Perfect Face Template – 5 Creative Uses & Tips

    perfect face template

    Perfect face template is the anatomy of the ‘perfect’ face shape used in beauty and glamour magazines. Make-up artists, photographers, and those who deal with art and beauty can download the perfect face template and use it on any face shape to create the best style of makeup or use it in photoshop to make any face photogenic.

    When you get an understanding of the golden ratio of the face anatomy you can use it to create stunning illustrations and artworks. Makeup artists give the best makeup and contouring with the use of a perfect face template.

    If you want to create stunning pictures for your Instagram or any social media platform, you can use the perfect face template to make pictures stand out toning down and enhancing features using this template as a standard to go with. Create an entirely new look for your face using this tool when you want to use a different style or create a different look.

    Perfect Face Template – Easy Tutorial

    Perfect Face Template – Transformation Is Easy

    Getting more likes on Instagram makes your day? This is the tool you must know how to use to perfection to create a transformed look in any style. Before you hit the salon, or if you want to give yourself a DIY makeover, use this template to get an idea of which features to highlight with makeup and which ones to hide.

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    Perfect Face Template – Photography

    perfect face template

    Did you know? creating the perfect face for the personality type in commercials is a sine qua non? A perfect feminine figure that is pleasant and friendly has a thin jaw and a rectangular jawline is portrayed as mean. If you want to create a pleasant and friendly portrait of yourself, start with creating a thin jawline that looks feminine.

    Work on the bridge of the nose, to make it symmetrical, adjust the shape of the brows, eyes, cheekbones, and lips using the perfect face template as a standard to create a feminine look. Lips speak volumes about the emotions and need to be worked on using this template to depict the emotion that you want to.

    High cheekbones are preferred, brows not too long, not too short, and upturned, wider lips. Slimming the neck makes your face looks perfect for any look. These are the basics of how to use the perfect face template as a standard to create stunning photographs depicting any mood.

    Perfect Face Template – Face Anatomy For Makeup And Hair Artists

    perfect face template

    For hairstylists and makeup artists, it is essential to have a solid understanding of facial geometry to create a balance in features using makeup and hairstyling. For instance, highlighters can be used on the corner of the eyes for eyes that are closely set to give it an illusion that they are set apart.

    Contouring, shading, and highlighting can be used to create a balance in the features when you have the perfect face template. For instance, if you have a long face, you could use a highlighter on the cheekbones. When using thematic makeup, the face anatomy is a guideline to create a look in any genre, theme, and mood.

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    Perfect Face Template – Animation

    perfect face template

    You can use the perfect face template to create anime characters. When you have a solid understanding of the basic structure of the human face, it is easy to create facial expressions, moods, emotions, etc. The base method is to use an oval or a round face shape and stylize it using the perfect jawline and the hairline. Use the golden ratio rule to create a symmetrical face with balanced features when you use any angle of the face.

    Perfect Face Template – Portrait Artist

    perfect face template

    Do you love drawing human portraits? Understand the human face anatomy to perfection to get started with making portraits. Expressions, angles, emotions, etc can be portrayed to perfection with the use of perfecting the face anatomy to use it as a guideline in creating any face shape and expression.

    Perfect Face Template – For Cartoonists

    perfect face template

    You have the freedom to change the proportions of the face to create funny cartoon characters. Sketch facial expressions using facial features like eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc using the standard face template as a base if you are a beginner. Sketch a galore of characters for your story using the standard face template as an outline.

    Face Proportions and Ratios To Create Harmony

    There are a few aesthetic principles you can apply to create a balance when drawing a portrait or using makeup to create the perfect look. These guidelines can be used in numerous fields of art like photography, styling, artworks, etc. to create visually stunning images and artworks that depict human emotions and moods.

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    Rule of Thirds and Fifths

    For creating the rule of fifths, choose the width of the eyes and draw vertical lines with the measure of this width to create a balanced face. Leonardo Da Vinci used the rule of thirds in art and science to create balanced structures.

    The rule of thirds is considered the golden rule as it is used in artworks, photography, cinematography, and other visual fields. Draw two horizontal lines, one on top of the eyebrows, and one at the bottom of the nose. You can create a well-balanced face with this rule.


    It is easy to create stunning pictures and images in any theme and genre of your choice when you have a solid understanding of the face anatomy. It is essential for designers and creative professionals. But, you can use it to create glamorous, and perfect pictures for social media profiles, commercials, etc.


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