Wolfgang Puck Net Worth: Fortune For A Chef

    “Italian food is all about ingredients and it’s not fussy and it’s not fancy” – Wolfgang Puck

    Wolfgang is an Austrian-American chef who is known for his extraordinary culinary skills and international dining. He is considered as one of the specialists when it comes to California and French cuisine and fusion style. He is best known for his designer pizzas.

    The fanciest pizza he has ever made will be the smoked salmon pizza with caviar and dill flecked crème fraiche. This article tells you about Wolfgang Puck net worth, his career, and his personal life. So, gear up!


    Early life

    wolfgang puck net worth

    Wolfgang Johannes Topifschnig, popularly known as Wolfgang Puck, was born on the 8th of July,1949, in a town in Austria named Sankt Veit an der Glan. It was from his mother Maria Topfschnig, a pastry chef in the Austrian town, that he developed a love for cooking and he also started learning cooking from her at a very tender age.

    Few years after his parent’s separation, Wolfgang’s mother tied the knot with Josef Puck, a coal miner and the most lovely thing is that Wolfgang proudly took the surname of his stepfather. He also became the elder brother of two young sisters and a younger brother.

    Though he was born and brought up in Austria, he later moved to the United States. He opened his first restaurant “Spago” in the States, that too at the age of 33 (1982). This celebrity restaurateur once said in an interview that “kaiserschmarrn” was one of his childhood favorite dishes. Kaiserschmarrn is an Austrian pancake, usually shredded in nature and served along with apple or cherry jam.

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    Personal life

    wolfgang puck net worth

    Mr. Wolfgang married Marie France Trouillot around 1975 but the couple got divorced in the year 1980. He then married the well renowned American interior designer cum restaurateur, Barbara Ellen Lazaroff. She gave birth to two sons, Cameron and Byron. Unfortunately, that relationship didn’t last for too long. The couple finalized their divorce in 2003.

    Barbara had played a vital role in Wolfgang’s profession as she was the interior designer of his first ever restaurant “Spago”. She is also the co-founder of the famous brand Wolfgang Puck.

    Wolfgang, after a few years, married the famous couture designer, Gelila Assefa, in Italy( the island of Capri), and the couple settled in LA. Gelila also gave birth to two sons, Alexander Puck and Oliver Puck.



    After starting his career in France, Wolfgang moved to the United States to seek more experiences. There, he first worked in the restaurant “La Tour” (Indianapolis). He continued working there for 3 complete years(1973-1975) and later became the partial owner of one of the famous restaurants in West Hollywood, “Mai Maison”.

    Wolfgang then became the gourmet chef of the restaurant and made the restaurant even more popular through his extraordinary culinary skills and innovative dining abilities. In 1980, he was able to open his very first restaurant “Spago” in West Hollywood and his fame was cherished even more after its inauguration.

    It was in Spago where he introduced his signature dish, smoked salmon pizza. As years passed, Wolfgang opened many restaurants and also did catering services to many reality shows on a very profitable scale. Wolfgang also starred in many culinary reality shows and gained popularity among the audiences. He has written numerous books which are still sought after by many.

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    wolfgang puck net worth

    The Wolfgang Puck Net Worth

    Wolfgang has way too many restaurants and catering services. He also owns a restaurant in the Beverly Hills of California. Being an actor also has made him financially sound and improved the Wolfgang Puck net worth from the past years. So are you wondering what the Wolfgang Puck net worth is? Come on, let’s take a look at it.

    The Wolfgang Puck net worth as of 2021 is around $100 million to $120 million, currently. He is considered one of the richest restaurateurs of all time. He is now the head of the “Wolfgang Puck group of companies”. This group comprises three main companies.

    He currently owns more than 20 dining restaurants, catering companies, and more than 50 retail stores in his name. The n number of books written has also contributed profit to the Wolfgang Puck net worth.

    Circa 2013, the husband and wife duo (Mr. Puck and Gelila) bought a villa named ”Villa Les Violettes” in Los Angeles. It’s a 12,289 square foot home and records say that they paid approximately $14 million. Before this villa was bought, Puck owned a 5 bedroom house in Beverly Hills which cost around $8.4 million.

    wolfgang puck net worth

    Books By Wolfgang Puck

    • Modern French Cooking for the American Kitchen
    • The Wolfgang Puck Cookbook
    • Adventures in the Kitchen with Wolfgang Puck
    • Pizza, Pasta and More
    • Live, Love, Eat
    • Wolfgang Puck Makes it Easy


    Wolfgang Puck Net Worth Contributors | Restaurants

    Spago Sunset Trip
    Chinois on Main Santa Monica
    Postrio San Francisco
    Wolfgang Puck B&G Los Angeles
    Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria and Cucina Detroit
    Spring Preserve Café Los Angeles
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    wolfgang puck net worth

    Some Of The Honorary Awards Received By Wolfgang

    Golden Plate Award 1985
    James Beard Restaurant of the Year Award for Spago 2002
    Daytime Emmy Awards 2001-2002
    Michelin Star for CUT in Beverly Hills 2007


    Closure | Wolfgang Puck Net Worth

    The Wolfgang Puck net worth is evidence for the fact that he is one of the most successful gourmet chefs of all time. His love for cooking and his dedication to his passion is some of the many things we need to observe and inherit from him. So, don’t you think Wolfgang Puck net worth and his journey are something we should take inspiration from?


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