How to Plant Rose Cuttings: An Excellent Guide

    As roses have a status of being pernickety many people think it is not easy to grow. However, it is just the opposite! Roses are easy to propagate at home. You don’t need to grow them from seeds, but use a cutting and plant them.

    You don’t even have to know proper gardening skills to grow them. Just simple care and regular nurture will help you bloom colourful roses. If you are pestered with the thought of how to plant rose cuttings, then you should read this article till the end and find out how easy and fast you can bloom roses in your garden.

    Why grow roses from cuttings?

    how to plant rose cuttings

    Not only is it fun to grow roses from cuttings, but the success rate is much more than planting it in other ways. Look at the other two reasons why you should choose cuttings to grow rose:

    • If in case your favourite rose plant is dying, you can take a cutting and grow it. There are many dangers that a rose plant can face. Be it a storm or a rodent attack, planting cuttings will help your favourite plant regrow.
    • You can also involve your children in growing roses from cuttings. They will gain experience and have fun doing garden work. Being the easiest way to save a rose plant, you should grow them from cuttings.

    If you are thinking about how to plant rose cuttings, well, it can be potato, water method, or soil on which you can rely.

    Understanding rose cuttings

    Before growing rose plants from cuttings, you need to understand the whereabouts of rose cuttings and their type. The term cutting means a rose stem(s) that are collected from the rose plant at various stages of maturity of the plant. Though there are plants about whose cuttings you have to be particular, rose cuttings are flexible.

    If you want to know how to plant rose cuttings, you need to understand a few things like how to collect the cuttings, how to propagate and enhance their growth:

    • They can be collected from the current year’s flowering plant at various growth stages. The stages will ensure how easy or difficult it is to grow plants from them.
    • You can enhance the success rate of rose plant growth by using hormones. You can treat the cutting collected at any stage with hormones to promote root development.
    • If you cut one stem, you can make many cuttings from it. In case any rose plant is dying and you want to save the breed, you can use a single stem to propagate many rose plants.

    Types of cuttings

    An important thing that you must know if you are worried about how to plant rose cuttings, is the types of cuttings you can take. Well, there are three types of cutting that you can get from a rose plant in various stages of its growth and season.


    • Softwood cuttings: They are taken during early summer or late spring and are one of the fastest and easiest cuttings to grow. This cutting is obtained when the new stems are flexible and just started to mature. Primarily the softwood cuttings should be obtained from the pencil-sized stems of the bloomed flowers whose petals are all gone.
    • Semi-hardwood cuttings: Another type of rose cutting with which you need to be familiar if you are interested in how to plant rose cuttings is semi-hardwood cutting. They are obtained during the early fall or late summer as the stems have matured partially. During this time, the rose hips are visible near the bloomed stems.
    • Hardwood cuttings: The third type of cutting you can take is hardwood cutting when the new stems have already matured. They are obtained during the early winter or late fall. Nevertheless, it is not that easy to grow and also hard to root. You can witness that these stems will grow very slowly as the stem has already hardened or has become dormant.

    Planting season

    There are many speculations over the planting season that is best if you are thinking of how to plant rose cutting. Before opting to do so you need to know about the seasons so that you don’t face any problems.

    • Spring: Undoubtedly everyone opines spring to be the best season for obtaining the cutting and planting them. Spring is ideal for growing all types of flowers. Rose fits in the best in this season.
    • Monsoon and winter: However, in Mediterranean climates, seasons of rain, as well as the winter, are ideal for rooting rose cuttings. The cold seasons are ideal because it is easy to root during that time.
    • Summer: Nonetheless, if you feel the necessity you can choose any time of the year to root your rose cutting. If you do so in the hot season, you have to take extra care and water regularly so that the plant does not die.
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    Summer should always stay down on the list for planting if you are thinking of how to plant rose cuttings. The heat and dryness are always harmful to the plant. Though you can opt for late summer to obtain rose cutting. The seasons also indicate the type of cutting you can get. You must be careful about the planting season to avoid any sort of damage to your plantation.

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    How to take rose cuttings in spring and summer?

    Though spring is the best season to plant rose cuttings, you can also choose summer. However, you need to water the shoots regularly and take extra care during summer. You can obtain softwood cutting during these two seasons as the stems remain leafy, flexible, and do not mature as such.


    Semi-hardwood cuttings will also be available if you obtain them in late summer. Even too many flowers do not bloom during this time. If you are speculating about how to take the rose cutting and how to plant rose cutting you must follow the steps listed below.

    • Select a stem that has a twenty-centimetre section and then cut it at an angle of 45 degrees.
    • Remember to check whether the item you have selected has a thickness like that of a pencil.
    • If you see the stem had a bloom then shave the portion below it.
    • Do not select a stem from the centre of the plant, but from the side bush. Those are more effective to root than any other stem.
    • Clear any sort of previous bloom or flower buds if any from the stem before planting.

    How to take rose cuttings in winter?

    Planning about how to plant rose cutting during winter? Well, you can obtain hardwood cutting and root it! You can take hardwood cuttings from the middle of autumn to winter. However, you must restrain planting cuttings when it is too frosty! However, you can arrange for a trench to plant the cuttings as the ground will be cold and frosty.

    To root this hardwood cutting, you will have to do it before the buds pop up during the spring. You must choose a recent healthy stem that does not have a bud. If it has, then you need to shed it. Moreover, cut the top of the stem at an angle and horizontally at the bottom. Once it is obtained, use the trench to root it. You must use hormones before planting, as it will enhance the rooting because hardwood stems take much time to grow.

    Prepping planting spots

    Before gathering the cuttings for the rose plantation, you must select the place where you want to do it. This is the basic need if you’re speculating about how to plant rose cuttings. Though you get much flexibility as you work with softwood, you must select the land or keep the trench arranged before cutting the rose stem.

    As the cuttings are obtained, they should be planted without being late. You can use trenches, or containers, or the ground for planting the cuttings. However, you need to know how to prepare the ground or the container for planting. The steps to take are said below.

    • For planting cuttings in the garden ground
    • You must select an area where the plant will get indirect light. The cuttings are very delicate so they shouldn’t be given too much heat.
    • Being exposed to too much sun might cause a problem in growing them. You can choose the northern or eastern parts of your garden to plant them.
    • The soil must be cultivated by digging four to six inches so that it loosens up easily. In case the soil is heavy, you can add sand for easy penetration of the roots.
    • For planting cuttings in a trench or container
    • If you are tensed about how to plant rose cutting as you don’t have a garden then using a trench or a container is the ideal way to grow rose shrubs.
    • You must have a container with a depth of six inches so that there is no problem as the rose stem cutting grows.
    • A deep container will be useful further also because when the roots grow deep, it will not be a problem for you.
    • However, you need to take extra care of the soil. The soil must be an equal mixture of coarse sand and vermiculite mixed with proportionate water.

    Once you are prepared with the planting arrangement, then only you should obtain the rose cutting.

    What tools do you need to grow roses from cuttings?


    When you are determined about how to plant rose cuttings, you should know about the tools required to complete the process. Do not only rely upon a calendar to know about the season. Do watch your existing plant blooming and fading. However, before starting keep these things available near your hand:

    • A sharp and clean knife or a bypass pruner.
    • A bucket with warm water for keeping the cuttings moist.
    • Rooting hormone.
    • Pruning spear.
    • A bowl to dip the cutting into rooting hormone.
    • A stick or pencil to make rooting holes in the ground or the trench.
    • Plastic bags or wraps
    • A trench or container (if you are not using your garden).
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    Instructions to follow during rose cuttings

    Speculating about how to plant rose cuttings successfully? Well, to do so, you need to obtain proper rose cuttings. A few instructions are there that you need to follow while taking rose cuttings. Keeping them in mind will help you to get proper cuttings and grow proper roses. You need to remember the following things:

    • Select a stem from the sides of the rose bush. The stems should be healthy and leafy.
    • Cut the stem keeping in mind that they are six to eight inches long. You must scrape the stem at an angle of 45 degrees.
    • If you are worried about how to plant rose cuttings to grow healthy plants, then you should cut the stems in the morning when they are hydrated.
    • Remember to clean the tool you will use for cutting with rubbing alcohol before use.
    • Use a sharp knife so that you can obtain the cutting at a go.
    • Select younger stems for obtaining cuttings as they have the best chance to grow roots fast.
    • After you attain the rose cuttings, you can keep them immersed in water so that they stay hydrated till the time you plant them.
    • The rose plants have compound leafing, which means, from the main leaf stem, small leaflets will grow. You should be careful while obtaining a cutting about the portion where the actual leaf is there and not a leaflet.

    When to take the cuttings?

    The thought of propagating your favourite rose bush might come to your mind anytime. However, you need not worry if the thought comes untimely. You can take cuttings any time of the year. In case your plant is dying and you are worried about how to plant rose cutting and save the breed, you can take the cutting any time in the year.


    Nonetheless, there is a difference between the stems you get. If it is early in the year during spring, you can get softwood stems. Spring is the ideal time for rose harvesting and softwood stems grow roots extremely fast. If it is during the monsoon you get the thought of propagation, you can obtain semi-hardwood stems.

    Yet, if it is winter, you can take hardwood stems which take time to grow. Nevertheless, it should always be morning when you take the cuttings, as the plant remains hydrated during that time. You should not bother much about how to plant rose cuttings as you can do it any time of the year.

    How to take the cuttings?

    When you are ready with the sharp knife or a bypass pruner you can head to the bush you want to propagate. Follow the following steps to take a cutting:

    Step One: Cut the stem and remove buds

    • Select a stem of the rose plant which should be 12 inches.
    • Don’t head to the centre of the bush, rather choose a stem from the side. The best cuttings are those branches that come from the side.
    • Cut the stem at an angle of 45 degrees.
    • Dip it in a jar of water to keep it hydrated so that you don’t have to worry about how to plant rose cuttings.

    Step two: Remove the leaves

    • It is necessary to remove the leaves when you have obtained the cutting.
    • Only keep one or two top leaves. Removing the leaves helps in diverting the energy directly into root production.

    These are the two steps to obtain cuttings. Once you are done with these two steps you are ready with your cutting.

    Preparing the cuttings

    Thinking about how to plant rose cuttings? Well don’t fuss, it is easy to do. Once you are ready with the cuttings, you have to prepare them for planting. Follow the steps below to prepare the cuttings:

    Step One: Make cuts on the bottom

    • Take the hydrated stems and make cuts near the stem nodes using a pruning shear.
    • The stem nodes are the place from where new growth takes place. The new cuts at the bottom will help in the growth of roots.

    Step two: Apply rooting hormone

    • If you are too worried about how to plant rose cutting and propagate it, you can apply the rooting hormone. Else, it is not a compulsory thing to do. However, applying it will enhance growth.
    • The rooting hormones are available in powder, liquid, and gel forms, but the powder form is the best for growing roses.
    • Moisten the powder and dip the freshly cut portion of the stem in the solution. You must shake to throw off the excess.

    Once you have applied the rooting hormone, you are ready for planting the stem.

    How to grow rose cuttings?

    The final step to grow rose cutting is the plantation of it. You need to follow a few steps to plant the stem so that it grows.

    Step one: Plant the cutting

    • You have to plant the rose stem cutting in a container or trench with a depth of six inches. If you are doing it in your garden, you need to dig the ground up to six inches so that the soil loosens up and it is easy to insert the stem. (You should choose the planning spot beforehand).
    • With a stick or pencil, poke a hole on the trench or ground so that the rose cutting can go inside the soil easily. This is one of the important steps about how to plant rose cuttings.
    • Once the stem is inserted into the ground, add some soil near the stem to make the stem stand firm. Water the area well so that the root stays moistened.
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    Step two: Cover the cutting

    • You need to cover the cutting loosely so that the moisture does not evaporate.
    • Take a plastic bag or wrap and cover the plant leaving some space for condensation.
    • Don’t put the plastic wrap too tight that makes the plant rot.
    • Take a big plastic bag or wrap that is possible, to avoid it touching the leaves. It may cause fungal growth otherwise.
    • You can use a tall stake to keep the plastic wrap away from the stem.

    Step three: Monitoring the cutting

    • If you are tensed about how to plant a rose cutting you should monitor the cutting as it is planted.
    • Water the rose cutting to keep it moist so that the roots can grow fast.
    • It takes a minimum of two weeks for the roots to grow properly.
    • You can check if the roots have started to grow by tugging the cutting. If you feel resistance you should understand that the roots have started to grow.

    As the roots grow down the soil, your cutting will successfully grow into a plant with time! In case you are planting the cutting in a trench or container you can transplant it to the ground once the leaf sprouts appear.

    Tips for Growing roses from cuttings


    Are you too worried about how to plant rose cuttings? Well, you can go through the tips which will boost your confidence in growing the cuttings. The tips we are up with are:

    • Use a sharp knife and pruning shear so that you can cut at a go. Blunt tools can harm the stem and cause a distraction in the growth. You must also use clean cutters to avoid any fungal infections.
    • Use rooting hormones enhancing the cutting to grow stems. If you place potatoes and put them into the soil with the stem, it will keep the bottom of the cutting moist. However, the rooting hormones will help in the faster growth of the roots from the cuttings.
    • Keep the soil moist as long as the leaf sprouts come out. You must take extra care of the plant by water if you are concerned about how to plant rose cuttings.
    • Choose the spot of the plantation beforehand to avoid any hurry after obtaining the cutting.
    • Keep the rose cutting hydrated until you are entering it into the soil.

    Can I use a potato to grow roses from cuttings?

    The answer is always positive. Potatoes help in moisturizing the wounded bottom of the rose cutting. You can use it in the place of a rooting hormone also. If you are too anxious about how to plant rose cuttings so that it grows properly into a plant, you can use potatoes and place the stem in the soil.

    You have to follow the same procedure to plant the cutting. Nonetheless, instead of applying hormone, place the cutting into a potato and plant both together into the soil. The natural nutrients and water of potatoes will enhance root growth!

    What is the “water method” to grow roses from cuttings?

    The water method is also easy! However, it is a bit time-consuming. Yet, if you are too much panicked about how to plant rose cuttings and understand the roots have grown, you should adopt this method. Once you have trimmed the bottoms of the cuttings place them in a jar with three to four inches of water.

    However, it will take nearly eight weeks to grow roots. During this time you must take proper care of the water and change it after certain intervals. You must check the water level so that it does not drop. In case the water turns green or brown or smells stinky, you must change it, else the cutting may rot.

    Caring for rose cuttings

    As you overcome the stress about how to plant rose cuttings, you need to take proper care of the planted stem, so that it grows roots easily. Remember to keep the ground moist by using a bell jar or plastic bags and wraps.

    However, don’t let the soil become soggy, as that might result in the rotting of the plant. The most important part of any new plantation is hydration. You need to take measures that will help in keeping the ground moist.

    Don’t forget that the covering should not touch the stem, as it might cause fungal problems. You need to stay cautious about small details which might become a hindrance to the growth of the rose stem.

    A gentle fertilizer can also be used if you see that the roots have not yet grown after two weeks. However, you must gently tug the stem to check it. If you feel resistance, you must be sure that the roots have grown. Else you need to wait and apply fertilizers. Natural fertilizers may also work in that case. Act like a parent to your rose plant!

    As you saw the process of how to plant rose cuttings and came to know a lot about the essentials, you can try it at your home. Remember, some breeds of roses take time to grow while some grow fast. You must have patience throughout. Now what? As your garden blooms with new plants and roses, fill your vases and gift your neighbours and family with this beautiful wonder of nature!


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