How To Type On A PDF: Here’s An Easy Guide

    The Portable Document Format (PDF) was never created to be able to edit the contents of the file. The PDF was introduced first by Adobe as a virtual printout or the on- screen version of a hard copy document. Similar to a printed document the document of the PDF also not intended to be changed. However, in this current time, there are various methods that can help you to edit a PDF file. So it’s no wonder that people have a demand for knowing how to type on a PDF.

    It is very important for any person, be it an office worker or a student to know how to type on a PDF. So it is very useful indeed to have a step by step article to guide the user accordingly with ease.

    Let’s know how to type on a PDF on Windows 10, Mac with or without Adobe.

    1. How to type on a PDF with the Adobe Acrobat:

    Adobe Acrobat has had a wide range of PDF features that makes it possible for you to edit the PDF files. This Adobe Acrobat feature is highly compatible with both Windows PC and Mac. If Adobe Acrobat is already installed then typing in a PDF is not at all an issue for you.


    Let’s learn how to type on PDF using Adobe Acrobat:-

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    Step 1: You have to open Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

    Step 2: In the navigation in the top, select File and then click open to open the particular file.

    Step 3: Select the particular PDF document that you would like to edit and open it in Adobe Acrobat.

    Step 4: After opening the file, choose Edit PDF. This option is available on the right-hand toolbar.

    Step 5: To start typing in the PDF file, you simply have to place the cursor where you want to type.


    How to type on a pdf

    Step 6: Using the Format options available at the top right-hand toolbar, you can edit your texts.

    Step 7: To edit the image, you will have to place the cursor on the image and then it will allow you to modify the image with the help of the objects option.

    Note: These steps are applicable for the Acrobat 10th and 11th version only.

    2. How to type on a PDF without Adobe:

    Adobe Alternative:

    This is a tool that you can use to type into PDF files without using Adobe. The tool not only allows you to type on a PDF file but also makes it possible for you to convert, annotate, add graphics and add footers to the existing document.

    Let’s learn how to type on a PDF without Adobe:-

    Step 1: Get the copy of the program from the A powersoft official website. After the PDF editor, a powersoft on your PC, you should launch it.

    Step 2: Then click the file on the top-left corner and then choose “Open” from the floating menu that is visible there. Select the correct document to open from the directory.

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    Step 3: After opening the document, it allows you to select edit and use the options to edit your edit.

    How to type on a pdf: easy guide

    Step 4: Once the typing into the PDF is done, you can save it. To save the file, first select file then save or save as.

    3. How to type on a PDF with online tools for free.


    This tool helps you to type into a PDF document for free. To get access to the premium tools you will need to pay $2.99 per month.

    Let’s learn how to type on PDF with PDFescape.

    Step 1: Go to and then choose the PDF file to upload it to PDFescape.

    Step 2: After selecting the Choose file option, navigate the file to the folder where you have the PDF needed to be edited. Hit the Upload button after selecting the file.

    Step 3: After the uploading is done, PDFescape should open the file. In some cases it might feature some highlighted text fields. In that case, you can simply click in the fields you would like to modify and start with the editing and typing.

    Step 4: After the whole editing is complete, you can click on the Green Save button. This button is available in the toolbar towards the left-hand side of the screen.

    Note: The free version does not allow you to upload files exceeding the size limits of 10MBs or 100 pages.

    How to type on a PDF

    4. How to type on a PDF in Microsoft Word:

    All Windows users have Microsoft Word on their computers. This tool can help you to edit the PDF files.

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    Let’s know how to type on a PDF:

    Step 1: Open the PDF file in Microsoft Word. The software then will make a copy of the file to be displayed in Word. This format will be able to be editable.

    Step 2: You can type in the document. Once you are done, select the File on the top-left corner and then choose Save As. Select PDF as the document format before clicking the Save button.

    5. How to type on a PDF on Mac:

    If you wish to edit a PDF file on your Mac using any of the default features available on your computer, you should be following these steps.

    Step 1: Open the PDF file by double-clicking on the file.

    Step 2: Highlight all the existing text copying it to the clipboard.

    Step 3: You should hold down Command+Shift+4 for extracting the images.

    Step 4: Click and drag the cursor to fit the frame of the image and save the images to your desktop.

    Step 5: Paste the text from the clipboard into the blank document into the pages application.

    Step 6: After inserting the images, you can then save the document as a PDF.

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