How to change home address on iPhone: Best Step-by-Step Guide!

    It is easy to change your home address on an iPhone if it is wrong in Google Maps. Now, how to change home address on iPhone? It is effortless. All you need to do is follow these easy steps.

    How to change address on iPhone when it is wrong in Apple Maps or Google Maps. Google Maps is used in case you are lost or if you are confused with the lanes.

    how to change home address on iphone

    How to change home address on iPhone
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    A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Change Home Address on iPhone

    • Open Google Maps, click on the menu and go to “your place.” In Apple Maps, you can either edit the address from the navigation screen. Or, tap on the “I” button to report a problem.
    • Google Maps and Apple Maps are the two most popular mapping apps of an iPhone. It helps in finding your way around town.
    • There is nothing more convenient than a map telling you the exact direction. Therefore, it is necessary to put the correct address. Follow this article to know more about how to change home address on iPhone.
    • Open Google Maps on iPhone, then click on the horizontal line at the extreme left. It is also known as the hamburger menu.
    • Then click on “your place.”
    • There you go, now you can change the home address by clicking on “edit home” from the pop-up menu.
    • After changing the home address, choose it in the search result.

    How to change home address on iPhone – Apple Maps

    • Open Apple Maps, tab the “I” option from the right corner of the screen.
    • Then click on “Report an issue.”
    • Tap on “Home,” swipe left, and click “remove.”
    • Click on “add a place or address.”
    • Change your home address and see it in the search result.
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    Another faster way on how to change home address on iPhone:

    • Open Apple Maps on iPhone.
    • Type Home on the main map screen.
    • Tap home in the search result and then tap on “edit location” in the navigation window.

    After changing the home address, click on “Next” and “Done.”

    Home address on iOS devices
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    Changing home address on iPhone is very simple.

    Apple Maps is not the same as Google Maps. It doesn’t detect the home address automatically. The iPhone could help in many fields. The iPhone tracks every location that you have been to. You can check it through the settings option. Click on “frequent location” and get the history of the places you have been.

    The performance of the iPhone is customizable. Go to the settings option, turn on “reduce transparency,” turn off the “reduce motion” for the software upgrade of the iPhone 7.

    It can even work without a power button. Go to settings, and click on Assistive Touch. This is also helpful in case your power button is broken or damaged.

    Your iPhone will automatically turn on even without a power button when you plug it in. By triple-clicking the home button, you can set your iPhone to perform specific actions. Battery lasts forever in Airplane mode.

    The performance of an iPhone is improved when you clean the hard drive. It helps you in tracking different applications near your location. It automatically updated the application too. You can change the contrast of the background image to make the text more visible.

    On an iPhone, you can take pictures using the volume button. The iPhone tells you exactly when you receive a text. Spotlight search on an iPhone is handy. You can permanently lock the autofocus and exposure of an iPhone.

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    The iPhone has no back button. To go back to the menu, you have to swipe from the right edge to the left edge. It will take you back to the home page. iPhones regulate data usage. You can take rapid bursts of photos from an iPhone. It automatically refreshes the application in your background. Power adapter charges an iPhone faster than an ordinary charger.

    Facts about iPhone

    • The release of the iPhone was on 9th Jan 2007. Steve Jobs announced the release of the iPhone in San Francisco, CA.
    • The iPhone has a time set of 9:41. There is a story behind it. The local time was 9:42 when Steve Jobs announced the release of the iPhone.
    • iPhone, Mac, iPad, and watch are some of the products of Apple. But the most popular of all is the iPhone. They have a revenue of 25.99 billion USD.
    • The App Store allows you to download and install the application legally.
    • There are a lot of rivals of Apple in the smartphone Industry. But there is a good relationship between Samsung and Apple.
    • The main objective of Apple is to provide the best user experience. It is known for its optimization in the software industry. A lot of people are familiar with iPhone gadgets, which is the main reason for the success of Apple.
    • The great thing about the iPhone is the camera quality. It is difficult to beat its camera quality. Brands like Google, Samsung are trying to compete with Apple. It is next to impossible for other brands to beat the camera quality.
    • Not only iPhone is known for its camera quality but for its design too. Apple tries to launch attractive yet straightforward designs in the market.
    • There are almost 900 million iPhone users in the world. It was released 12 years ago and is still ruling the smartphone Industry.
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    Summing Up

    These are some easy and quick steps on how to change home address on iPhone. If you are an iPhone user, apart from changing the home address on the iPhone, there are many more things to know about an iPhone.

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