Here’s How to Make GIF in Photoshop? A Simple And Precise Guide

    Ever wondered how to make GIF in Photoshop? Whenever you spend time on the internet, you have probably come to see an animated GIF. Quite naturally, if you are an editing enthusiast, it must have occurred to you about how to make GIF in Photoshop. GIF is actually an image file that allows you to feature animated images, which makes it seem like the image is moving. It is like a hybrid between a still image and a video.

    Like the JPEG or PNG file formats, the GIF format can be used to make still images. But the GIF format has a special feature that it can also be used to create animated images.

    In this tutorial, we will provide a few simple and easy steps on how to make GIF in Photoshop. Please note that we are using the Creative Cloud 2015 version of Photoshop, but the steps are the same as other versions.

    Steps on how to make GIF in Photoshop

    Here is an example of an animated GIF you might make using our tutorial:

    How to make GIF in Photoshop


    Let’s start the procedure on how to make GIF in Photoshop-

    Step 1: Upload your images in Photoshop.

    If you already have created images….

    Gather your images in a separate folder. To upload your images into Photoshop, click “File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack.”

    Simple and easy steps on how to make gif in Photoshop

    After that, you need to select “Browse”, and choose the files you want to use in your GIF. Then, click on “OK”.

    Steps on how to make gif in Photoshop easily and effortlessly

    Then Photoshop will create a separate layer for every image you have selected. Once you have completed it, you need to go to next step.

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    If you do not have the images of previously created…

    Create a different Photoshop layer for every frame of animated GIF. For adding a new layer, you need to choose “Layer > New > Layer.”

    Quick and easy steps to help make GIFs in Adobe Photoshop(2015 Version)

    Be sure to create the name of your layers so that it is helpful to find when you make a GIF. For naming a layer, you need to go to the “Layer panel” which is shown at the bottom right of the screen, then double-click on the default layer name, and type in the name you want to change it to. Press “Enter” when you are finished.

    Creating gifs in Adobe Photoshop in simple and easy steps: A quick guide

    Once you have layers and you have named them all, you are ready for the next step.

    Pro Tip: If you need to combine layers so they appear as a single frame in the GIF, select the layers you need to merge and turn on the visibility (by selecting the “eye” to the left of every layer name so only the eyes for the layers you want to merge are open). After that, select “Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E (Windows)” or “Shift + Command + Option + E (Mac)” keys. A new layer is created by Photoshop which has merged content and should also be renamed.


    Step 2: To Open the timeline window.

    To open up Timeline, you need to go to top navigation and select “Window > Timeline”. The Timeline will help to turn different layers off and on for different periods of time, therefore changing the static image into a GIF.

    How to make gif in Photoshop: A wuick and efficient guide 2021

    At the bottom of the screen the Timeline window will show. It is looks like:

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    Quick and easy guide on how to make gif in Photoshop

    Step 3: At the Timeline window, you need to click on “Create Frame Animation.”

    If it is not selected automatically, then choose it from the menu – and be sure to click on it, otherwise the frame animation options may not show up.


    Steps on how to easily create gifs with Adobe Photoshop

    Now, the Timeline will look like this:


    How to make gif in Photoshop

    Step 4: For every new frame create a new layer

    To create a new layer, first of all you need to select all your layers at the top navigation menu and then click “Select > All Layers.”

    After that, click the menu icon on the right of the Timeline screen.

    How To make gif in Photoshop

    From the dropdown menu that appears, you should choose “Create New layer for Each new frame.”

    Making gifs in Adobe Photoshop: simple and easy steps


    Step 5: After that open the same menu icon, and then you should click “Make Frames From Layers.”

    This will create frame from each layer of your GIF.

    How to make gif in Photoshop

    Step 6: Now you need to select the timing that each frame should appear for before going to the next frame.

    Select the time below of every frame and choose how long you would like it to appear. We always choose 0.5 seconds per frame.

    Steps on making gif in Photoshop


    Step 7: After that you need to select how many times you want the layer to loop.

    Default looping time is “Once”, but you can change it as by your choice, even as “Forever” also. You should click on “Other” option if you want to specify an exact number of repetitions.

    How to make gif in Adobe Photoshop in a few simple and easy steps

    Step 8: By pressing the play button you can see the preview your GIF.

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    Quick tips on how to make gif in Photoshop

    Step 9: Save and export your GIF.

    Save your GIF if you are satisfied. Go to the top navigation bar and then click on “File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy)”.

    How to make gif in Photoshop : A simple and definitive guide

    Now, you should select the type of GIF file you want to save. For GIF with gradients, you should choose “Dithered GIFs” to escape color banding. If the image employs lots of solid colors then you may choose no dither.

    The number shown beside the GIF file defines how large the GIF colors are and compared to the original PNGs or JPEGs.

    Steps on how to make gif in Photoshop


    Then click “Save” icon at the bottom of the screen to save the file to computer. You are now ready to upload this GIF.

    GIFs are not too hard to make. If you have access to Photoshop, you need to spare a few minutes and you can create an animated GIF in very short time.Because GIFs provide a new way to capture peoples’ attention and can have a serious emotional impact. GIFs are easy to consume.You can use it for fun or for your marketing!

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