How to make best use of Google input tools

    Google input tools helps you to type much more easily in your desired language. It recently started providing a lot more variety of text input tools.

    The different kinds of input tools provided by Google input tools

    • The Input Method Editors or IME maps the keystrokes to another language using conversion engine.

    • The phonetics of a text can be changed in another language that best matches the sound with the help of a transliteration.

    • A keyboard is displayed on your screen by the virtual keyboard function helping you to type directly from your keyboard in a different language.

    • The handwriting available on Google input tools chrome extension allows you to type by drawing the characters.

    The Google input tools are a very important improvement in the Google system in the favor of users working with different languages.

    How to edit Google input tools in your Google Account settings

    Step 1: Go to “Language” and then click on “Input Tools” to start editing.

    Step 2: As the “Input Tools settings” dialog box opens up, you can start selecting the input tools you want to use.

    Step 3: After the edit is completed you can click save.

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    Currently, Google provides three settings for their user.

    1. Show/hide on-screen keyboard

    2. Show/hide status bar.

    3. Sync/don’t sync user dictionary.

    How to set up Google Input Tools in Chrome extension

    Step 1: You must install Google Input Tools first.

    Step 2: Select the extension icon and click on the “Extension options”

    Step 3: Under the “Extension option” page you can select all the input tools you want to use from left to right.

    Step 4: You need to double click on the left side to add an input tool and double click on the right side to remove a selected input tool.

    Step 5: You can also sort the selected input tool by clicking on the right of the input tool.

    How to enable Google Input Tools in Gmail

    Gmail – Google Input Tools

    Step 1: In the upper right corner click on the gear icon then selecting “settings”.

    Step 2: In the General tab, under the “Language” section, select the check box next to the “Enable input tools”.

    Step 3: Under the “Input Tools” setting dialog, you can select the input tool you want from “All input tools” field and click the grey arrow to make it appear in the “Selected input tools” field.

    Step 4: After all this click on Ok in the setting dialog.

    Step 5: Click Save Changes in the bottom of the General tab to save all the changes.

    How to enable Google Input Tools in Google Drive

    Google input tools keyboard shortcut download - VACHO GUJARAT

    There are three ways to enable the Google Input Tools in Google Drive:

    1. Change the user language from the setting in to the language you want to type in.

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    To do that:-

    Step 1: You need to sign in to your Google account.

    Step 2: Then click on Data & personalization.

    Step 3: Go to the “General preferences for the web” panel.

    Step 4: Then click on language.

    Step 5: Select the language you want to type in.

    1. You can change the language setting of the document in the language you want the document to be.

    Step 1: Create a new document or open a document.

    Step 2: Go to file then click on language.

    Step 3: Select the language you want.

    1. Enable Google Input Tools in Gmail.

    How to use Google Input Tools on Google Translate, Google search and YouTube

    Depending on you already chosen language by the above the process a virtual keyboard will be provided to help u work with these in the search box.

    Use of a Transliteration

    While using a transliteration, you should type the word phonetically and as you type you can see a list of words provided to you according to the phonetic spelling. You can then choose the correct one you want.

    Use of an Input Method Editor

    As the Input Method Editor converts keystrokes into characters of another language it also provides a list of word candidates that apparently matches the keystrokes and you can choose the correct one from the list.

    Use of a virtual keyboard

    To use the virtual keyboard, you first needto enable Google Input Tools following the above instructions. Then clicking on the keyboard icon you can have the virtual keyboard to work with.

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