How To Unarchive Gmail – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

    Gmail is something that is used by every user as a part of their daily routine. Do you know the Archive feature is one of the greatest advantages for anyone who has more than 1k mails in their inbox? But even if we archive our mails, how to unarchive Gmail?

    Being clear on the steps of how to unarchive Gmail is very essential to get your mails back right when you need or want them. A steady stream of messages can occupy space in your inbox but Gmail’s archive feature lets you segregate between low and high-priority messages without deleting them.

    If you wish to preserve important emails and keep a track of the archived emails, you can always enable Gmail’s All Mail view to gain access to the Archived emails and you can unarchive any mails that you wish to get back into your inbox.

    Before we shift our focus to how to unarchive Gmail, we must understand the underlying concept of Unarchiving Gmail. Unarchive is the process of restoring or retrieving any particular message from the list of archive messages.

    You can effortlessly restore the archive email into the Inbox or any other folder.The archived emails can also be termed mute emails. Unarchive mails are done to unmute those emails.

    The general rule is to archive an email if you do not want to delete it. Similarly, you have to unarchive an email to reinstate that email to your Inbox. Unarchiving can be done either on a computer or mobile.

    Now let’s discuss the steps involved in the process of how to unarchive Gmail on a computer.

    1. You have to open your Gmail Account and login using Gmail ID and Password. You can directly navigate through the URL: and open Gmail.
    2. The first requirement is to find the Archive email. That can be done in two ways as follows:
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    Type out the name or email address of the recipient on the search box inside Gmail.

    Or you can Type ‘label: all’ on the Search bar-> Press Enter.

    Tickbox on Gmail

    3. It appears as below:

    How To Unarchive Gmail: Step 2

    Once the above steps are completed successfully, our next task is unarchiving the email.

    4. You must click on the ‘Move to Inbox’ icon present at the topof the webpage

    How to unarchive Gmail: Easy Guide

    5. The next step is to select the email and unarchive it. Once the task is done, it is transferred to the inbox of your Gmail Account.

    6. You can now check the unarchived email in your inbox.

    Now that you are aware of the steps of how to unarchive Gmail on the computer, you can try out the unarchiving feature in the Gmail app as well. Follow the below steps to achieve your goal.

    1. The first task is to open the Gmail App.

    2. Like the process of unarchiving Gmail over a computer, you need to first find the archive email. That task can be done in two different ways:

    • Type ‘label: all’ on the Search bar in the app and tap on the search icon on the keyboard.
    • Or you can type the name or email address of the recipient on the Search bar and click on the search icon present on the keyboard.

    3. You have to open the email after that shown as below:

    How to unarchive Gmail: Easy Guide

    Our next task is to unarchive the above email.

    4. You have to click on the three dots present on the topmost right corner as shown below:

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    How to unarchive Gmail: Steps

    5. A drop box will appear immediately as shown in the below image:

    How to unarchive Gmail: Steps

    6. The next step is to click on the “Move to inbox” option.

    7. The selected email is now unarchived and is transferred to the inbox of your Gmail Account.

    8. You can now proceed to check the unarchived email in your inbox.

    Once you are aware of the steps to be followed either on computer or mobile, let’s check some facts about Gmail which can be an addition to your knowledge bank.

    Do you know Gmail doesn’t have folders? All the messages you receive are saved in All Mail. The messages in (Inbox, Starred, Drafts, user-labels) are just simple “views” into a subcategory of the messages in All Mail. Since there is only one copy of any message in your Gmail, if you delete it from any label, you’re deleting the only copy, which results in removal from all of them. If you are deleting a label you eliminate that “view”, but the messages are still present in All Mail.

    When you prompt to Archive a message, the only thing that is done in the background is the removal of the Inbox label from the message. The original message is still present in All Mail along with all other messages, and you can apply labels to those messages to find them easily in the future. Do keep in mind that Archive is an action you perform, not a location in Gmail.

    Hence, the process of unarchiving involves the simple migration of moving the message back to your inbox. Archiving is just the process of removal of the inbox label from the message in Gmail. This short and simple guide will clear up all your doubts on how to unarchive Gmail and can make your task easier. Whether you wish to do it on a computer or mobile, the instructions are easy to follow and get your work done.

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