7 Worst Effects Of Global Warming | Ways We Can Prevent It

    You have always heard about Global Warming in your school, on the internet, etc. Everyone has told you that the effects of Global Warming are very terrible. But you may always wonder how actually bad it is? What are the major effects of it are? Well, this is the article that will help you in figuring out these questions. From Global Warming’s effects to the ways to prevent it, everything you will get to know here. In the 1st part of this article, we will consider Global Warming’s effect, and in the 2nd part, ways to prevent Global Warming. But before that, let’s discuss a basic thing about Global Warming.

    According to NRDC, Global Warming takes place when a few pollutants and carbon dioxide accumulates in our environment, absorbs the solar radiation and sunlight that jumps off the earth’s surface. Commonly, these radiations move to space from our atmosphere. But, because of the pollutants and carbon dioxide, the radiations gets trapped in our atmosphere and, this becomes the reason in increasing the global temperature. It is also known as the greenhouse effect.

    So, to know more about this, just keep continuing to read this article. Let’s dive into the first part of this article.

    Effects Of Global Warming

    1. What are the effects of global warming on our environment?

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    As our planet will get heated, the average temperature will increase and can cause some really serious and dangerous effects. Global Warming can cause intense weather issues such as:

    • Increased Excessive Heat Waves
    • More Massive Rainfalls
    • Tropical Storm most Powerful Than Ever Before

    Global Warming can produce drought, water shortage, early snowmelt, shortage of water, and can increase the threat of wildfires. It can also cause a rise in the sea level which can turn into an increase in coastal flooding, disturbance of natural animals, and natural plant habitats.

    There is a possibility of the outbreak of asthma, allergies, and many more diseases is a significant symbol of Global Warming is going to affect us very harshly. Warmer temperature outcomes in expanded growth for ragweed, which produces pollen. It has also contributed to taking air pollution to a higher level.

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    2. How Global Warming Is going to Harm Animals?

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    To animals, the effects of Global Warming can cause a huge disturbance in their natural habitat. It involves a lot of natural areas such as meadows, oceans, jungle, and more numerous natural areas. There is a higher possibility that the animals live in these natural areas will die off. It could bring outcomes in the vanishing multiple species of both plants and animals.

    One of the most major effects on animals is climate change will breakdown their habits. For example, in Antarctica, ice and glaciers are melting at a fast speed, so, where animals such as seals, penguins, and polar bears go? If their area shrinks, their species will be expected to be hit completely, as they have very restricted land to cover.

    3. How Will It Effect The Sea Level?

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    Global Warming is producing global sea-level to take a rise in two forms. The first one is, ice sheets and glaciers worldwide are melting (as I mentioned above) and adding more water to the oceans. The second one is, the ocean’s volume is getting expanded as the water gets warms. A much tinier contributor to sea-level is a drop in the significance of liquid water on land – rivers, soil moisture, aquifers, reservoirs, and lakes. This transformation of liquid water from the ground to the ocean is pretty big because of groundwater pumping.

    4. How Will It Affect the Extreme Weather?

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    As I have mentioned above that the most vulnerable consequence of Global Warming is that it may generate the most extreme weather issues like heavier rainfalls, droughts and heatwaves will appear in a very frequent and strong way.

    Along with common global temperature, the ocean’s temperature is also increasing. Maybe it is not seeming a big deal yet but let me tell you if the ocean’s temperature is hotter, they will produce more steams for the storms of tropical. This is merely a different example of Global Warming affecting in intensifying the weather issues.

    It not only cause tropical storms. Droughts and heatwaves are converting more common. Climate change will even boost the risk of wildfire. Susceptible areas are in more danger.

    5. How Will It Affect Crop Production?

    effects of global warming
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    Global Warming brings changes in the temperature and it drives more powerful heatwaves that give hit the crop yield. A regulated temperature plays a major role in growing crops. But, the extreme events of weather such as heavier rainfall, heatwaves can affect negatively the crop’s yield, whipping out and generating damage.

    According to EPA, if the temperature increases higher than the “maximum temperature” the crops’ chances will possibly get vanished. This could be one of the most terrible effects of Global Warming.

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    6. How It Affects Plants?

    There is one way in which how Global Warming can affect the plants is the level of snow cover. There is a possibility that we will have to face quite shorter snowfall because of the heated temperature. With snow cover, the soil gets refreezes and thaws more than it should be.

    It can be proved as detrimental to the roots of the plant. Snow cover is slightly required to grow blooming and healthy plants. Snow cover commands soil temperature which is very super mattering for plants. Global Warming also has the ability to change the way plants grow. has confessed that the hotter temperature causes the plants to develop slightly taller, but that is not a valid thing at all. If the plants will get taller than they normally should be, it will become unbalanced. When a plant is unbalanced, it will have very little possibility to hold up in situations like droughts, rainfall, and many more.

    7. Effects Of Global Warming On Ocean Acidity

    effects of global warming
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    Global Warming is dramatically affecting oceans, as the hotter temperature activates a method called ocean acidification. This ocean acidification intensifies global warming as it hinders the ocean from absorbing carbon dioxide.

    Union of concerned scientists has confessed that usually, the carbon dioxide gets dissolved in the saltwater once it takes entry into the ocean. But, when the ocean grasps too much carbon dioxide, it outcomes in an expanded gathering of hydrogen ions and decreases the carbonate ions, which is also known as ocean acidity.

    When the ocean will produce more acidity, it could be a dangerous threat to wildlife. Sea’s living being like mussels, crabs, clam, corals, and many more requires carbonates ions as it helps the shellfish to live underwater and grow their shells. Well, acidification of the ocean is its own issue but it also makes it almost difficult for species to grow if they are suffering from their hard times.

    So, now we have discussed 7 Global Warming’s causes and effects which means the first part has been over. Now let’s dive into the next part of the article.

    7 Ways To Prevent Global Warming

    Now you know that the effects of Global Warming will damage most of the living beings on the earth. From humans to plants and animals, everyone will have to face the drawbacks of Global Warming. But, if we have a problem, we will have its solution too. Similarly goes with global warming. Here I am going to share 6 ways to prevent Global Warming.

    1. Go With The Solar To Power Your Home

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    A lot of people captured the effectiveness of solar energy bandwagon. Owning solar panels is possibly available. If you take the initiatives to have solar panels then you will get the discount offered by government agencies and energy companies that make solar panels. It could be the best way to prevent global warming. So, make sure to look into it.

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    2. Carry Your Own Shopping Bags To The Market

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    In the market, there is very little probability that you will get a non-plastic bag from the shops. Plastic bags are the worst thing for our environment. It doesn’t breakdown easily, it takes at least a hundred years to break down and generates extensive deaths of marine animals. There are a lot of countries that have banned plastic bags or at least they charge money for every single-use plastic bag to tackle the problem.

    So, shift to reusable bags and use them commonly to contribute in the favor of our environment.

    3. Turn Off The Light When They Are not In The Need

    When you are not utilizing a room, then that is your duty to turn off the lights. This is just a basic thing that you can easily do to prevent the effects of global warming.

    4. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

    Try to reduce buying products that are not necessary. It will result in producing very less waste. Even if there is a need to buy the product, acknowledge buying the eco-friendly products.

    Strive to reuse the plastic container and plastic bottles and many other things that you buy from the grocery store.

    You can easily recycle each and everything for example aluminum foils, newspaper, cans, bottles, paper, and many more. Trying to recycle these things can affect our earth in a very positive way. There are even opportunities to make money from your used cardboard. So, you must consider it.

    5. Switch Off The Electronics Devices

    Whenever you move out, turn off the electronic devices for a couple of days. It will also help you to increase the life expectancy of your electronic devices.

    6. Reduce The Wastage Of Food

    In today’s world, wasting food is becoming very normal. If the food is left on the plate, we just throw it in the dustbin without even knowing that wasting food is a very big problem. According to the EPA, in the US, the account of wastage has touched 38 million tons per year. So, save food, this small change in your daily routine, can make a big difference.

    7. Plant Trees

    effects of global warming
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    Planting trees could be very helpful in reducing the effects of global warming than any other thing can do. They do not only providing us the oxygen but take the carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis.

    This could be one of the best things we can do for our environment. So, try to plant at least one tree.


    So, this was the article on the effects of global warming and ways to prevent it. Now, I hope you have got enough knowledge on how global warming is going to hit humans, animals, plants, and almost every living being. So, give attention to this and contribute as much as you can do for the betterment of our earth. Thanks For Reading!

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