Micro-needling Before And After – Is It Worth Going Through?

    Microneedling Before And After- Is It Worth Going Through? Find Out.

    Are you looking for Microneedling Before and after results? This guide explains all the instructions and changes you will notice after micro-needling in-office and at home. Here you go!

    Microneedling is a practice that has been performed for a long time by various beauty experts in order to get rid of acne scars and many other reasons. It has recently gained a lot of popularity due to all the beauty claims surrounding it. But, does micro-needling really works, and is it worth going for it?

    Find out using micro-needling before and after results.

    What Is Microneedling?

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    It is a procedure in which beauticians use tiny needles to poke into the skin. It is done on the first layer of your skin so don’t worry or panic. It helps in rejuvenating our skin by enhancing the production of collagen in our bodies. Collagen is a crucial element to keep our skin young and glowing. Microneedling helps reducing wrinkles. fine lines, and scars thus leaving our skin vibrant and soft.

    Microneedling can be performed using two different methods, include:

    • Derma pens– this is a pen-like tool as the name suggests that has tiny needles on the tip of it.
    • Derma rollers– It is a face roller having tiny needles.

    You can get this done at your home or office and witness amazing micro-needling before and after results.

    There are two main purposes of micro-needling, the first one is that it makes small channels for all the skin care products you use so that they penetrate in your skin and absorb deeply to show all the results they claim and to activate the healing abilities of your skin so that more collagen is produced that revitalizes the skin. Some people also use this procedure to stimulate new hair growth.

    Microneedling is used mainly for the face to remove age spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tones, and acne scars. You can also go for micro-needling to remove stretch marks and enhance the elasticity of your skin.

    If you wish to find out micro-needling before and after results, you must know that the most commonly used tool for micro-needling is derma rollers. These help to make tiny holes in your skin that are responsible for rejuvenating the skin. They are easily available and cheap, making them a must-have option for us all. Compared to all other expensive goods for skincare, these are relatively cheaper and delivers results that last longer. They usually work inside out which enables the skin to heal from the deepest layer.

    There are definitely many amazing changes when you see micro-needling before and after results. Now you can easily see results after at-home treatment and in-office treatment for micro-needling.

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    Micro-needling Before And After- At Home Results

    micro-needling before and after

    To witness micro-needling before and after results at home, you need to start the process by keeping your skin ready.

    Firstly, you have to cleanse your face using a good pH-based cleanser. After cleaning thoroughly, apply one to two layers of any hyaluronic acid-based serum. This is much needed as it has hydrating ingredients that help in maximizing the effects thus giving you major micro-needling before and after results. The next step involves using your derma rollers.

    Make sure you cover all the targeted areas while using a derma roller. Once you are done with micro-needling, apply one more layer of serum. Do not forget to cleanse the roller using rubbing alcohol. Also, once you perform nearly 20 micro-needling at home, you must replace the roller as it is a good practice.

    If you wish to perform micro-needling for stretch marks at home, follow the same procedure that is given for the face.

    What Happens After Micro-needling?

    Here is a piece of detailed information you must take a look at to know about micro-needling before and after results when you perform it at home.

    Also, you must perform it twice or thrice to witness extraordinary results. Let’s see micro-needling before and after results every time you perform the steps at home.

    Results After Your First Treatment

    In most cases, you might not be able to notice great results after your first treatment. However, for some people, it works amazingly well even after their very first attempt.

    It is noticed that when you perform micro-needling for the first time, the skin care products you use will be soaked into your skin quickly. If your ski was way dry before, after micro-needling, you will notice softer skin.

    Micro-needling before and after your first attempt will make your skin glowing and soft.

    Results After Second Treatment

    After your second attempt, the glow will immediately return. After the first usage, you will notice that within few days the glow will vanish however your skin will still remain soft. In the second treatment, you can focus more on areas that are puffy like the under-eye portion. You will notice tight skin after performing this.

    Results After Third Treatment

    Once you perform micro-needling for the third time, you will witness that your skin is still soft and is glowing long after you performed the treatment the last time.

    These results are insane which forces us to try this procedure and witness micro-needling before and after results at home by ourselves, isn’t it?

    You have to perform the treatments periodically and not daily. Despite having gaps between the treatments, the results are most often extraordinary. With daily usage, the results could be better but if you do not have time to care for your face post-treatment, it is not recommended to use daily.

    Micro-needling Before And After- In-Office Results

    micro-needling before and after

    Although the results are pretty good after you perform micro-needling at home using derma rollers, many people often chose in-office micro-needling because of the stages involved in it. Micro-needling in a clinic is demanding because of the following stages:

    1. Pre-treatment care
    2. The day of treatment
    3. Post-treatment care
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    To get started with micro-needling at the clinic, you need to prepare your face and skin for the treatment.

    Pre-Treatment Instructions

    This phase is crucial for a successful micro-needling treatment. Preparations of micro-needling at the office usually start 6 months prior to the day of treatment. Firstly, make sure you do not use Accutane to clear your acne, it is a common drug that most people often use for stubborn acne scars. You need to put a full stop on Accutane 6 months before the treatment.

    Another important factor to consider and keep in mind is avoiding any sort of laser procedure or exposure to the sun ras directly at least 2 weeks before the day of treatment.

    At least a week before micro-needling in-office, here is a list of things you must avoid completely if you wish to see successful micro-needling before and after results.

    • Avoid anything that might increase the skin sensitivity for example do not use exfoliating masks or skincare products having retinoids or salicylic acid as they are known to make your skin more sensitive.
    • Do not use skin care products that usually dry out very quickly like those having hydroquinone or contain acids like benzoyl peroxide.
    • Avoid usage of depilatory creams and waxing.
    • Do not take blood-thinning medications like aspirin.

    If you are under drugs that are anti-inflammatory in nature for some reason, make sure you stop taking them 3 days prior to the day of treatment. These drugs are going to interfere and intervene with the natural inflammatory process of your body and affect micro-needling.

    Also, on the day of treatment, do not shave your face as it will lead to irritation on the skin making micro-needling difficult.

    For more amazing results of your micro-needling before and after the experience, try to have a healthy diet 4 to 5 weeks before treatment and during the treatment. You will be surprised to see all the good changes in your skin that you have been longing for.

    Day Of Treatment

    After following all the important things before your treatment, there are certain things you must take care of on the day of your micro-needling schedule in the clinic. Here is a list of rules:

    • Keep the skin clean and avoid using any sort of make-up or lotion prior to the treatment.
    • Talk to your doctor about the changes you wish to see in your face so that they can follow the procedure accordingly. It might be getting rid of acne scars or wrinkles or some other skin issue.
    • Before beginning with the treatment, the doctor will apply topical anesthetics for the procedure to go swiftly.
    • If you have any type of facial tattoo, make sure you mention them to your doctor.

    In few cases, the patient might opt to try their micro-needling procedure along with plasma-rich proteins. To get this done, the doctors will draw some blood from you or any donor.

    Post-Treatment Instructions And Care

    Similar to micro-needling at home, the doctors will apply a mask having hyaluronic and a moisturizer right after performing the micro-needling steps on your face.

    There are a set of rules you can follow:

    • Avoid going out so that you can protect your skin from sun rays. make sure you apply a sunscreen lotion before you expose your face to direct sun.
    • Do not consume drugs like ibuprofen because it is anti-inflammatory in nature.
    • Avoid rubbing ice cubes on your face.
    • Though the pain is rare usually, if you feel any, use either paracetamol or Tylenol.
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    To achieve great results, you must maintain a balanced and healthy diet because only treatment would not work if you consume a lot of junk. Try to avoid wheat, dairy, and sugar as much as you can. You can also take collagen supplements to increase the production of collagen that helps skin look young and rejuvenated. Eat fruits that are acidic in nature like oranges, cherries, and pineapples.

    If you follow all the instructions and care for your face, you are going to achieve great results and see a lot of differences in your micro-needling before and after pictures if you have taken any.

    Healing Process

    micro-needling before and after
    W Cosmetic Surgery

    Now that you have some information about micro-needling before and after results, you need to know more about the after-effects of treatment. Some people often face irritation and tingling sensation on their face. You can apply any soothing cream to ease the discomfort.

    Here is a guide on what to expect after your micro-needling procedure based on the days passed after micro-needling.

    `Day One To Three After Micro-needling

    First, your skin is likely to face a sunburn-like effect, it is completely normal for most people. Your skin will feel slightly tight, dry, and sensitive to touch. Sometimes you may also witness redness of the skin after your micro-needling procedures.

    Also, if you have taken your micro-needling along with plasma. bruising is quite common. It will usually be seen for a week or so. Patients may also experience swelling after the injections of PRP, PRP also has growth factors along with cytokines to help enhance the micro-needling before and after results.

    You must treat your skin very gently post-treatment to maintain the results you have received after micro-needling. Try to wash your face using a very gentle cleanser and cold water. Try to use your hands only and do not rub your face as it may cause injuries to sensitive skin.

    While sleeping, try to sleep on your back as much as possible. You need to maintain a good position while sleeping to reduce swelling and pain.

    Days Five To Seven After Micro-needling

    During these days, you will notice that your skin will feel light and soft, new skin cells will replace all the old ones. You can also resume the regular skin care regimen you were following previously but go slow and follow it only if your skin feels fine and not irritated.

    You can also restart using products like retinoids or their derivatives if you used them before your treatment.

    Note that micro-needling effects can take a lot of time to show for some people. Sometimes you might need more than 3 sessions to see visible results on your face but they are worth going through if you feel you can take utmost care of your face. Plan your future sessions 4 to 6 weeks after the last sessions you have had.

    If you have seen all the images from micro-needling before and after results you might have noticed that many people go through this treatment and the results are impressive. Your face will look healthier and firm after micro-needling. It also helps stretch the skin making it appear much younger.

    This was all you needed to find out about micro-needling before and after instructions, procedures, and care steps.


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