How to Get Karma on Reddit – 10 Amazing Ways

    Reddit karma is like the score of the user which totals the number of upvotes against the number of downvotes. You would find an upvote or downvote button near every post on Reddit. Read the article till the end to know about how to get Karma on Reddit.

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    By clicking on the upvote or downvote button, you are either giving positive or negative karma to a post. Through positive karma, the points in your post are likely to increase and through negative karma it acts vice versa.

    Although it’s very easy to know how to get Karma on Reddit. It also has some advantages like you would be able to start your subreddit by joining several exclusive communities. The users having higher karma scores have the most amount of posts as well as comments on their posts. A lower or negative score indicates that the user is being a troll, bot or spammer. If you have been curious about how to get Karma on Reddit this article would brief you about the same. Karma is further divided into comment karma and post karma.

    The addition of both depicts the total karma score of the user. For raising your karma score your main concern should be on quality content since it would attract a lot of users and as a result, your post would be flooded with likes and comments.

    Karma is used by Reddit to show quality content to its users. Users can easily know how to get Karma on Reddit. Upvoted comments, as well as posts with a lot of points, are mostly seen at the top part of the page through which the engagement of the post increases even more.

    Downvoted comments are usually visible at the bottom of the page. If a post has a maximum number of downvotes then it is automatically hidden and after tapping, you can expand it. You should read this article to know how to get Karma on Reddit.

    How to get karma on Reddit? – 10 Incredible Ways

    #1. Post during the morning on Sundays

    The posts visibility is more during morning hours around 6 am-8 am since they are regarded as peak hours of Reddit. Since Reddit constitutes a global audience, the window acts as a culmination of peak time for different countries worldwide. Well, one must feel it quite convenient to know how to get Karma on Reddit now.

    #2. Post quality content

    The amount of upvotes in your posts is largely dependent on your content. This article would help you to know how to get Karma on Reddit. If you are consistently posting quality content you won’t ever face issues regarding earning karma points. Since the audience looks for good content.

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    Here are some of the tips you can keep in mind:-

    • Keeping attractive titles – The title of your content should be short, catchy as well as generate the curiosity of the audience.
    • Usage of higher quality visuals – Upgrading the quality of your videos, clips as well as images would increase the quality of your post.
    • Aim for establishing emotional connections – At the time of striking conversation in the comment section, you should not be afraid to show your vulnerable and realistic side.

    #3. Ask interactive questions in AskReddit

    The AskReddit or subreddit is a question-answer forum that is open to all users. The users are allowed to ask any kind of questions on any subject they wish to. Some of the specific questions can also be asked to specialists such as consulting chefs regarding a recipe or asking different people what makes them happy.

    By keeping in mind some points you can easily learn how to get Karma on Reddit. The reward of asking a good question is you would be flooded with lots of good responses which would ultimately bring upvotes.

    Your comment section would be filled with lots of responses and you replying to them which would further lead to more increase in karma.

    #4. Taking benefit of Karma bombs

    A Karma bomb is created after you have replied to a top comment which has been posted instantly. If that comment receives a higher amount of upvotes then as a result your response would also receive abundant upvotes because of the proximity.

    To know how to get karma on Reddit you will need to be extremely responsive towards the comments section which would also generate a positive impact on your audience. Although it might take some time.

    There is also considerable risk involved in this since if the comment attracts negative attention then you might receive a lot of downvotes which would generate a negative impact on the audience.

    #5. Engaging with people who regularly respond to your posts

    When you start engaging with the users who regularly comment or react to your posts it would increase the visibility of your content and you will also form a bond with fellow users. Meanwhile, you would know how to get Karma on Reddit.

    It is very important to be respectful towards the opinions of others while indulging in that. Since there are a lot of other ways to know how to get karma on Reddit. It’s okay to agree and disagree with the users since it’s a part and parcel of two-way communication.

    But you should always maintain the arguments in a very respectful manner. You should avoid negative or derogatory comments since responding to them even though you know you are right would invite a lot of downvotes.

    #6. Post relatable as well as interactive content

    Reddit is a popular community built upon the basis of idealistic discussion as well as expansion about a wide range of topics. You might not get abundant upvotes even if you post thoughts as well as well researched content but it will create a positive impression among the other users.

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    You just have to adapt to fewer changes to know how to get Karma on Reddit. Since if your feed is full of valuable quality resources it would increase the proximity of your future quality audience more and thus increase the potential of upvotes.

    Let’s find out about the content creators who gained million of subscribers on YouTube using interactive posts.

    #7. Avoid making poor quality posts

    The links, as well as comments, should constitute some value toward the overall content base of Reddit. Since the posts which do not abide by the criteria of Reddit attract lots of downvotes.

    In an attempt to learn how to get Karma on Reddit, refrain from adopting such techniques to spam the feed for increasing the reach of the content. Since the criticism is also accepted as long as it is constructive criticism.

    The same also applies if you are posting comedic stuff your content should not be derogatory toward any religion or towards anyone’s opinion. Avoid doing such things to not attract downvotes.

    #8. Commenting on newer posts

    One of the most popular yet simplest ways to increase the visibility of your comments is to leave a very thoughtful comment on every striking image or post you come across of other fellow users.

    Through this, you will get an idea regarding how to get Karma on Reddit. But it would also consistently build up a larger score over some time and most importantly the audience would recognise you as a very dedicated user.

    #9. Sticking with larger subreddits

    Since Reddit is mostly about niches it’s regarded as quite tempting if your only target is small as well as some specialised communities. But if your topmost priority is to know how to get karma on Reddit then you should never ignore the popular subreddits.

    Although you still have a chance to get karma even if you stick to smaller niches focusing on smaller audiences. It is recommended to establish your main target towards larger subreddits by keeping your edge in smaller niches.

    #10. Be consistently responsive

    You should be regularly responsive towards the users who regularly comment on your post even if the reply is to say thanks you should do that. Since it shows their efforts matter to you. You should read this article to know further about how to get karma on Reddit.

    This also increases the motivation of the commentator to engage with your posts even more. This is one of the popular ways to know how to get Karma on Reddit. It also shows to others how much you are actively responsive towards your audience which overall increases the reach of your posts.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Does Reddit pay you?

    A: The users cannot make money directly through Reddit but the app offers you a wide range of opportunities to monetise with the help of different subreddits. If you want to make money through it you can complete some tasks or you can also earn by driving traffic to the business where you can easily offer your visitors a relevant service or product.

    Q2. How much karma is required for posting on R memes?

    A: If you don’t have sufficient karma then you won’t be allowed to submit things to /r/ videos. Since /r/ videos demands the users to have at least 10 links along with 10 comment karma. It is recommended to increase the karma via commenting on some popular threads as well as making submissions to other subreddits for building up karma.

    Q3. Is Reddit a safe and secure site?

    A: There’s no kind of risk involved with using Reddit. Although there have been many issues related to it in the past, almost every online forum has some or other complications associated with it. However, in recent years, the Reddit app has been developed for carrying out many newer ways for escalating the process to catch, close rogue and disrupt spam accounts. Hence Reddit is a safe app.

    Q4. How can we know users’ karma on Reddit?

    A: Karma is considered as a reflection of how much a user’s contributions have made an impact in the community on the Reddit app. On Reddit, how much karma is earned by the users is publicly visible on the profile. After a user’s posts or comments receive upvotes then a user gains karma. It is essential to make quality posts as well as comments on the community to increase your karma.

    Q5. Is keeping a real name on Reddit recommendable?

    A: One of the first and foremost things which needs to be understood while using Reddit is that the app runs on anonymity but it keeps a check via transparency. It is not at all suggested to use your real birth year or name while using the app until and unless an individual is planning for investment in their brand.


    Karma on Reddit doesn’t constitute any intrinsic value. One of the common reasons behind many Redditors joking that they are getting imaginative internet points is this. However, it’s quite simple to know how to get Karma on Reddit just by keeping in mind the points mentioned above.

    The users having sufficient karma as well as huge post history tells a lot about their active status on the Reddit app. While Karma cannot be exchanged for anything, several subreddits demand to have a considerable amount of Karma for commenting as well as posting.

    This is indeed the case for marketplace subreddits involving meeting as well as transacting with different kinds of people outside of the site. However, this article would brief you about how to get Karma on Reddit exclusively.

    A user appears trustworthy if they have sufficient karma across their multiple posts. One of the basic rules of the app is to upvote the posts you like irrespective of whatever the content is. Your upvote would increase the confidence of the user to post more quality content.

    Although most of the users agree that the voting system shouldn’t be as simple as to upvote or downvote them, the system is working fine for many years.

    Please go thorough all reddit content policies too –


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