10 Effective Home Remedy For Ear Mites

    Home Remedy For Ear Mites- Find Out The Most Effective One To Use

    If you have pets at home, you are likely to be looking for a home remedy for ear mites, right? This article informs you about some of the most useful and effective remedies to be used, keep scrolling.

    Ear mites are those type of mites that lives inside the ear canal. Tiny parasites like ear mites feed on ear wax and skin oils which explains the reason they take their roots in your ear. They are most commonly found in pets and animals like your dog or cat. They have the ability to jump from your pet’s ear and enter your ear after close contact. Although th9s is unlikely, you might get ear mites.

    If your cats or dogs had issues related to ear mites, here are some important things to know so that you can choose a home remedy for ear mites based on sytoms you have.

    How Ear Mites Occur In Humans

    If you have had ear mites, the most likely cause of this is a transmission from your pet. Ear mites always look for a host to service so it is really common for these mites to jump from animals to humans or animals to animals.

    If you’re in close contact with your pet there are chances that you might have ear mites in your ears as well. By this close contact, you can also think of sharing a bed with your pet or allowing them to sit on the same furniture.

    Also, you must know that you do not need your own pet to acquire ear mites, you can also have this infection through their pet’s once you in close contact or whenever you visit someone’s house having pets, you might develop the infection by using their couch or bed.

    If you have developed ear mites, some common signs will include the following symptoms:

    • Itchiness
    • Redness around your ear
    • ear irritation
    • dark-colored wax

    Some people might also have tinnitus which is another condition characterized by sytoms like bumming, ringing, or buzzing in the ear.

    If the ear mites are not treated in time, they may even lead to hearing loss and damaging the ear canal. Here are all the home remedies for ear mites that you follow.

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    Home Remedy For Ear Mites

    home remedy for ear mites

    Ear mites are notorious and difficult to get rid of, it might take months to find out a home remedy for ear mites that helps you immensely and completely remove these parasites. Till the time you do not get the condition treated, same sure you spend time alone isolating or not coming in close contact with others to stop the spread.

    Here are certain home remedies that have worked well for many people and are proven to be beneficial.

    1. Garlic

    The first home remedy for ear mites is using garlic. The technological advancements in today’s world have still got a lot to learn from ancient practices used for medicinal purposes. One of these practices includes the use of garlic. Many people love the taste of garlic in the food they prepare, but its medicinal purposes are still to be discovered as there are plenty of them.

    Garlic has antibacterial properties associated with its cloves, these properties can help garlic serve as a great home remedy for ear mites. Experts suggest placing few cloves of garlic inside a cup of any oil for example olive oil and leave it overnight. Once you wake up, put this on a clean cloth or cotton swab that we use for cleaning ears. Clean your ear using this and repeat this every day fr the next 25 to 30 days to remove ear mites completely.

    2. Olive Oil

    Olive oil is a popular cleansing agent. Another most used product from the middle eat has many uses in culinary terms but it is also a product that has valuable medicinal properties. You can use olive oil simply to clean the ears or use them with cloves to make a fluid fr cleaning ears. Use a dropper to insert few drops of olive oil inside the ear and clean using a cotton swab later on. You can always substitute mineral oil or vegetable oil for the same purpose.

    3. Almond Oil And Vitamin Solution For Cleansing

    Natura medicine practitioners and healers suggest using a mixture of almond oil and vitamin E for ear mites infestation. This is probably an anti-mite medication to be used. Most people might not keep stocks of both these in their house, you can easily get them in nearest stores. Store both the products at room temperature. Mix almond oil with vitamin E and drop 2 to 3 drops using a dropper in your ear nearly 3 times a week. You can do this on alternate days. This solution has the ability to destroy mites very quickly and improves the quality of skin as well.

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    4. Shampoo Each Night

    It might appear too much but this home remedy for ar mites is effective too. It may also sound strange to inside shampoo in home remedies. You should not use shampoo inside the ears directly to remove ear mites as it has chemicals that might worsen the condition. The shampoo is always sed as a preventive policy rather than dropping it inside the ear. The activity of mites is likely to increase when it is night, so when you shampoo your hair daily before going to sleep can stop their spread and activity. This is smoothing you should start practicing with other remedies to help you stop the spread of ear mites.

    5. Corn Oil

    For human beings, corn oil is really useful in the kitchen but when we look at it the other way from the perspective of ear mites, it is no less than poison to them. You can clean your ears using a cotton swab after dipping it in corn oil. Just make sure the oil reaches all the services of your ear. You do not want the mites to hide. Repeat the same daily for 3 to 4 weeks and get rid of ear mites. This is among the most powerful ways of getting rid f er mites infection so use this home remedy for ear mites today itself.

    6. Green Tea

    green tea has miraculous benefits and health enthusiasts know about it as it has numerous benefits which play a vital role against a wide range of problems. However, most people haven’t realized that it can also be used to end the struggle of ear mite infestations. first, all you need is a cup of green tea let it cool down. Then you can use the tea as an antiseptic ear wash. Green tea has healing properties drinking the tea can also have some effect as well, according to shreds of evidence using it topically is proved to be much more effective.

    7. White Vinegar

    White vinegar is a safe and efficient fluid used as a great home remedy for ear mites. It has acidic qualities which are suitable and safe. However it has been advised to not use it if there is any kind of wound or sore in the ear or area surrounding your ear, the vinegar may sting on the open wounds. first, you need to dilute the vinegar with some amount of water, and then carefully use it as a cleanser for your ears to get rid of ear mites.

    White vinegar is easily available in your house kitchen as well so use it as an effective home remedy for ear mites.

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    8. Yellow Dock Root Extract Drops

    This is one of the well-tried home remedies which has been used for a long time for cleansing eat mites and getting rid of them but it is not known by many. People who actually have a kind of interest in healing herbs are somehow likely to know about this home remedy for ear mites. Also, People who are familiar with yellow dock roots might know it. The experts suggest using a mixture of about nice drops of yellow root extract and 2 tablespoons of water. it is advised to use a dropper to put a certain amount of this fluid in your ear. It may take at least a month or so to get rid of ear mites.

    9. Boric Acid In Bath Water

    Boric acid mixed with water is also an effective home remedy for ear mites. Boric acid is produced by Volcanic rocks present in Italy and the United State. Much of its supply comes from these portions in the world. It is ideal to be used agist the infection of ear mites due to its insect repellant properties and antiseptic nature. For all such effective properties, you can always use boric acid mixed with water in your bathtub.

    However, if your children have ear mites, make sure you add only a minute amount of them. Overusing boric acid can be dangerous as it has toxins that do not leave the body very quickly. Adults are however better equipped when it comes to dealing with all such toxins but children are not.

    10. Sulfur

    This one is another mineral present naturally on earth. The medicinal properties of sulfur have gathered a lot of attention lately. Various issues related to skin or dermatological conditions can be treated using sulfur as per reports by scientists. These issues involve eczema and acne-like conditions. Since sulfur is a great way to fight harmful bacterias and parasites it can serve as a brilliant home remedy for ear mites. You can get rid of irritation causing ear mites by using sulfur in little amounts.

    You can also take appoint from your family doctors as they are specialists in the field and know how to tackle the issue of ear mites more efficiently. If the home remedies do not work well for you and you have faced the problem for too long, it is highly suggested that you seek medical help.

    The doctors can take a swab sample or go for a complete ear examination. They use otoscope examination as a tool to determine the presence of ear mites deep inside the ear canal.

    Since ear mites are known to feed on wax and skin oils, the treatment usually begins with the removal of wax buildup by flushing saline solution inside the ear canal.

    They might also prescribe some of the medications like neomycin, nystatin, gramicidin, etc depending upon your condition.

    These were some of the most beneficial remedies to follow if you have developed ear mites.


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