Hooded Eyes – Stunning Eye Make Up Tips And 10 Do’s And Don’ts

    hooded eyes

    Hooded eyes are natural and look beautiful with the right makeup. They look good on certain face shapes but make it difficult to wear eye makeup. Especially, if you want the cat-eye or the smokey eye look, you can do it with the tips given here. Hooded eyes are when the skin below the eyebrow bone overlaps the eyelids covering it.

    Applying eyeshadow is not an option with hooded eyes. You can use these eye makeup techniques to make your eyes look shapely. For those who want to be happy about having hooded eyes, there’s good news for you, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Megan Fox, Taylor Swift, Anne Hathway, Jennifer Anniston, and many more.

    Hooded eyes look as beautiful as almond eyes. You don’t have much to worry about doing the eye makeup because you feel cat’s eyeliner doesn’t sit well on this eye type. That’s not true, as long as you are smiling and your eyes are happy, sparkling with joy, you look beautiful.

    Hooded Eyes – Makeup Basics

    hooded eyes

    Primer is a makeup essential to get started with doing makeup. The same goes for eye makeup as well. Use waterproof makeup products, especially, if you have hooded eyes. Apply primer, choose a shade of eye shadow depending on your skin color. Apply eyeshadow and waterproof mascara on the eyelids. Do touch up with a lighter shade and some sheen on the brow bone. That’s the basics of eye makeup for hooded eyes to get started with.

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    Hooded Eyes – Accentuate With Makeup

    hooded eyes
    • Apply primer for holding the eyeshadow so it does not smudge
    • Create the illusion of a crease with deeper shade from the middle of the eyelid
    • Use dark and lighter shades of the same color so you can blend it
    • Use a darker shade on the outer side of the eye and blend it with a lighter shade on the inner side
    • Choosing a pen liner is easier than the liquid liner for the hooded eye
    • Choose a waterproof liner so the imprints do not stick to the eye area
    • Have mid-sized wide eyebrows and avoid thick eyebrows if you have hooded eyes
    • To make your eye look larger, choose a darker shade to tint the end part of the eyebrows
    • Arch shaped eyebrows are usually suitable for hooded eyes
    • Avoid pointed or angled shaped eyebrows
    • Choose the crease color lighter than the shade of your eyes
    • Apply eye makeup with open eyes so you do not end up hiding the crease
    • Use highlighter for the inner corner of the eyes to make them appear brighter

    Hooded Eye – The Dramatic Smokey Eyes

    hooded eyes

    Rock and punk chic with hooded eyes is possible without making them appear small. Choose the basic tips of getting started with the eye makeup mentioned above and follow these steps.

    • Apply primer
    • Choose a lighter shade of grey on the eyelid
    • Use an eyeliner pen in dark black to shade the upper crease and a part of the eyebrow bone
    • Blend in with powdered eye shadow in black on top of the shaded liner before it dries out
    • Use a highlighter or a matte white color eye shadow just below the eyebrows and blend in
    • Choose a very thin liner just above the eyelids
    • You can choose the cats eyeliner shape or leave it as it to leave a natural-looking eye highlighting the eyelids with the liner
    • Use Eyelash shaper and mascara on the eyelashes of medium depth
    • Use a lighter shade highlighter on the lower lid so your eyes look bigger
    • Have fun using a brighter colored eye lens that compliments the eye makeup and your skin tone
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    Hooded Eyes – Winged Liner

    hooded eyes

    Don’t you just love Emma Stone? You could choose from umpteen looks of Emma Stone and binge on one of her looks. They are so done right and look happy and sparkling all the time. It’s not just the apparel tapes but also the beauty tapes that make your life easy, especially, when you want to create a fake crease that stays all day for night or day makeup.

    • Use a primer to get started
    • As an alternative, you can also use beauty tape on the create area and increase the width of the eyelid
    • Use a gel liner, as you can get it right with this variety
    • Start with the thinnest liner from the start of the eye and increase its width from the mid of the eye and create a winged shape, upwards on the edge of the eye
    • Use a highlighter on the corner of the eye to make them look bigger
    • Use a moderate amount of mascara on the eyelashes
    • Apply white liner on the lower lid
    • Choose the eyeshadow of your choice and use the basic tips to blend the eyeshadows to make your eyes look bigger.

    Hooded Eyes – Do’s And Don’ts

    You can use these tips to beautify hooded eyes with makeup tips. If you have hooded eyes, you have to be careful choosing the colors of eyeshadows as well as the technique and eye makeup products you use to get the right look without smudging.


    • Always use a primer or an eyelid tape
    • Use the shades and tints of the base color to blend in
    • Always blend in on the crease
    • Use a thin liner just on top of the eyelashes
    • Always use a waterproof eyeliner
    • Use matte colors in dark or light shades
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    • Do not use cream-based eyeshadows
    • Avoid using fake eyelashes
    • Avoid using shimmers and glow eye makeup eyeshadows, unless you only want to use them as a touch-up
    • Never apply eyeshadow without a primer
    • Do not apply eyeliner beyond the lashline
    • Do not apply a highlighter lower than the eyebrow arch. Apply it closer to the eyebrow bone and the arch
    • Do not use a dark liner on the undereye area. Use a white eyeliner for the lower eyelid if you have to
    • Do not use fake eyelashes. Use a heavy mascara to make the eyelashes look thick enough but not overshadow the width of the eye


    It is easy to create an elegant as well as a dramatic look for hooded eyes. You only have to be cautious using the colors and blending techniques. With these useful tips, it is easier to get the look of your choice on the hooded eye shape without worrying about crease lines.


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