The Tony Beets Net Worth: Emerging From hush-hush to ‘Gold Rush’

    Tony Beets is a notable miner from the famous American feature documentary, acknowledged for his renowned gold mining adventures in the Klondike region. Tony is a Dutch-Canadian gold miner who owns the infamous Tamarack Mine, which is also the most prosperous mining operation in the Klondike.

    The Discovery Channel’s popular series, ‘Gold Rush’ has given a boost to Tony Beets’ life, making him a miner, a living legend for the mining community, and making the Tony Beets net worth to be $18 million.

    Tony moved to Canada with his wife from the Netherlands to start afresh. He has been building the infamous Tony Beets net worth ever since by working at Paradise Hill on the Paradise Hill Claim. Tony goes by the name ‘Tony Peep’ in his Dutch hometown, all thanks given to his bleeped-out swear words.

    The Million Dollar Bling King

    tony beets net worth

    Born on December 15, 1959, in Wijdenes, Netherlands, to Klaus and Magda Beets, Tony was raised on his family’s farm where he grew up as a milcher and helping his parents with other farm work. Tony’s family moved to Borgward when he was 7 years old and looked after his father’s farm growing up.

    After his father was incapacitated, Tony took on the responsibility of the farm and the land workers. Tony, along with his wife, left on his journey to build his net worth when he turned 25 years old.

    After he turned 25, Tony left the Netherlands with his wife, for Canada, where he started working as a farmer, a construction worker, a factory worker, and also on oil pipelines when he finally landed his dream job in a Yukon gold mine. Tony started his own business in gold mining when he set up base in the Klondike and took ownership of the Tamarack Mine.

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    Tony Beets’ family includes his wife, Minnie Beets, with whom he has birthed 5 children; Tony has 2 daughters, named Bianca Beets and Monica Beets, and 2 sons, named Kevin Beets and Mike Beets. Tony and Minnie also had a daughter named Jasmine Beets who passed away at the age of 2 months. Tony, with his family, lives in Arizona, Manitoba, Canada.

    With the success, in addition, to gain in popularity for its season 1, Discovery Channel’s most viewed and loved the show, ‘Gold Rush’ introduced Tony Beets along with his family in season 2, in the year 2010.

    Tony Beets has been a part of the show ever since, earning his keep for the Tony Beets net worth. He has been later introduced again in season 4 of the series. Owing to his success, Tony Beets is now one of the biggest gold panners in Canada.

    The Modern-day Treasure Hunters

    The Tony Beets net worth is $18 million with a $2 million per year salary. Tony owns the Tamarack Mine, Paradise Hills, and Scribner Creek. The Tamarack Mine is one of the biggest and successful mining operations in the Klondike, which has added several digits to Tony’s net worth for around $18 million as of 2021.

    Tony has used this mine as an employment source for many of the local teenagers and residents of the area. In 2018, Tony’s mining operation dug up 3600 ounces (approx. 102 kg) of gold in Eureka Creek, adding to the Tony Beets net worth a whopping $4.39 million.

    tony beets net worth

    How The Various TV Shows Helped Tony’s Net Worth

    Tony also earns a lot by leasing out his Scribner Creek claim to Parker Schnabel’s mining company, which can also be seen in ‘Gold Rush’ season 4. After his debut, Tony was seen in ‘Gold Rush: South America’ (2013), ‘Gold Rush: Pay Dirt’ (2017), ‘Gold Rush: White Water’ (2018), and ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ (2013–2020).

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    He was also seen in the 2013 documentary miniseries ‘Gold Fever’. Throughout the series, a part of the Tony Beets net worth is spread across some 160 episodes, gaining a whole new level of public attention when Tony bought a $1 million worth dredge in the Clear Creek, famously known as the Viking Dredge.

    The Tony Beets net worth is owed to the show’s popularity due to which Tony himself has gained a lot of public coverage, making him one of the most popular cast members, despite his heavy use of profanity and a difficult personality to deal with.

    Due to his experience in the mining world over a period of time, Tony has acquired a lot of knowledge due to which all the miners in the show ‘Gold Rush’ treat him as their advisor. Tony also earns between $15,000 to $25,000 per episode of ‘Gold Rush’ airing on Discovery Channel.

    The show even added to the Tony Beets net worth in fines of around $ 31,000, when a clip of the miner and his crew was shown in one of the episodes which were not in the initial recording that was given a thumbs-up by Tony.

    Tony’s wife, Minnie Beets is also an important addition to Tony’s life and work, as she handles the financial side of her husband’s business. Minnie has been handling the paperwork and books for their Paradise Hill claim. Minnie was working for a healthcare facility in Dawson City which she later went on to purchase and is now a proud owner of.

    Not only mining, Tony Beets net worth sees a consistent inflow of thousands of bucks through his endorsement deals and real estate holdings in Arizona, Manitoba, Canada, etc.

    tony beets net worth

    Tony Beets Net Worth Story

    From a farmer in Holland who wanted to make it big in life, Tony Beets is one of the legendary millionaire gold miners in the Klondike region, who rose to fame from his debut in Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush’.

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    However, not everything was smooth sailing for the celebrated Tony Beets net worth owner. There have been many ups and downs in the mining business, owing to factors like weather conditions and Climate Control. But Tony has made sure to rise against all these things each year.

    Despite his brazen and brash vocabulary, hard-headed personality, and strong mindedness, Tony has made the Tony Beets net worth reach $18 million dollars as of 2021, with his hard work and professionalism.

    The official website for the show, ‘Gold Rush’, has described Tony as the “Maverick mining Legend” and “a larger than life Dutchman” and that describes Tony better than anything else can.

    Tony is a literal gold digger and one thing that is different for him from the many gold diggers in the world these days is that Tony knows how to be successful and not let the hard work go in vain at any cost.

    Having a bling empire, it is expected that Tony would have a luxurious lifestyle. However, the million-dollar miner does not prefer lavish things. He lives in a winter home with his wife and children and only owns a $145,000 worth Mercedes Convertible.

    tony beets net worth


    So, that was the tony beets net worth story and how he is a man who has worked hard for all the money he has made. Apart from that, what we can learn from tony is that no matter how much we earn, it is important to be humble for it is important to stay on the ground while we aim for the sky.

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