Sundar Pichai Net Worth – Exceptional Journey (2021)

    Sundar Pichai Net Worth – All Your Need To Know To Get Inspired

    When he heard about Sundar Pichai Net Worth the first thing that strikes our brain cells is GOOGLE! Talking in detail about Sunar Pichai, he is an American-Indian Business executive. Currently, his net worth as updated in 2021 is nearly $1310 Million.

    We all know how sought-after Google application is, from solutions to the very small problems to many ways to tackle big deals, we usually get every information needed. As per today’s date, before seeking advice from an expert we usually google everything to find solutions, and in a fraction of a second, we get tons of results that we expected.

    Sundar Pichai has been an integral part of this great application or organization for the past few years now. He has also become the Chief Executive officer of Alphabet Inc. This is the main umbrella company that owns Google. he became the CEO in December 2019 by replacing one of the co-founders of this company Larry Page.

    Before named as the CEO of Albhabet Inc, Sundar Pichai was the product chief at this famous application Google. Before being the CEO, he already served the company as CEO back in 2015 when the company restructuring that year.

    Aside from all the pressure and prestige to riding herd on a company like Google that has a net value of 900 billion dollars, Sundar also ranked it on no. 15 on the recent list that mentioned fortune 500 companies. Sundar Pichai Net worth was not easy or lucky to get, he has worked really hard.

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    Being the CEO of both the companies Alphabet and Google, Sundar Pichai’s annual salary is 1.89 million dollars. Other than this he earns more in stock options and bonuses. According to the data published by fox news, Pichai earns 226,000 dollars per hour, which is a great deal.

    Being an Architect of the few greatest google achievements like google maps, Gmail, android, and pixel, Sundar Pichai has done extremely well in growing google’s brand to rake it in billions of profit.

    Sundar Pichai is not only a great mind, he is a great heart. Under Mr. Sundar Pichai’s guidance, google works to raise donations for many educational institutes, funds for small companies related to tech and supports the world’s transition towards the digital world era.

    Statistics (Sundar Pichai Net Worth)

    sundar pichai net worth
    The Growth Reactor
    Born Pichai Sundarajan 10 June 1972 (47 years) In Madurai, Tamil Nadu (India)
    Alma mater IIT Kharagpur ( Stanford University The Wharton School (MBA)
    Salary 1.8 Million USD
    Title CEO of Alphabet INC. and Google
    CEO of
    • Alphabet Inc
    • Magic Leap
    Spouse Anjali Pichai
    Children 2
    Parents Ragunatha Pichai And Lakshmi Pichai


    After getting to know Sundar Pichai Net Worth, you might be wondering how did he climb the success ladder to become the CEO of one of the largest global brands all across the world. Let’s go through all the aspects of his life that led him to success and had a great role in building Sundar Pichai Net Worth.

    Sundar Pichai’s Early Life And Education

    The full name or real name of Sundar Pichai is Pichai Sundarajan. He was born in the month of July in the year 1977 in Chennai, India. He was born to Ragunatha and Lakshmi who worked full-time. His mother made their living as a stenographer and his father worked as an electrical engineer at a U.K-based GEC.

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    He attended school in his hometown itself which was Ashok Nagar, Chennai. Later he attended the Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) Madras and eventually received a degree in metallurgical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur.

    After completing his degree in India, Sundar Pichai moved to the United States for his further studies. He applied for a master’s and earned a degree from Stanford University in the subject of Material sciences and engineering. After getting a bachelor’s and master’s degree, Pichai received MBA from the popular Wharton University located in Pennyselvia, with high honors. This was all about his schooling and education which made him learn and grow to achieve his goals and helped in Sundar Pichai Net Worth.

    How Didi He Reach Google?

    He made his career initially as a product manager in business lines of career at applied materials. From here, he moved on further to a business consulting place at Mckinsey and company.

    Sundar arrived at prestigious Google back in the year 2004. he had a leading role in the company and he worked for google chrome (the flagship web browser of the company that we often use), other than this he also worked in proximity with the software engineering team of the company on Chrome OS. Chrome as we all know is the firm’s operating system.

    Till this time Pichai secured a place at google which enabled him to travel across the seas or abroad to work on new applications launched by the company like google maps and Gmail.

    By the year 2013, Pichai was given a position through which he led the android team of Google. Through his hard work, dedication, and intelligence in work, he was increasingly earning a lot of attention from Page and bring (founders). By the year 2015, in August, he was tapped as the near CEO of google.

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    Pichai in an interview once said- “it is always good to work with people, who make you feel insecure about yourself. This way you will constantly push your limits”.

    Sundar Pichai was able to make 100 Million dollars at google in the year 2015, but the next year was amazing as he was able to double the money he had earned through stock options. He was climbing the cooperate ladders by now.

    Sundar Pichai Net Worth To The Top

    sundar pichai net worth
    Knowledge Dustbin

    When Sundar Pichai was climbing cooperate ladder with his work company Google, another software from the pacific coast called Titan had its eyes on Sundar Pichai. Before being named as The CEO of Google, he was also rumoured to be CEO of Microsoft (this position was later given to Satya Nadella).

    Pichai was happy and productive at Google only due to which we went on to become the CEO of Google and alphabet both in the year 2019.

    Sundar Pichai Net Worth- Getting Wealthier?

    As a part of a deal made in the year 2019 which made him the CEO of both google and alphabet, he received many perks of the office and received additional 240 million dollars in stock options through the year 2021. He also received a hike in base salary which was 2 million dollars.

    If the share price of the alphabet cooperates well, Pichai might earn additional 90 million dollars. This makes it the first time when a company has granted performance-based stocks to its CEO.

    These figures will definitely boost Sundar Pichai net worth to another level. This was all about google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Net Worth.

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