Is It Legal to Sell Feet Pics Online?

    Selling feet pics online is a rapidly growing business on various global forums. Many platforms are exclusively designed for buying and selling feet pics. This indifferent but authentic money-making idea has helped many bloggers earn a passive income. 

    Numerous feet models have popular accounts selling their content for a higher price. You’d be surprised to know that feet pictures have a huge market.

    Everybody demands unique feet-related content, from modeling agencies and Etsy shop owners to podiatrists. Due to the increased demand, various people have started setting up online accounts on picture-selling platforms to generate money.

    But is it legal to sell feet pics? What are some legal platforms for selling feet pictures? Let us learn about this growing business and how you can legally sell feet pics online in 2022.

    Is Selling Feet Pictures Online Legal?

    Selling feet pictures online is a legit and legal way of earning money from home. However, this side hustle does not require you to get legal documents, such as a license. Instead, it only requires you to comply with a platform’s rules and regulations to set up an online account for selling feet pics. 

    With the growth of numerous online platforms with different work types, there has been a significant rise in the platforms which enable users to sell adult content.

    Plenty of legal websites and apps let users set up their online profiles. These websites have approval from the government, and they follow the standards. Therefore, if you meet the rules and regulations, you can sell foot pics in a safe environment. 

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    How to Legally Sell Feet Pictures?

    If you want to sell feet pictures and avoid trouble, you can visit a platform and learn about their business terms. Various authentic websites are legally approved. You can conduct thorough research to learn about their source of income, privacy policy, rules, and regulations.

    You’d be surprised to know that Jessica Gould, an Instagram star made about $90K just by selling feet pictures. Many other foot models use the following legal platforms to sell foot pictures.

    Feet Finder

    Feet Finder is an excellent legal platform for selling feet pictures. This platform lets users sell their feet pictures by making an album. You have to start a subscription-based page to start uploading your content regularly.

    In a couple of days, people will start subscribing to your page. Then, you can price your feet pictures and start selling them to buyers who make a request to purchase the picture album.


    Onlyfans is another renowned platform for selling feet pictures online. This platform allows creators to upload their content on their subscription-based page. The content is available to buyers behind a paywall.

    Once the users make the payment, they get access to the content. Users can subscribe to different feet models to access their content. Some models set up a higher price for producing unique content.

    Buyers can also DM the sellers to request personalized content. Moreover, Onlyfans offers an option to tip the sellers. This legal platform has helped thousands of celebrities and bloggers generate a passive income. 

    Fun With Feet 

    Fun With Feet is a legal and authentic platform exclusively designed for buying and selling feet pictures. Users can effortlessly create an account. The platform gives the users an option to become a buyer or a seller.

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    If you want to sell feet pics, simply click on the ‘Seller’ option. Next, set up your account by entering your details.

    Then start setting up a portfolio by uploading pictures of your feet. Users can access your profile and pay for a subscription to unlock the content. 

    Will You Get In Trouble for Selling Feet Pictures?

    Selling feet pictures is a safe and globally recognized side hustle! Numerous people have earned money by using platforms specifically designed for this purpose.

    However, you should remember that certain conditions may get you in trouble. Here are some considerations. 

    Variations in Rules and Regulations

    Living in a western country, specifically the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, you will not have any restrictions as these countries allow you to sell adult content online.

    These countries have clear laws about the legality of a business. Therefore, foot-picture websites and platforms are legitimate as they follow the legal rules.

    However, various Asian countries have different laws regarding websites selling adult content. For example, a country with strict religious obligations does not allow users to sell pictures online.

    Many platforms are also banned in such countries. If the rules and regulations of your country differ from the western world, you will have to face a penalty for not complying with the country’s rules regarding such platforms.

    If You Are a Minor

    You can get in trouble if you are not of legal age. In some countries, this age may be extended to 21. In many countries, there are objections if a minor is found selling feet pictures as it is illegal for a younger person to indulge in an adult-industry business.

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    This restriction is because buyers can take advantage of minors due to their lack of experience. Moreover, they can be tricked into not getting paid.

    Besides this, it is illegal for people with a foot fetish to obtain a child’s pictures to satisfy their sexual needs. Thus, it is considered an illegal pornographic act as it puts the minor at risk of sexual abuse. Therefore, the lawsuits consider minors’ safety, rendering foot pictures illegal for people under the legal age. 

    Final Words

    Selling feet pictures is a legitimate way of making money from home. However, beginners must learn about the rules and regulations before involving themselves in this startup.

    The primary reason for specific objections is the safety of people. But under normal circumstances, it is legal and safe to sell feet pictures online.

    You will not face any challenges regarding the authenticity and legality of this business. As long as the money you earn comes from a legal platform and you are of legal age, you have nothing to worry about! 


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