Billy Beane Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

    billy beane net worth

    Billy Beane net worth in millions is because of his career in professional baseball. He is the general manager of Oakland Athletics. He played for a couple of baseball teams as an outfielder. Brad Pitt starred in Moneyball, based on the life and statistical analysis Beane applied to baseball.

    Since his early years, Beane excelled in baseball, basketball, and football. Though he scored average during the freshman season, he impressed the scouts with his talent. Beane’s career in baseball started in the 80s when he was picked by the New York Mets for the Major League Baseball Draft in his high school. Billy Beane net worth because of his methods to bring wins to Athletes for a few games in a row.

    Beane was promoted to various baseball teams in his career and played more than at least 10 games for each team he was assigned to. He played more than 200 games for various teams for a decade before joining the front office as an advanced scout, promoted to GM of Oakland Athletes.

    Name William Lamar Beane III
    D.O.B, Age 29 March 1962, 59
    Profession Outfielder, GM Oakland Athletes
    Net Worth $20 million
    Married Tara Beane


    Billy Beane Net Worth

    billy beane net worth

    Billy Beane revolutionized baseball talent scouting with sabermetrics to analyze talent. His former GM, Sandy Alderson, taught him this system of evaluating the players using a cost-effective method using the principles of sabermetrics. Under his leadership, the Athletes won 20 games but didn’t have a single win from 2006 to 2012.

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    Beane’s methods were criticized as they brought no wins but were applied by many general managers for other teams. He was also one of the board of directors of a cloud computing startup called the NetSuite, which Oracle acquired later in 2016.

    Beane initially performed well for the Mets, but his career as a baseball player kept declining for 10 years with below-average performance that didn’t meet the expectations. He played for a few teams before working as an advanced scout for the Athletes.

    Early And Personal Life

    billy beane net worth

    Beane was born in Orlando, Florida. His father was a naval officer. He was raised in San Diego and went to Mt. Carmel High School. He focused on sports like baseball, football, and basketball during high school. He initially performed well for the varsity baseball team he was chosen in high school.

    Eventually, his performance dropped. He was recruited by Stanford University as a quarterback despite his average performance, succeeding John Elway for the Stanford Cardinal Football team. His first wife is Cathy Sturdivant, with whom he has a daughter Casey Beane. He then married Tara Beane and has twins Brayden and Tinsley Beane.

    Baseball Career And Highlights

    billy beane net worth

    His professional career started with the New York Mets, who signed him up for $125000 while still at Stanford University. He chose to go with the New York Mets and played with the players who local team who were drafted out of college. He struggled with challenges playing for the Mets in various matches. He was still promoted to play for a few seasons with the minor baseball leagues.

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    He played five games with the Jacksons Mets till 1984. He batted with a few minor leagues leading the team with a good score. Over time, he was traded with other players as his performance declined. He was recovering from injuries, which made him ineffective. Billy Beane net worth is not effected with the criticism he received for his methods.

    He later moved to Minnesota Twins and won a few games. He joined the Detroit Tigers as an outfielder for six games and started off as a free agent since then. He was signed with the Oakland Athletes in 1989. Beane was not happily playing for the minor league and opted to work as an advanced scout. He learned the sabermetrics system from his former general manager. He applied it to evaluate the talent and cost-effectiveness of the teams.

    Oakland Athlete won 20 matches in a row under his leadership. It made the Athletes the most cost-effective teams in the Major Baseball League. Though he was offered a sum of $12.5 million by Boston Red Sox to become the GM of their teams, he rejected the offer. From 2002 to 2012, Athletes did not win a single match. During this time, Beane was promoted as the vice-president of Athletes baseball operations.

    Moneyball And Controversies

    billy beane net worth

    The book Moneyball authored by Michael Lewis, was based on Beane’s economic approach to cut down the team’s payroll and make them the winning cost-effective teams. The book details their methods and how these principles were applied to the Oakland Athletes. In 2011 a Hollywood movie of the same title was released with Brad Pitt playing Beane. The film was nominated for Oscar for the best actor.

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    Things You Didn’t Know About Billy Beane
    • Oakland Athletes haven’t won World Series since 1989.
    • In 2009 he was listed as the top GM executive by Sports Illustrated.
    • Billy Beane is considered a baseball maverick for coming up with a method that led to 20 wins in a row when he started off as a GM for Athletes
    • He let go of the best in his team and brought in free agents to cut a cost of $40million bill on the budget assigned for his team.
    • Oakland fans were disappointed which his decision of letting go of the star of the Athlete team to bring in high school drafters to cut costs.


    Billy Beane net worth is because of his winning game strategy and method of scouting talent for the baseball teams. Though his methods have brought him wins. The series of underperformances and bad decisions as viewed by Athletes fans garnered criticism. Though he uses the same methods to create a cost-effective team, it has not brought him wins since 2002.


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