How To Fix The Problem Of Discord Overlay Not Working: A Simple Guide For You

    Discord is an app that provides astounding messaging features and services. The Discord overlay feature lets employers connect with the people while playing a full-screen game. It is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application that provides pro gamers where you can share screenshots, send messages, and voice chat. That being said, discord overlay not working is an issue that a lot of people commonly faced.

    Discord Overlay not working issue in Windows 10 is a very frustrating issue. Let’s check some factors that can be the central cause of Discord Overlay.

    In-Game Overlay option is not permitted: You might not have configured the settings appropriately. For some games, it needs to be added to the Discord game list, and then you need to turn on the overlay option.

    Hardware acceleration: When you enable the Hardware Acceleration, this can disturb the Discord overlay feature. Hardware acceleration is the divesting of tasks to devices and hardware except for the CPU that focuses on them.

    Scaled display: The Windows screen looks bigger due to turning on of Display scaling so that you can appreciate improved prominence while using the apps. This can let the Discord overlay get hidden.

    Overlay location: Unknowingly, you might have moved the Discord overlay to the edge of the screen. If you enable display scaling, the option will then be moved from the screen and you can’t see it although there’s no issue with it.

    Antivirus program intrusion: The security program may have labeled Discord or its overlay feature as mistrustful.

    How can the Discord Overlay not working be fixed?

    You must check whether the game you have chosen supports the Discord Overlay. Well, it works fine with popular games like World of Warcraft, Minecraft. Once you check the compatibility, you can try out any of these methods to address the problem of Discord Overlay.

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    Option 1: Turning on Game Overlay

    You need to turn on the overlay option for your game in the game settings. You may follow the below steps to check the proper working of each step.

    Open Discord application on your mobile.

    Click on the User Settings (gear icon) present on the right side.

    Discord Overlay not working

    Select the Overlay from the left panel

    Switch on Enable in-game overlay on the top right panel.

    Fixing discord overlay not working

    You must select Game Activity from the left side.

    The overlay should be turned on for the definite game you are playing. The game is in a green box in the right if the overlay is turned on. If the overlay isn’t turned on for your game then click the monitor button in front of your game for turning on the overlay.

    Steps to fix issue of discord overlay not working

    If you don’t see your game in the game list Click on Add it and select the game’s name from the drop-down by clicking on Add game.

    Discord Overlay not working
    Fixing discord overlay issues

    Option 2: Turn off the Hardware Acceleration

    Follow the below steps to turn off the Hardware Acceleration:

    Open the Discord

    Click on the User Settings on the right side.

    User Settings in Discord

    Select the Appearance option from the left side.

    When you scroll down to the right, you can see the Hardware Acceleration under the Advanced section

    Toggle off Hardware Acceleration

    Hardware Acceleration for discord issues

    Click Okay in the confirmation box that will restart the Discord app

    Option 3: Rescale the Display

    Your display can be scaled to 105% and you will have to change the display back to 100%. Hence you couldn’t see the overlay because of a scaled display. To bring back to normal display, you need to follow the below process:

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    Hold Windows key and press I

    Click on the System option

    Discord Overlay not working

    You must choose 100% (Recommended) from the drop-down under the Scale and Layout section

    Discord Overlay Fixing

    After the scaling is done, you must run the game again. The overlay will show up now.

    Option 4: Location of the Overlay

    It can happen that accidentally, you might have moved the overlay off the screen. You must relocate the overlay by following the steps given below

    You must Close the game and open Discord

    Click and Hold CTRL, SHIFT, and I keys (CTRL + SHIFT + I) in the Discord. This opens a javascript console on the right panel.

    The next step is to Click on the >> arrow icon in the top right corner of the javascript console.

    Choose the Application from the afresh created list.

    Discord Overlay not working

    Select the Local Storage Option from Discord JavaScript Console

    Click on https:\\

    Overlay not working on Discord

    Then you need to Right-click on OverlayStore and click on Delete

    Discord issues

    The final step is to reboot the Discord. You may launch the game and you will find the overlay in the default position.

    Option 5: Update Discord

    Discord gets updated regularly and a bug from the update can create the issue of Discord overlay not working along with other problems in the application. You may get this issue after an update as well and you need to verify the same and work on resolutions accordingly.

    Option 6: Run as Administrator

    Discord might not be given important system permissions to read and write on the root directory of the computer. This may lead to incorrect overlay working and Discord overlay not working. Let’s check out steps to grant those privileges.

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    Right-click on the Discord executable existing in the Discord installation folder or on Desktop and choose the “Properties” option.

    In the Discord Properties, select the “Compatibility” tab and click on the “Run this Program as an Administrator” button.

    Discord Overlay not working Steps To Resolve

    Now, click on the “Apply” button to save your variations and click on the “OK” button to close out the window.

    You have to check if the issue is persisting.

    On a concluding note, Discord is a non-replaceable application in the category of voice chat during gaming. The overlay is an excellent feature of discord that gives a unified gaming experience. You must check out the above methods to fix the issue of discord overlay not working. This short and simple guide contains tips and tricks that have worked for users and we can anticipate that it will work for you as well.

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