Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth: RHBOH To A Million Dollar Dream

    Lisa Jane Vanderpump, also known as Lisa Todd, who is not only famous for her first-rate appearance in RHOBH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) but also for her entrepreneurial caliber, is someone who everyone, especially women, should admire.

    Lisa married the eminent restaurateur, Ken Todd, in her early 20’s. This husband and wife duo owns nearly 36 restaurants across London and Los Angeles. Come on, let’s take a quick peek into Lisa Vanderpump net worth, early life, and career.


    Early life

    Lisa Vanderpump was born on the 15th of September 1960 in Dulwich (a place in south London, England). She’s the daughter of John Vanderpump and Late. Jean Vanderpump. She started her career in drama at the tender age of nine. She was not only good at drama but at ballet as well.

    She was only 13 when she made her acting debut. In her debut movie (A touch of class,1973), she played the character named Julia Allessio (Glenda Jackson’s daughter). She has always wanted to become financially independent and so she achieved financial independence during her tender years itself.

    After leaving home, she did tons of commercials including Hamlet cigars, Lilt, etc. Her work ethic is what everybody noticed and admired. It’s her determination and perseverance that made her reach all of the new heights.

    lisa vanderpump net worth

    Personal life

    Lisa Vanderpump has been independent since the age of 13. She tied the knot with the famous restaurateur, Ken Todd, at the age of 21. It is said that she married Ken even though they had known each other for only three months. She is a mother of two lovely children named Pandora Todd and Max Todd.

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    She had her first child at the age of 25 and gave birth to the second one when she was 28. She says that she is the mother of three dogs too (Pikachu, Poppy, and Giggy) and loves them like her own children. Rumors say that Ken and Lisa are divorced.


    Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth

    If you wonder what net worth means, here it is. Net worth is the end value you get after subtracting your debts (assets) from your value of total liabilities. Net Worth = Total liabilities- Total assets. Wondering what Lisa Vanderpump net worth is? Come on. Let’s take a look at it.

    Owning more than 20 restaurants is a very tough row to hoe. Lisa Vanderpump net worth is about $90 million. The entrepreneurial capabilities of this husband and wife duo made it possible and they maintain it well too. There aren’t any shows as luxurious and lavish as RHOBH. It is believed that Lisa Vanderpump net worth was around $70 million, during the show itself.

    According to entertainment sources, Lisa Vanderpump net worth was around $75 million, in 2016. It is said that she received nearly $500k, per season of RHOBH. As of 2021, her net worth is around $90million.

    Apart from this, all the restaurants, pizzerias, and bars owned by her and her husband gave them an immense profit of nearly $2 to $3 million, in 2016. Due to the current situation of this biological apocalypse, a few of her restaurants were temporarily shut. Although, it hasn’t brought any drastic change in their revenue data.

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    lisa vanderpump net worth


    Lisa Vanderpump gained utmost popularity through Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. RHOBH is an American television show that pivots both the professional and personal lives of the housewives living in the Beverly Hills of California. Vanderpump was one of the main cast members of the show who just slayed.

    However, Lisa Vanderpump net worth was sound and started gaining popularity way before her appearance in RHOBH itself. It is quite evident from the episodes of the famous show “Vanderpump rules”. She was cast in a British series named “kids” along with Naomi Campbell. She also starred in one of the American science fiction drama series, Baywatch Nights.

    Lisa also played the character named “Margo Curtis” in Baywatch Nights. Apart from the media, she has other assets like restaurants and real estate. As mentioned above, she, along with her husband Ken Todd, owns nearly 36 restaurants and bars across London.


    Lisa Vanderpump About RHOBH

    After the ninth season of RHOBH, Lisa left the show. It is believed that the cast removed her from the show due to some trust issues. In an interview, Lisa said with a laugh that she would rejoin the upcoming seasons if the cast got rid of the other five. She also didn’t take part in the most awaited reunion of RHOBH.

    lisa vanderpump net worth

    Some of the famous places owned by Lisa Vanderpump

    The Shadow Lounge Chinatown, London 2000
    Sexy Unique Lounge(SUR) WEST Hollywood, USA 1998
    Villa Blanca Beverly Hills, USA 2009
    pump West Hollywood, USA 1998
    Tom Tom West Hollywood, USA 2018
    Villa Rosa Beverly Hills, USA 2011
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    Social media

    Lisa Vanderpump net worth also gets small contributions from social media as she has nearly 2.8 million followers on Instagram, which shows how famous she is. She has 1.8 million Twitter followers. Meanwhile, on YouTube, she has more than 800 thousand followers.

    lisa vanderpump net worth

    Closure | Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth

    So, that was all about Lisa Vanderpump net worth. She is not only a great actress but also a well experienced business tycoon. She owns the great mansion in Beverly Hills named “Villa Rosa”. She is also a fashion icon and has a collection of expensive jewels. She rides the Bentley congenital GTC, one of the expensive cars.

    All these things prove that she has not only her well defined net worth but also her hard work and determination towards the passion. She definitely is the kind of woman who stands as a living inspiration for many to get successful.



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