 percent of your peak heart rate, according to the Centres For Dieses Control and prevention. It is very essential to be sure that your heart rate reaches a moderate intensity level while walking.

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    So, now if you have decided to increase the moderate-intensity by lifting weight or including a small duration of running, exercising at a robust physical activity level (70 to 85% highest peak of your heart rate) to get the same benefits your walking period needs to be cut in the half. In simple words, 1 hour (60 minutes) of the moderate intensive walk will equal half an hour (30 minutes) run/walk at a strong intensity level.

    There is a most accurate way to monitor your heart rate is using a heart rate monitor. But you can also maintain a record of observed exertion. If we measure on a scale of 0 to 10 (10 is the maximum exertion probable and 0 is sitting), robust exercise starts at 7, and moderate-intensity is 5 to 6.

    Comparing Walking and Running

    walk to lose weight
    Image Source – Danette May

    Walking gives you similar benefits to running with very low risks of getting injured. If you prefer walking, keep in mind that duration will surely matter.

    According to the ACE, a 68 kg runner burns almost 340 calories on a run of a 3 mile when averaging a mile of 10 minutes (for a run of 30 minutes). Its average comes out about 11.3 calories each minute.

    On another side, when a 68 kg walker walking at a moderate speed of 3 miles every hour burns almost 224 calories throughout the 3 miles walk (overall 60 minutes). And this averages about 3.7 calories burn every minute.

    So, as you see that running is more effective and beneficial than walking. But, if you will have longer walks, you can bring phenomenal results.

    How Can You Get Started With The Walking?

    Walking is one of the most excellent physical activity and anyone can easily engage with it. If you want to take walking as a regular exercise, it is essential to begin gradually and progressively grow walking intensity and duration.

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    If you are starting from scratch to walk to lose weight, avoid walking very long and fast. If you do, you may suffer soreness, fatigue ness, and demotivation. Begin with 10-15 minutes of walking every day at a comfortable speed and then simply increase the duration of walking by 10 to 15 minutes every weak until and unless you arrive at the 60 minutes per day or any other duration that fits you perfectly. Later this, you can comfortably act upon increasing your speed of walking.

    Follow A Proper Diet

    If you don’t follow a proper diet everything that I mentioned above will completely get waste. If you want to walk to lose weight, you will have to maintain a proper diet. Give attention to how many calories you taking in and how many calories you are burning.

    So, keep in mind that diet is equally important to exercise.

    Let’s consider a few crucial tips.

    Tips To Walk To Lose Weight

    • Choose Comfortable Shoes

    walk to lose weight
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    Shoes are one of the most and only necessary things for walking. Stipp heels and flexible soals will assist you to prevent the side to side movement. If you walk on a normal flat surface, it will demand only shoes with low heels that are comfortable, cushioned, and lightweight.

    • Know Your Complete Route

    Having a clear and precise idea of where you will walk, knowing the exact route, will really help you in having a good walking time. You will have a feeling of confidence and comfort as you know what to expect as you walk. Also, you will not have to waste time figuring out a routine.

    • Find A Buddy

    walk to lose weight
    Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash

    A lot of studies have proved that strong support of a group is very crucial to achieve and maintain your success of weight loss.

    • Walk in DayLight

    walk to lose weight
    Photo by Kitera Dent on Unsplash

    Walking in the daylight will really help you with Weight loss. Wondering how? Research in the International Journal Of Endocrinology stated that sleep-deprived adults who stayed exposed to the daylight or dim light after awakening had a low concentration of the fulfilment hormone of leptin. Well, the people in the blue light had a high level of leptin.

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    So, go get some daylight or sunlight to help you in your weight loss journey.

    • Add Highly Intensive Workout To Your Routine

    walk to lose weight
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    Implementing this tip to your routine will really help you in boosting your weight loss. Do a highly intensive workout for 20 minutes on 3 nonconsecutive days every week. It will help you in burning more calories and fat after the intensive workouts.

    • Swing Your Arms While Walking

    A strong pumping of arms not only helps in speeding up your walking but also provides you a good workout for the upper part of the body. It also helps you in burning 5-10 percent extra calories. Here is the right way to swing your arms: Bend your both arms at 90 degrees and pump from your shoulders. Make sure to swing your both arms naturally like you are trying to reach your back pocket. When you swing your arm forward, be sure that your wrist is being near the center of your chest.

    • Have A Music Playlist For Walking

    walk to lose weight
    Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

    Before going on the walk, select the songs that you want to listen to while walking. A great playlist of the soundtracks can really make your walking astounding. It gives you a good dose of motivation that pushes you harder to give as best as you can, you won’t even notice that you are putting in the extra effort.

    • Make Walking A Crucial Part Of Your Life

    Doesn’t matter if you walk to lose weight or not, just keep walking in your everyday routine. It can really give you amazing benifits to your health. At first, you may find it slightly difficult but once it becomes a habit, it will happen in the flow.


    So, start walking normally and don’t force yourself in the starting phase of walking to lose weight. Gradually increase the intensity and speed. Now I hope you have got enough knowledge about how much you have to walk to lose weight. Make sure to implement the knowledge and tips to boost your weight loss journey.


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