Cast Iron Plant: All you Need to Know about the Useful Houseplant

    Cast Iron Plant: A Houseplant Decorating the Space with Low Maintenance

    Also known as the bar iron plant, the Cast Iron Plant is a popular houseplant in many contemporary interior structures. Why only the contemporary ones? You can find it in country-style rustic houses as well. As it does not require too much maintenance, people often find it convenient to keep. Those adverse conditions that may kill other plants can be survived by any cast iron plant. Its leaves are deep green, glossy, and the flowers are purple in color. Though for indoor plants, you may not see the flowers, the plants that are grown in the outdoor surrounding have them bloomed and smiled at you.

    cast iron plant
    The Spruce: Cast Iron Plant

    The plants grow slowly. Its leaves can be developed as nearly 2 feet long and 4 inches wide. The best time to grow this beautiful houseplant is springtime. The weather conditions and other factors happen to be favorable for growing a cast iron plant. This Asian plant can be grown in summer too. But if you are growing it on summer days, certain criteria you need to keep in mind. For example, the plants should not get too much exposure to sunlight. Try to place it mostly in the shade while arranging partial sunlight for them.

    So, if you are interested to know more about this low-maintenance, beautiful plant, let’s walk with us further. Here, we will be discussing every detail you need to know about the iron cast plant. From its variety to how it should be grown. So, let’s start.

    Cast Iron Plant: The Varieties

    Aspidistra elatior or the cast iron plant has a wide range of varieties to mesmerize you. If you visit any professional nursery or shops offering such plants, you will surely get confused among its rich variety. Here, enjoy some of the glimpses of its diversity.

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    Variegata: It is one of the most popular varieties of the plant. It comes with white-striped green leaves.

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    Asahi: The meaning of the term is “the morning sun”. The leaves of this plant grow green from the base upward. You can find white dots on the leaves.

    Hoshi-Zora: The term means “starry sky”. The name goes well with its appearance. The large leaves are found with yellow and white dots. Overall, it looks like a star-covered sky with gleaming beauty.

    Lennon’s Song: The plant looks unique as its name sounds. The plant was discovered by Robert Lennon, one of the famous American growers of cut foliage plants. In this way, the plant got its name. The leaves have long narrow ends with yellow-green stripes on them.

    Another variety is the milky way cast iron plant. It is another spotted type of plant. However, these are the common varieties you can check while planning to buy them. The next factor that may come to your mind is how to grow and take care of them. After all, you are bringing your leafy friends home with a promise to take good care of them. Here, you can find the details of how to look after a cast iron plant.

    The Cast Iron Plant: Learn How to Grow and Maintain

    This plant, as we said, is known for very little maintenance. Even if you are stuck with your busy schedule, you can maintain the plant well. To grow the plant you first need to choose the right place. Now, what is the right place for the cast iron plant to grow? Here comes the interesting factor. The plant can be grown anywhere. You can think of growing it at someplace where no other plant can grow.

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    Brighter Blooms

    For example, below the rooftop shade where no sunlight is available. No direct sunlight is required for the plants. In fact, direct sunlight harms the plant. Therefore, these plants are suitable for indoor places. So, you should plant them inside your house. Now, let’s know more about where to plant the cast iron plant.

    You need to keep in mind whenever you go to plant, the cast iron plant is light, soil, water, temperature and humidity, and fertilizer. After all, these are the basic factors we need to focus on whenever we go for planting anything. Whether it is a majesty palm or cast iron plant, these factors are important to keep in mind while growing the plants.

    Sun Light

    When it comes to the cast iron plant, light is one of the most important factors. As we said, earlier direct sunlight harms the plant. It can burn its glossy leaves. So, the best advice is to find a window facing north and place your plant near it.

    The Houseplant Guru

    When you plan to grow it outside, plant it under any big trees. Thus, it will do not get the direct sunlight hit upon it.

    The Soil Condition

    Whether it is sandy, loamy, or clay-type soil, the plant can be grown anywhere. It can withstand a wide range of soil types. But, one thing you must keep in mind. That is the drainage. This plant asks for proper drainage. Once you arrange it, forget about the soil type. Your plant will shine and grow naturally. However, for the indoor ones, you can simply use any standard quality potting mix.

    Amount of Water

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    For water as well, the cast iron plant has excellent features. It can tolerate a low water supply, unlike many other plants. A moderate amount of moisture in the soil is enough for these plants. In fact, too much water can damage the roots of the plants.


    The ideal temperature for the plant should be between 60°F to 85°F. Keep in mind not to let the temperature go below 50°F. It will ruin the plant. Too much heat coming from direct sunlight is also not acceptable. So, take care of that too.


    The nutrition for the plant is fertilizer. So, for any plant, proper fertilizer at the right dosage is needed. So, what is the right fertilizer for the cast iron plant? Buy all-purpose liquid fertilizer and sprinkle it during spring and summer. That is enough to see your cast iron plant growing healthy.

    Gardening Know How

    Hence, from the above-mentioned factors, you have learned that the plant does not need any special treatment to grow. So, arrange the basics and relax to see them growing! However, still, a bit of maintenance is needed to ensure the healthy sustainability of the plants. Therefore, here the points are mentioned.

    The Cast Iron Plant: The Maintenance

    • For indoor plants, use a pot with drainage holes.
    • Go for repotting every two-three years.
    • Be gentle with the delicate roots.
    • Occasional wiping down with a damp cloth is necessary as the leaves gather dust on them.
    • Whenever you find any dry or dying leaf, prune it immediately.
    • If you plan to propagate, do it while repotting. Divide the clumps by handling the roots safely.

    Summing Up

    So, this is how you can maintain your cast iron plant. Being an indestructible plant, it is good enough to decorate your interior as well as outdoor lawns. I hope this article will help you to know all the details about the plant. Let us know how you liked it in the comment section. Then, if you have some more leisure time, look at how to grow mint at home.



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