Ricky Schroder Net Worth 2021 – 3 Unbelievable Reasons Behind His Wealth

    Ricky Schroder who is popularly recognized as “Rick Schroder” is a famous actor as well as a film director in America. Ricky Schroder net worth is around $25 million. He made an appearance in the famous sitcom “Silver Spoons” being a child actor. Further in his career, he got the opportunity to do some of the best roles like the character of Newton “Lonesome Dove”. He starred in “NYPD Blue” which is one of the famous crime-drama series. According to the source, his major income is from investment in real estate. Well, just knowing the number won’t help anyone. Let’s dig into Ricky Schroder net worth story.

    He made his debut in the film, The Champ, which was released in the year 1979. He also became the recipient of the prestigious Youngest Golden Global award. That also emerged as a child star. As an adult, he continued taking his career in the entertainment industry further. He got a lot of fantastic roles. Ricky Schroder net worth started escalating even more. His first directorial debut was from Black Cloud which was released in the year 2004.

    He also has been a producer of few films and television series which include an anthology of film locker number 13 as well as the documentary on the war, The Fighting Season.

    Ricky Schroder Net Worth – 3 Major Reasons

    #1. Versatile actor

    Ricky Schroder has his own production company by the name, ‘Ricky Schroder Productions’. The production of Starting Strong was done by him. This series was based on the reality of recruiting commercials of the U.S. army shots in 2013. Ricky Schroder production company also produced some of the other documentaries such as The Volunteers, The Fighting Season, as well as My Fighting Season. In 2014 he went to Afghanistan for 110 days with the U.S. military to capture the footage.

    Ricky Schroder Net Worth 2021
    Source – Whatstheirnetworth

    Our Wild hearts which was telecasted on the Hallmark Channel was directed, acted as well as produced by him in the year 2013. It was one of the famous TV films. In the same year, he was also offered to become a co-producer of the Locker 19 which is an anthology film. In 2015 he played the role of father of Dolly Parton in the popular film, Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors. He also starred in the sequel of the film, Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love. In 2014 he made his first directorial debut with Black Cloud. The author of this drama is Ricky Schroder which is about a Navajo boxer.

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    At film festivals, Black Cloud received very uplifting reviews. At the Film Festival, he won two awards. At the San Diego Film Festival he earned the award for being the Best director. Whiskey Lullaby was made in his direction. He also made an appearance in this music video. This song was written by Alison Krauss and Brad Paisley.

    In 2005 at Nashville Film Festival he received the Best Music Video award for directing an incredible music video. His video also received an award for Collaborative Video of the Year. Schroder received the award for being the Best Director.

    #2. Major investment in real estates

    According to the sources, Ricky Schroder net worth is very high because of his major investment in real estate. During his career, he has made a handsome amount of money from real estate. Ricky Schroder net worth is quite high. It is reported that in the 25 years of marriage with Andrea, his former wife and he has made a chunk of money from flipping huge deals in impressive estates. He and Andrea got married during the 1990s. Meanwhile, they had 15,000-acre of land in Colorado near Grand Junction.

    Ricky Schroder Net Worth
    Source – Page Six

    Their property was named Mesa Mood Ranch. The procedure to build this into a luxurious horse estate property that has a 2,500 square foot huge cabin made of logs and multiple guest houses was taken further. In 2005 the property was listed for $29 million by the couple. In 2006, it was sold for $ 27 million. In 2006 at Scottsdale they sold a home for $4 million in Arizona. They owned several homes in Scottsdale. In 2005 they purchased a 30 ac30-acre estate located in Topanga of California. It was worth $4.2 million. In March 2019 the property was sold for $9.3 million.

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    They owned an oceanfront home in Malibu. It was purchased by them for $5.85 million in July 2007. In 2016 after the divorce was filed the home was listed for sale for $5.5 million. After they got separated the home was on rent on $30,000 monthly. In July it was sold for $5.185 million.

    He received extra praise and recognition for his flawless role in Locker 13. This movie made a remarkable impact in both domestic as well as worldwide box office. The ranking of the film was 4529 in the worldwide box office of Ricky in the lead role.

    #3. Supportive Family Background

    Aside from Ricky Schroder net worth, he was born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York City although he also spent the majority of his lifetime on Staten Island. Both his mother Diane Katherine Barlett and his father Richard John Schroder have been former employees of AT&T.

    Ricky Schroder Family - SLeck
    Source – Hollywood Magazine

    Ricky’s paternal grandparents were immigrants from Germany. His mother had to quit to raise him and his sister. Since childhood he had made appearances in different catalogues. By the age of six he starred in almost sixty advertisements. In September 1992, he got married to Andrea Bernard. The couple was blessed with four children named Faith, Holden, Cambrie and Like. All his children made an appearance in Schroder’s Our Wild Hearts which was released in the year 2013. In 2016 his wife filed a divorce against him and they got separated.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Why did Schroder leave NYPD Blue?

    A: It was announced by the actor himself that he would be leaving the popular ABC drama “NYPD Blue”. For two and a half seasons he had played the role of Detective Danny Sorenson who was quite emotionally unstable. In the media interview, he said that wanted to give more time to his family although it was a big factor in raising the Ricky Schroder net worth.

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    Q2. Why did Ricky Schroder and his wife Andrew got divorced?

    A: As per the documents acquired by the sources, Schroder and his former wife were called by the court to state the reason why they have kept their divorce hanging for around three years. The wife filed for a divorce against him in 2016 and the reason for their divorce was irreconcilable differences and it was a hit to Ricky Schroder net worth. Another person who lost a fortune due to his divorce is Michael Moore. Check out his story only @Sleck.

    Q3. Where does Ricky live currently?

    A: Due to his busy filming schedule he used to live near Los Angeles in his oceanfront home along with his wife and two sons. Although he spent only a couple of months at their grand Mesa Mood Ranch.

    Q4. What is the age of Ricky Schroder?

    A: Ricky Schroder is 51 years old.

    Q5. From which college did Schroder graduate?

    A: Ricky Schroder completed his graduation from Calabasas High School.


    Ricky Schroder (Instagram) struggled very much to achieve the Ricky Schroder net worth and the position in which he is today. He has faced a lot of shortcomings for being one of the most famous adult actors. He even changed his name from Ricky to Rick to sound mature. He did not want to be cast in stereotypical roles of a heartthrob just because of his name. Although some of his great work includes ‘Lonesome Dove’. He also worked on its sequel which is ‘Return to Lonesome Dove.’

    He was actively involved in the entire three seasons of ‘NYPD’ Blue. His flawless work in the show was highly applauded by the audiences. Amidst all of his hard work, Ricky Schroder net worth kept increasing to a huge extent.

    He has also worked in one of the most famous television series named Silver Spoons. He was the lead actor in the series. He also won multiple awards for his incredible acting and direction in so many projects.



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