Jeanie Buss Net Worth – Know How She Accumulated Her Great Fortune

    Jeanie Buss, one of the most powerful women in sports management who achieved lots of fame and money during her career. Currently in 2021, Jeanie Buss net worth is $500 million, pretty huge, right?

    If you want to know more interesting things about Jeanie’s life, just stick to the end of this article.

    Jeanie Buss Early life At a Glance

    The successful Jeanie Buss we know today was born on 26, September 1961 to her parents named Jerry Buss and JoAnn Mueller. She was welcomed into the family as a fourth child and was raised along with her three siblings named Jony and Jim (her older brothers) and Janie (her younger sister).

    Unfortunately, when Jeanie was around 11 years old, her parents decided to divorce and this was a big emotional hit to her at this age. However, she was very close to her dad and probably stayed with him most of the time after the divorce.

    She started learning about business from her father at a very young age. For example, when she was 14, she attended World Tennis Team meetings with her dad she probably learned lots of lessons that definitely helped in growing her career.

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    At the age of 17, Jeanie moved with her dad to Pickfair. Her dad became quite successful in the business of the real estate. This made her interested in real estate too. In fact, she became that familiar with this business which allowed her to begin leading guided tours.

    Jeanie completed her graduation with honors and specialized in business from the University of Southern California.

    Jeanie Buss Professional Career: The Journey Of How She Became So Successful

    Jeanie Buss net worth
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    Her professional career started during her college days when her dad owned the incarnation of the string and allotted the position of general manager to Jeanie. But this didn’t last very long as the string was closed in 1993. But Jeanie didn’t stop there.

    She built a team named Los Angeles Blades when she bought the professional roller hockey to Los Angeles. She was also declared the executive of the year by the league. Not only this, but she also served for four years as a president in Great Western Forum which was the home of the Lakers. Later in 1995, she became the Alternate Governor on the NBA board of governors.

    Janie developed a very strong desire to grow her business. Her dedication and honest hard work helped her to go more upward in her professional career. She became the executive vice president of the business operations for the Los Angeles Lakers.

    In 2013, when Jeanie’s father Jerry passed away, the ownership of the Los Angeles Lakers was divided into his six children. After some time, Jeanie was holding the position of president of the Lakers. She had power in her hands to make decisions and she made them. For example, she made Magic Johnson president of the Basketball Operations. And eliminated Mitch Kupchak from the position of General Manager. Not only this, but she also accepted the resignation of her brother (Jim) who was the VP of the basketball operations.

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    So, it can be clearly seen that Jeanie’s dedication and willingness to learn took her to great heights of success. Also, Jeanie Buss net worth was majorly built because of her professional career.

    Achievements Of Jeanie Buss During Her Career

    During her successful career, she also had some big achievements. For example, she was on the list of Top 20 most influential women in sports which was declared by the Sporting News. Forbes considered Jeanie as one of the most powerful women in sports management. ESPN gave her the title of one of the most powerful women in the NBA.

    Jeanie Buss Net Worth And Earnings

    Jeanie Buss net worth
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    As of August 2021, Jeanie Buss net worth stands at $500 million. This huge amount was definitely built because of her great professional career. She may also have some other side businesses like real estate which contributed to her fortune.

    Jeanie Buss Internal Life

    In 1990, Jeanie had her first marriage. She married Steve Timmons who was a volleyball player. But their marriage didn’t last very long as they divorced just after three years. She confessed that business is always her priority, not marriage.

    In 1999, she started dating Phill Jackson who was the former New York Nicks President and former lakers coach. Later she also engaged with him. But again, this relationship also didn’t last very long. They both broke the engagement in 2016 because Phill had some personal reasons.

    Jeanie Buss Net Worth
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    Currently, in 2021, Jeanie’s relationship status is single. But in past, she had some relationships but they didn’t last very long. Also, many guys always wanted to date her as we know that how beautiful she is, right?

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Jeanie Buss. You may also have some in your mind, have look:

    What’s The Age Of Jeanie Buss?

    As of 27 August 2021, Jeanie is 59 years old.

    How Much The Buss Family Worth?

    The Buss family worth is estimated at around $4 billion.

    Does Jeanie Buss Have Children?

    No. She was married at a time but didn’t have any children.

    How Many Followers Does Jeanie Have On Her Social Media Accounts?

    Currently, Jeanie is active on the two major social media platforms which are Twitter and Instagram.

    On her Twitter account, she has more than 400k followers.

    On her Instagram account, she has 265k followers.

    Final Words On Jeanie Buss Net Worth

    So, Jeanie is a very dedicated and hard-working woman and built a successful career which brought her lots of money and fame. She started learning about businesses from her dad and also got into it at a very young age. And her growth in her career was immense.

    Also, there are a lot of people who say that Jeanie became successful because she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Yes, she was born into a wealthy family. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t do anything. We can’t neglect her hard work and dedication to learn and grow. Her discipline towards her work was the main thing that helped in building a great professional career. The wealth of her family was just a resource to her which she used in the best way.

    So, that was all about Jeanie Buss net worth, now we hope that you found this article interesting.

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