How To Remove Skin Tags- 3 Amazing Ways

    How To Remove Skin Tags Using Home Remedies

    Do you have skin tags and wondering how to remove skin tags at home or through OTC medications? You need to know what are skin tags to remove them out and aftercare ways.

    Skin tags are noncancerous and soft growths on the skin that usually takes place where skin folds are located like folds on armpits, neck, groin area, eyelids, and breasts. This extra growth is a result of loosening collagen fibers that have become accumulated or lodged inside thick areas of the body.

    The cause of the accumulation of collagen fibers to form skin tags is not very clear, however, the methods on how to remove skin tags are there. It is believed that they are caused after the skin rubs with other skin in folds or friction between skin.

    You do not have to worry a lot about skin tags as they are extremely common and nearly half the population do have skin tags somewhere or other. They are mostly seen in older people, people being obese or overweight, or people having diabetes.

    These tags do not cause any harm and if you do not have any trouble with having skin tags other than their appearance on visible regions, you need not worry about removing them. However, if you are facing problems and you feel these lesions are becoming painful when they are snagged by clothing or jewelry, you can get them removed easily you can also use home remedies on how to remove skin tags to get rid of them.

    How To Remove Skin Tags

    how to remove skin tags
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    You can easily learn how to remove skin tags using various tricks and techniques including home remedies, OTC medications, and surgical methods.

    Home remedies are often amazing for removing these skin tags. They are not among the severe health conditions that usually require you to visit a doctor or take treatments. If you wish to know how to remove skin tags, you can just use these home remedies as you will require only a few products from the kitchen.

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    Most of the home remedies involve drying out the skin area where the tags are located until it shrinks in size and then falls off. Here are a few products and items you may use.

    1. How To Remove Skin Tags Using Home Remedies

    Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil is amazing for the skin and many popular brands are using it in order to create skincare products. Tea tree oil has antifungal ad antiviral properties which make it safe to be applied on the skin to treat many skin problems.

    To apply tea tree oil, you need to wash the region where skin tags are located and then use a q-tip or any cotton swab for massaging the area slowly and gently over the skin tags. Now take a bandage and place it over the skin tags overnight.

    You can repeat the same process for several nights until your skin tags dry out completely and fall out from the skin.

    Banana Peel

    Do not throw away your old banana peels once you eat them, especially if you are having trouble with skin tags. The peels of banana can be immensely useful in drying the skin out and thus removing the tags.

    Place the banana peel piece on the skin tag and cover it using any large bandage. You have to carry out this process overnight until you get rid of the tags.

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    You need a cotton swab for this process. Dip a cotton ball inside apple cider vinegar and then place it over the skin tags. Wrap the portion using a bandage for 15 minutes or 30 minutes and then wash your skin. You have to repeat the same for a couple of weeks until you completely get rid of the skin tags.

    Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature and it works by breaking down the tissues that surround your skin tags thus causing them to fall off easily.

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    Vitamin E

    Another factor that contributes to skin tags in some people is aging. You might have used Vitamin E and C in many skincare products you often use. Vitamin E has some antioxidants that can help slow down aging and fight wrinkles. They also help in keeping naturally healthy. When you apply vitamin E in liquid form over the skin tags you have, this might cause the growth of skin tags to disappear after few days.

    You just have to massage vitamin E oil over the skin tags and area surrounding it to make skin tags fall off.


    Garlic is another home remedy that helps. Garlic will help you to improve the appearance of skin tags by removing them and reducing inflammation. If you want to get rid of skin tags naturally using garlic, just crush garlic cloves and apply them over the skin tags, and then cover this potion using a bandage overnight.

    Just wash the area when you wake up removing the bandage and repeat the same for few days until the skin tags disappear by shrinking in size day by day.

    2. How To Remove Skin Tags Using OTC Methods

    Along with using home remedies on how to remove skin tags, there are several OTC treatments available for you. You can get these at groceries or drugstores to remove your skin tags safely.

    Freezing kits are available that use cryotherapy which indicates using immensely low temperatures to destroy skin tissues that are unwanted. Skin tags are benign lesions that require temperatures of -4 F to -58 Degrees F for destroying them.

    While looking for a skin tag removal kit in stores, always go for one that has the lowest temperature as it works amazing for you. You may also use come removal devices like a sterile scissor pair to remove the skin tags. While using creams you have to remain slightly careful and ask your dermatologist before proceeding as some might cause irritation to your skin type.

    3. How To Remove Skin Tags Using Surgeries

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    If you do not feel comfortable while removing the tags by yourself, you can also take help from a doctor or specialist. The doctors will numb the area using anesthetics and perform any one of the given procedures based on the location and size of skin tags you have.

    • Cauterization- In this the doctor will use heat to get rid of the skin tags.
    • Cryosurgery– In this method, the doctors will spray a small amount of nitrogen in liquid form over the tag which will freeze the growth and remove it out.
    • Surgery- This just involves the doctor snipping off the tags at the base using a surgical scissor. The location and size of the pimple will determine if it needs stitches or bandages later on.
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    Although these growths are noncancerous in nature, if they appear suspicious to the doctor, they might perform a biopsy as a precautionary measure.

    Aftercare Tips

    Usually, no complication and infection occur in the process of removing skin tags, but some people at times witness the development of a scar on the area which generally slower with time.

    If you have learned how to remove skin tags at home and applied some of the remedies given above, you have to apply an antibiotic ointment as a precaution over the affected area. This will certainly lower the risk of developing an infection.

    If that area starts bleeding and becomes painful, you have to call and see a doctor immediately. If you have opted for other methods like the surgical method, the doctors might instruct you to keep your wounds dry for 48 hours or so. Once you are done with that, just wash the area using water and soap.

    The doctors might also schedule some follow-up appointments for checking the wounds and remove stitches left over if needed.

    The Bottom Line

    Skin tags are absolutely harmless so finding ways on how to remove skin tags is not something you should be worried about unless they become painful and bother you.

    Although OTC products and home remedies are immensely useful and effective solutions, you can still see a doctor as it might not respond to bleeds, treatments, etc.

    Many procedures can easily remove skin tags causing minimal pain and no scarring.

    This was all you needed to know on how to remove skin tags using multiple home remedies, OTC products, and surgical methods.

    If you have issues related to crepey skin, follow these amazing remedies to get rid of crepey skin.


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