How To Use an Electric Nail File? Here’s how to do it best, from start to finish

    Everyone is quite concerned about how to enhance their beauty. The beautification of nails plays a vital role in this context.

    Follow this article to know how you can beautify your nails without the help of any professional, without spending your savings, just by using an electric nail file.

    electric nail file

    What is an electric nail file?

    Have you ever used an e-file? Let me introduce you to an electric nail file. Technicians have designed the electric nail files as a tool to speed up and make some of the nail services easier and quicker. This electric nail file allows you to file your nails with a perfectly finished look.

    They are eligible for augmenting the glamour of the nails. You can even utilize them to proficient backfills and clarify the cuticle areas with accuracy. Highly magnificent nails can be obtained with the use of this extraordinary tool.

    How do you choose an electric nail file?

    Selection is one of the fundamental tasks for anything you opt to purchase. Here is a checklist we are providing you, to assist you out on what you should look at before paying for an electric nail file:

    • Power

    Don’t think that the power is related only to the rotation speed. You must remember that this power must be ranging between 25V to 30V.

    • Forward or reverse mode

    Manicures and refills require the forward and the reverse modes. This would finish off the work in the right way rather than twisting the finger.

    • Lightweight handpiece

    A heavy e-file would be an issue to pick up. So, get hold of a light electric nail file to make the procedure smooth.

    • Speed

    The rotational speed must lie between 15,000 RPM and 25,000 RPM.

    • Low noise, low vibration, and low heat

    The noise level, heat degree, and vibrational level would affect you along with the precision of your work.

    • RPMs mean nothing without torque

    Torque is a key factor you must keep in mind while getting an electric nail file. Search for an e-file that has a smart motor.

    Those having no torque apply more pressure which and is risky as it can lead to damage to the nail plate. A high-quality e-file can do your task with only a light touch. So don’t settle only on a specific RPM number.

    • Practice good hygiene while using it

    Nails are important to you, right? So try to maintain its hygiene. Hygiene is compulsory not only for you but also for your nails as lack of hygiene can lead to dangerous outcomes. Learn how to maintain the proper hygiene :

      • Make Sure To Hygienically Cleanse Your Bits

    It is presumably painful to clean your drill bits daily. However, cleaning the tools and maintaining hygiene is crucial. Also, sterilize your nail file bits before and after use.

      • Utilize A Toothbrush To Remove Built-Up Debris And Dirt

    Wash the dirt off your drill with a neat and small brush, for example, a toothbrush. Then, rinse it with foam and water. If the residue includes nail polish, you are recommended to soak the drill bits in acetone.

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      • Be Sure To Dry All Parts!

    Be certain to dry every day every part before usage. You should dry them thoroughly before setting them back. Don’t let them get in touch with any dirt.

    Materials needed to file your nails using an e-file

    The preliminary materials required to file your nails using an e-file are:

    • Electric nail file
    • Barrel bit for edges
    • Cone bit for cuticles
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    How to use an electric nail file in manicure and pedicure?

    No one cares about learning how to use an electric nail file. They take nails for granted. So, are you one of them? If yes, then let me tell you that you are on the wrong track.


    Follow the procedure mentioned below to know the exact usage of an electric nail file:

    • The first step is to use the barrel bit and clean underneath your nails. Make sure that you keep your palm down. Use it at a low velocity with tremendous care.
    • File down the nail according to your desired length using the barrel bit. Proceed on one side of your nail. Gradually, move to the other side.
    • Ensure that you work from the tip of the nail up to the cuticle
    • So, now it is time for the cone bit of the filler to work. Use this tool to clean your cuticles with perfection.

    Do electric nail files work?

    Electric nail files are in use greatly in recently. Yet one of the frequently asked questions is do they really work? The answer is yes.

    They can be used with great efficiency even at home. You just need to know the right way to file your nails. An e-file works on both natural and false nails. They are able to shape your nails, remove acrylic nails, remove gel polish with ease and most importantly trim your cuticles.

    What is the best electric nail file?

    You might not be aware of the best drills for your nails. However, you can opt for one. The best nail drills are mentioned as follows:

    • Brushless Nail Drill

    It is a rechargeable and cordless nail drill machine that will remove the gel from your nails with ease. It has the highest speed of 35,000 RPM. As the tool has a brushless motor, the drill becomes long-lasting.

    • Portable Electric Nail Drill

    This electric nail file is portable and gives your nails an extraordinarily professional look. Though compact, it is powerful. Thus, it can manage your acrylic nails quite easily. The body of this nail drill is made with aluminum alloy. Therefore, it helps in heat dissipation.

    • Pro Power Portable Nail Drill

    This nail drill is for you if you love to drill your nails on your own. It is rechargeable and comes with a 20-hour battery life. It has six nail bits. The diamond bits are rust-proof. With all these highly efficient features the cost might go higher than your budget.

    • 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Nail File Set

    This electric nail file causes less friction and heat. If you are a novice then grab this one. It has a minimal chance to damage your nails. The discs are strong and gentle enough to file your nails and cuticles easily.

    • ManiPro Passport Portable Nail Filing System

    This is one of the most favorites of nail lovers. It is a portable and cordless nail drill machine that has little to no vibration. You have to adjust the settings because there is no off button.

    • Pedicure Set

    This toolset is one of the finest options for those who want to speed up the manicure and pedicure process right at their home. The tip is encircled with LED lights. Therefore, making it easier to clean your nails in detail. Nonetheless, they are not recommended for acrylic nails.

    Can you use nail drills on natural nails?

    Just as you care for your health, your nails also demand care. There is a big confusion about whether you can file your natural nails with an electric nail file. Well, you can always do that. Be careful enough so that you do not damage your skin tissues as it can cause permanent damage.

    Which nail file to use on which nails?

    There are different types of nail files. Each one of them is designed for a variety of nails. Therefore, it is important for you to get hold of the right one. Now grit is important in this regard. The higher the grit number, the smoother the procedure will be.

    A fine-grit cushion file is the best one for natural nails as it is gentle and effective.

    Coarse files are best for the extensions of acrylic nails.

    Medium files primarily aim at shaping the extensions of medium thickness. The free edge of toenails can also be filed with perfection by using this.

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    Fine files can be used for removing small bumps and ridges.

    Buffing and shining of all types of nails are possible by an ultra-fine nail file.

    You are always recommended to avoid metal files as they can cause severe damage to your nails because of their harshness.

    How often should you file your nails?

    Electric nail files can of course damage your nails if you keep on filing your nails every single day. Maintain at least one week’s gap after you file your nail once.

    Does filing weaken your nails?

    Filing your nails on a regular basis will definitely weaken your nails. Simplicity is beauty. So, file your nails only when needed.

    What kind of electric nail filler or drill do professionals use?

    Surveys have proved that professionals are likely to use the following electric nail files to obtain the best outcome:

    • Belle 30,000 RPM Electric Nail Drill Machine


    • Speed being 30,000 RPM serves smoothly
    • Comfortable to use
    • Comes in several colors so that you can select as per your wish
    • Replacement parts are universal, you can find them easily
    • Efficient in working
    • Adjustable for both right or left-handed people
    • Good price that is worth your wallet
    • Bits included that increases efficiency
    • The direction of rotation can be changed
    • Foot pedal is included
    • Good for nail technicians and personal use


    • Gets a little warm while using and can sometimes cause damage to the product
    • Medicool Pro Power 30K Professional Electric Nail Drill Review


    • Strong 30,000 RPM motor
    • Lightweight that is easy to handle
    • Perfect for professional nail technicians
    • Works smoothly and quietly without making noise
    • Good for both left and right-handed
    • Foot pedal included


    • Need to purchase bits separately
    • MAKARTT 30000RPM Nail Drill JD700


    • 30,000 RPM motor speed is worth buying
    • Good for professional as well as home use
    • Comes with no vibration
    • Works soundly
    • Great price that is within your budget
    • The foot pedal is also included


    • Need to acquire bits separately
    • VOGUE Professional Electric Nail Drill


    • Good nail drill for home use and nail art learners
    • Comes with a very little vibration
    • Comes with various bits
    • This is a good one with affordable price range


    • The foot pedal is not provided

    Do you need a qualification to use an electric nail file?

    It is very obvious that you can always have the best result when you are trained in a particular field. The same is also applicable for nail filing.

    Professionals do possess their own techniques to make your nails look more beautiful. Though it really doesn’t imply that you cannot file your nails at home using an electric file. It would rather save your money and be helpful if you know the proper techniques of using electric nail files.

    Just select the right one as every nail has its own preferences. Next, you need some tutorial videos to know how to cleanse your nails with efficiency. Finally follow the suggestions and the tips provided to unleash the true beauty of your nails.

    How do you file and shape nails perfectly with an electric nail file?

    • Cleaning Between Toes

    Use the cone bit to clean between the toes. Utilize an even pressure and keep the handpiece moving. Staying at a specific spot would cause heat build-up that can cause damage. Clean underneath the big toe. Remember to use the coarse bit first. This is helpful as it would remove the bulk. You can expect to have a smooth skin

    • Cleaning Toe Cuticles

    Clean the cuticles with B3 bits. Use minimal pressure while doing this. Make sure to move the handpiece constantly. Do not stay in one spot.

    • Seasoning an Arbor Band

    Arbor band is used for natural nail prepping. Yet make sure to level the edge of the arbor band. While it is in a low setting, move the handpiece slowly

    • Removing Lift

    You can use a medium carbide or diamond bit to shape the lifted areas if there is any. Make sure to be gentle. Or else these bits can damage your natural nail.

    • Shaping the Nail

    Slightly adjust your hand keeping the base of the barrel file in the upper arch. File the body in contact with the apex, and finally the tip in contact with the cuticle area.

    • Edge Thinning and Finishing

    This is one of the crucial tasks. Finishing enhances the nails. Use a slow speed to reduce the thickness. Finally, clean the underside of the nail.

    • Prepping the Free Edge
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    Using a two-week carbide cutting bit, cut your new smile line by holding the bit at a 45-degree angle. Cut the old product out at the smile line leaving the thickness at the tip. It allows you to add a second glitter mix to the previous fill, giving a fade effect by using a lighter or darker color combination.

    • Under Edge Finishing

    When using a carbide bit to clean under the nail, use a slightly faster speed.

    • Cuticle Prepping

    At a very low speed, about 3,000 RPMs, gently start from the right side of the nail. Slowly work your way around the cuticle. Later on, file the top of the nail. As you reach the left side of the cuticle, shape it properly and thus you are done.

    • Shortening Enhancements

    Make sure you keep the bit down vertically while shortening the free edge. Turn the speed down if needed.

    • Callus Filing

    Pedicure bits are excellent to use for dry pedicures. It would add extra smoothness. It is best to use a medium to high RPM for callus filling.

    Should you soak nails before filing?

    Cutting dry nails can cause some major damage to the shape of your nails. Many people don’t know this but completely dry nails are not recommended for cutting or filing.

    Soak your nails in some lukewarm water and then dry them partially with a dry towel.

    Mistakes in dry electric nail file manicure


    The most common mistakes made by almost everyone in using an electric nail file are:

    • Cutting nails when they are dry

    Dry nails are harder, so can be tougher to file. The cutting may not be smooth enough. Instead, soak your nails in warm water for a few minutes. This would rather soften your nails and would be easy to file.

    • Cutting nails in odd shapes

    Don’t try to get some odd shapes as this can cause some unexpected damage. Trimming the nails into pointy, almond, square are some examples that have proved to weaken your nails. Weak nails increase the risk of breaking. It would be better if you file the corners a bit rounder.

    • Cutting the cuticle

    Cuticles protect the nail roots and help in the prevention of germs. Use a cuticle pusher to push them back. You can also use cuticle oil to keep the cuticles hydrated.

    • Cutting nails too short

    Cutting the nails too short indefinitely exposes the nail bed. This is immensely painful and even causes bleeding. It is recommended that you do not expose the nail bed. You can also just file the nails using an electric nail file if your nails are too short to be cut.

    • Filing nails back and forth

    The cracks weaken the nails and cause nail chipping. That is the main reason why nail filing is an important step. Filing the nails makes the edges even and smooth. However, filing back and forth can cause micro-cracks. You should always file your nails in one direction to prevent them from cracking and breaking.

    • Using common nail cutting tools

    It is best not to share your nail care tools. However, if you are using common ones, the risk of infection increases vigorously by the usage of the same tool, leading to breakage of the nails.

    • Neglecting to moisturize nails

    Trimming or filing nails can make the nails dehydrated. This can worsen with age. Always apply a hand moisturizer or oil after cutting your nails to keep them hydrated. Gently massage it into your nails and cuticles.

    Are electric nail files safe to use for babies?

    The nails of babies are incredibly sensitive. A little carelessness can make blood ooze out from their fingers. They demand extra safety.

    Electric nail files can cause harm to their nails and skin as well. Thus, it is never a sensible choice to use electric nail files for your babies. Rather use a nail cutter to file and shape their nails.

    Is it better to file nails or cut them?

    Undoubtedly, filing is always a better option. You must know that hand and toe nails are not the same. So the shapes they demand to stay perfect are also different. Your hand nails should be filed in a curved shape whereas the toenails must be filed straight.

    How to buff your nails?

    Use the finer grit side of the buffer to polish your nails. Polishing helps to brighten your nails and add some exaggerated looks.

    Try not to over polish your nail, just four to six strokes is enough. Use the smooth side of the buffer to shine on your nails. Applying some cuticle oil is also beneficial for the nails.

    How much does an electric nail file cost?

    An electric nail file costs according to the bits and the work they provide you. You can get it at different budgets accordingly. Its cost ranges from $10 to $25 depending on the brand and the version you are choosing.

    So, as the proverb goes “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. If you are satisfied with the filing of your nails then you need not worry about other comments.

    Just grab your electric nail file today and beautify your nails. The only mandatory issue you must be taking care of is that you should not harm yourself at any cost as this can have a dangerous permanent impact.


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