Keith Urban Net Worth – Bio And 10 Interesting Facts

    keith urban net worth

    Keith Urban net worth in millions is earned because of his meaningful songwriting and dulcet songs in the country music genre. His songs are deep, express emotions beautifully, and touch our hearts. The Australian-American country singer is known for his top-charting soulful songs. He started his career in music as a session guitarist for the first band he played for.

    His singles were the best country songs on Billboard for the entire 2000 decade and certified platinum. More than 20 songs of Keith stayed on top charts for a long period. Keith was a judge on American Idol and a Grammy award winner. Keith Urban net worth is because of his award-winning career in music.

    Keith Urban’s love story with his wife Nichole Kidman is like a fairytale romance come true in the 21st century. The country singer has a beautiful soul, which reflects through the music he creates. You could find love, true, deep, and beautiful emotions through the lyrics and music of Keith Urban. Every song is magic you want to happen in your real life. Can you love someone like the music and lyrics of Keith Urban?

    Name Keith Lionel Urbahn
    D.O.B, Age 26 October 1967, 54
    Profession Singer, Songwriter, Musician
    Net Worth $85 million
    Marriage Nicole Kidman


    Keith Urban Net Worth

    keith urban net worth

    Keith Urban net worth is the love he spreads in the world with songwriting and country music. Having won numerous prestigious awards for vocals and music, Keith is one of the most celebrated country music singers. He found his passion for music very early and dropped out of college to pursue music.

    His very first album gained popularity in Australia. Since then, most of his albums and singles have top-charted worldwide. His music makes you believe in love and feel understood no matter where you stand in relation. Every song of Keith is an edifice you can build your hopes and dreams on feeling understood.

    Words waltz in the melodic fete showered with meaningful delineation of the situations you go through being in a relationship. The singer takes his music and love for Nichole Kidman seriously. Hence, his music has a soul more than a commercial flavor.

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    Early And Personal Life

    keith urban net worth

    In Whangarei, New Zealand, Keith was born to Marienne and Robert Bob Urbahn. Their family later moved to Queensland. His father owned a convenience store. Keith learned to play guitar at an early age from Sue McCarthy and entered numerous local competitions. He acted in a theatre company. Guitarists of Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac were his early influences.

    Keith participated in the Australian talent reality T.V. show New Faces. He later started appearing in numerous Australian T.V. programs like Country Homestead TV, Mike McClellan’s music program, and various music programs performing the duet with local singers. Since then, Keith started with Australian country music and has been singing in the same genre. He formed a band called The Ranch before moving to America.

    Keith was in a serious relation with Niki Taylor, a model. Keith and Nichole have two daughters Sunday Rose, and Faith Margaret. He has been a recovering addict, which almost ruined his marriage with Nichole. The couple is together and one of the most loved couples in Hollywood.

    Keith Urban Discography And Music Career

    keith urban net worth

    Keith started his career singing in local T.V. programs and playing for The Ranch band. The first recorded album Keith Urban was recorded in the early 90s. He won an award in the country music category in 1991 and toured with the Australian country singer Slim Dusty.

    Keith didn’t get a big break immediately as a lead vocalist after moving to Nashville, Tennessee, in 1992. He appeared in country singer Alan Jackson’s music video, wrote songs for country singer Tobey Keith Covel, and played guitar for Troyal Garth Brook’s album. His first album Keith Urban with his band The Ranch, was recorded with Capitol Records in Nashville and gained popularity.

    After releasing his first album, Keith continued to play guitar for several artists like Paul Jefferson, Charles Daniels, etc. In 1999 he released the second album named Keith Urban with 18 singles. The songs ‘You’re everything’ and ‘It’s a Love Thing’ from this album were made to the top charts in New Zealand and US country charts. Keith Urban net worth in millions comes with his top-charting songs in country music.

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    A few other singles reached the top three in country music charts, and Keith won an Academy award in country music in the 2000s. In 2002 Keith started his musical journey in America and released the album Golden Road. The songs ‘Somebody Like You’ and ‘Raining On Sunday’ were hits from this album. A few other songs won Grammy for best male vocal performance. This album was certified platinum and sold 3 million copies.

    In 2005, he toured with Bryan Adams on European tours and concerts and released a UK-only album ‘Days Go By.’ He released another album, ‘Be Here,’ in the U.S in 2004. His singles ‘You’re My Better Half’ and ‘Making Memories of Us’ were hits and fan favorites. In 2006, his song, ‘Once in a lifetime,’ made the history of being the highest-debuting song in country music history.

    Keith won another Grammy for the song, ‘Stupid Boy.’ He released another hit collection, ‘Greatest Hits 18 Kids’ in 2007. He started the tour with singer Carrie Underwood in 2008. Keith released another studio album ‘Sweet Thing,’ and ‘Defying Gravity’ in 2009.

    Between 2010 and 2012, Keith gave a few more hit songs like ‘Without You,’ ‘Long Hot Summer,’ ‘You Gonna Fly,’ and another studio album ‘Get Closer.’ Keith played guitar for Tim McGrath’s album in 2013 and released another studio album ‘Fuse.’

    Keith released the studio album ‘Ripcord’ in 2015. The songs ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ and ‘Wasted Time’ were the hits. In 2017 he released the song ‘Female’ to empower women based on Harvey Weinstein’s scandal. In 2018 he released ‘Graffiti Tour’ album. Keith released ‘The Speed Of Now Part 1’ in 2020.

    Keith was the vocals coach on the singing reality T.V Show, The Voice in 2011. He judged the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th seasons of American Idol and featured in a documentary film called Slim and I in 2020. Keith started selling signature line guitars through Home Shopping Network in 2013. Keith Urban net worth is not only millions made but the hearts won through his beautiful songwriting and music.

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    Awards And Achievements

    keith urban net worth
    • In 2001 Keith won the Academy of Country Music, Country Music Association, and ARIA Music awards for best country male vocalist.
    • In 2003 he won ARIA and AMI awards for Golden Road and Somebody Like You.
    • In 2004 Keith won a list of awards for Be Here and Days Go By.
    • In 2005 he won a host of awards along with the Billboard award for Golden Road.
    • In 2006 he won a Grammy for ‘You’ll Think Of Me.’
    • Between 2001 and 2021, Keith won numerous awards for best male vocalist in country music each year. It includes the People’s Choice Awards, American Music, and Queensland Music awards.
    Things You Didn’t Know About Keith Urban
    • Keith struggled with cocaine addiction for the most part of his early life until he met Nichole Kidman; it changed everything for him.
    • He once posed nude for Playboy magazine and regrets it.
    • Keith loves bowling as much as country music.
    • He dropped out of school at the age of 15 to pursue music.
    • He finds inspiration in the shower and munching fried pimento cheese sandwiches.
    • Keith never uses a computer to pen down beautiful lyrics for his songs. He uses the old school pen and pencil.
    • He once played guitar for Dixie Chicks and Alan Jackson.
    • His nickname was SubUrban in his growing years.
    • He is known to play the bad cop at home and discipline his children.
    • Keith used to tend animals at the farm in his youth and play guitar and songwriting.


    Keith Urban net worth brings a wealth of joy and soulful music to the world to relieve people of their pain and feel understood. When you read about the life of the award-winning country singer, it makes you believe that true love is not a myth. His love story with Nichole Kidman is better than a Disney fairytale romance.

    When you find love because you see through each other’s souls and vow never to take each other for granted, there is an example for the rest of the world to follow, to love, spread joy, and bring meaning in life through love. Keith Urban net worth is in the millions, but his songs are a priceless gift for listeners.



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