How To Remove A Stripped Screw- 8 Amazing Tricks

    How To Remove A Stripped Screw- Use These Quick And Easy Ways That Works Really Well For You

    Having problems with stripped screws? Well, you should know how to fix a stripped screw if you have not learned it till now. This article helps you with all the related information. Keep reading to learn how to fix a stripped screw.

    At some point in your journey, you are definitely going to encounter some stripped screws. If you are not very well aware of what are stripped screws, you may have encountered some till now but you do not know what these are called, stripped screws are those screws that have become damaged and bored out, such that the screwdriver does not get hold of them to remove or extract them.

    Usually, stripped screws occur when we use the wrong screws while screwing, trying to insert a screw, or working too fast at a weird angle than usual. Whenever this happens, it is difficult to remove them, it might seem impossible for you to get rid of them as they are clearly annoying.

    Do not fear, there are many solutions for every problem. We have certain solutions listed for you as well. Just follow the methods and steps listed to find out how to remove a stripped screw.

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    How To Remove A Stripped Screw

    1. How To Remove A Stripped Screw Using Extractor Kit

    how to remove a stripped screw
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    A screw extractor kit or simply an extractor kit is a special type of kit specially designed to get a hold on stripped screws. It is a two-ended drill. You will easily find them online or in the nearest hardware store. These are highly inexpensive and make a great deal for removing stripped or damaged screws.

    One end of the extractor is used for drilling inside the stripped screw for creating a depression. With one end pointed outside on the drill, set it to reverse and then run it at slow or moderate speed while you are applying pressure firmly towards the downward.

    Once the impression is created, flip the bit such that the extraction end is showing. Again run the drill in a reverse direction with steady pressure for extracting the screw.

    You will easily be able to remove the stripped screws.

    2. How To Remove A Stripped Screws using Liquid Fraction

    Another method to remove stripped screws is using liquid fraction. Many brands offer a liquid that you can use for extracting stripped screws. It performs the same function as a rubber band performs.

    If the screw you have is not very much stripped or highly damaged, then using this method for removing them will work fine. This shows the best results on screws that are not highly bored-out. You are supposed to check the condition of your screw before proceeding to apply any method.

    This tool is also specially designed for removing screws.

    3. How To Remove A Stripped Screw Using Dremel Tool

    If you own a Dremel tool, the process becomes easier for you. For this to work properly, all you need to do is cut out a notch on top of the stripped screw. Now grab the screwdriver and insert it inside the groove for removing the screw.

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    If you do not any Dremel tool right now, you can also use a hacksaw for removing the screw.

    4. How To Remove A Stripped Screw Using A Steep Wool Or Rubber Band

    how to remove a stripped screw
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    This is probably the best and first method one should be using to remove the stripped screws from their places. It is simple and easier to do than the remaining methods.

    Sometimes all you need is a bit more grip inside the damaged screw head for extracting it from the place it is stuck in. Just place a rubber band over the stripped screw and insert the screwdriver firmly into the head of that screw. Applying slow and firm pressure over the screw, extract it easily. The key to carrying out this process well is to apply very slow pressure and remove the screw gently.

    In case you are going too fast for removing the screw, it will lead to chewing up of the screw band which is not good and the screw will remain stuck inside of it.

    If you run out of rubber bands at the moment, you can replace them using steel wool bits into the head-on stripped screw instead of putting rubber. It will help you provide the same grip that was applied by a rubber band.

    Just try this out and at the end of the article, you will be able to remove the stripped screw. however, even if this method does not work quite well for you, we have other methods too, check them out.

    5. How To Remove A Stripped Screw Using Pliers

    Again, this method is for you if the screw hasn’t damaged completely. If the screw is not screwed into the metal or wool, there are still chances of removing it easily. All you need is a set of pliers.

    Grip the end of pliers on the stripped screw to be removed and then by putting utmost grip, keep turning the plier until the screw comes out.

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    6. How To Remove A Stripped Screw Using Left Handed Drill Bits

    This might seem like a joke to you because many people have still not come across these tools to remove stripped screws. These left-handed drill bits are also designed specifically to be used in reverse and for removing such types of screws.

    Go for a drill that has a smaller size than the head of the stripped screw for removing it nicely. Put this drill on the head of these screws and tighten it. Make sure to apply the pressure in the reverse direction and rotate it in the reverse direction for removing it. There are good chances that the screw is likely to come out.

    While using the drill method, there are good chances that you are risking the shaping or breaking of the screw, so be careful applying the pressure.

    7. How To Remove A Stripped Screw Using A Hammer

    You might have tried it earlier but you failed because this method does not fit all the stripped screws, there are few types of damages in the screws that lead to the formation of stripped screws.

    Place a manual screwdriver against the damaged or stripped screw. The next step involves using a hammer and then lightly tapping the screwdriver’s handle. There are many cases in which this method works fine and it is alone enough to remove the stripped screws, given that you provide enough grip while turning the screws out.

    8. How To Remove A Stripped Screw Using An Abrasive Powder

    how to remove a stripped screw

    This method is quite similar to the method in which we used steel wool. It depends upon the friction applied while removing the stripped screws, the more friction you apply, the better the chances get.

    You can use any abrasive powder even fine quality sand in this method. All you have to do is sprinkle some sand on the screw first and then use any tool for turning it so as to remove it out completely.

    In many cases, people have reported that sand alone was enough for preventing the bit from slipping over the stripped screws. This makes this method the most inexpensive one. Try it out and see the results, if it does not work out well for you, try to follow some other methods as well.

    These were the 8 best methods that you can follow to remove the stripped screws from any object or your furniture.


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