How To Free Up Space On Apple Watch – Do It In 4 Easy Steps

    The Apple watches are really very popular nowadays. It connects to your iPhone to deliver various notifications, send texts, make calls, run apps and help you to stay healthy. This Apple watches can do many incredible things once you install the apps and figure out which is best for you. Therefore, for the right usage of your Apple watch, you need to know how to free up space on Apple watch. In this article, we will discuss that clearly:

    The Apple Watch has storage for apps, photos, Music, podcasts, and many more. When you don’t have enough space to update your Apple watch, you have to check the storage. Here’s how you can check the storage space on your Apple Watch and about the process of how to free up space on Apple watch.


    The process of checking the Apple Watch Storage before starting the process of how to free up space on Apple watch


    Depending on there are how many installed apps, files, uploaded Music, and other stored content, the remaining storage space on your Apple Watch will vary. You can use your iPhone or your Apple Watch to look for how much storage space is remaining on the device.

    Here’s the process of how to see how much storage space is left there by your Apple Watch:

    1. First of all, click the Digital Crown to open the Home Screen.
    2. Then Go to Settings > General.
    3. Next, scroll to the bottom of the provided list and tap Usage.
    4. Under the Available you’ll find the amount of storage space that you can still use. Under Used you’ll find the amount of storage space that is already filled by the contents. Just scroll down to see how much space each of the installed apps use.

    If you feel more comfortable using your iPhone to check up on the storage space of your Apple Watch, simply just launch the Watch app and go to General > Usage. Now, you’ll see exactly the same things as on your Apple Watch.

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    Process of How to free up space on Apple watch


    1. Removing the Unimportant Apps From the Apple Watch

    One method of how to free up space on Apple watch is to just delete the apps that you don’t use. You can do this process on your iPhone by using the Watch app.

    So, first, open the Watch app, and from the bottom menu, tap on the list My Watch. Next, scroll down until you find the Installed on Apple Watch apps section. Then, you can delete any of the apps from this list as per your choice by tapping on them and then disabling Show App on Apple Watch.

    how to free up space on apple watch


    Another method to remove unwanted apps is using your Apple Watch. If your Home Screen is in grid view, in order to delete an app, you need to tap and hold on any app icon until they all start to shake, then just tap X on the app that you no longer want. A new window will appear asking you whether you are sure about this decision; next tap on the Delete App.

    If the Home Screen of your Apple watch is in list view, just swipe left on the app that you wish to remove and tap on the trash icon.

    1. Process of Setting Limits on Photos Synced to Your Apple Watch

    If you see that your photos take up the maximum of the storage space on your Apple Watch, you can set a limit on the number of photos that you wish to sync.

    For the task of re-syncing the photos from your phone to the watch, you should use the Watch app on your iPhone and follow the steps below:

    1. First, tap on My Watch from the bottom of the screen.
    2. Then, scroll down to find and Photos on the list of apps. Now, Tap it.
    3. To set a limit on the number, tap Photos Limit, and choose the smallest number of photos from the available options, which is just 25Photos.
    1. The process of Removing Downloaded Music from Your Apple Watch is a step of how to free up space on Apple watch
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    If your Music is taking up the maximum area of your storage space on the device, you can use your iPhone to delete those from the Apple Watch. By doing this, you’ll only delete the Music from your watch, it will still be stored on your iPhone. Here’s the process to do this:

    1. Firstly, you need to Open the Watch app and go to the MyWatch tab.
    2. After that, scroll down to find Music and tap on it.
    3. Then, Toggle off any unneeded Music that you may find there, as well as the albums located under AutomaticallyAdd, to stop the process of downloading new Music to the Apple Watch.
    4. Now, to delete the already downloaded Music from the Apple Watch, you need to tap on Edit in the top-right corner. Then tap on the symbol showing minus () to remove Music and then tap Delete to confirm.

    You can also use the Apple Watch to delete unwanted Music. Just go to Music>Library>Downloaded.

    Then you need to choose whether you want to delete a complete Album or some individual Songs, tap on that particular option, and swipe left on the album or song. Now press the three dots that appear and tap Remove. To confirm your decision and delete the album or song from your watch, simply tap RemoveDownload.


    1. The process of Deleting Audiobooks and Podcasts from Your Apple Watch is another process of how to free up space on Apple watch

    If you stored some audiobooks and podcasts on your device but don’t usually listen to them on your Apple Watch, you can easily remove them to get some free storage space. You can do this process through the Watch app on your iPhone and here are the steps you need to follow:

    1. Firstly, you need to go to the MyWatch section on the Watch app.
    2. Now, scroll down to find Audiobooks within the list of the apps. And Tap it.
    3. Then Toggle off the audiobooks located under ReadingNow and WanttoRead. Also, you have to scroll a bit lower to see those audiobooks that have already been synced to the Apple Watch. After that, Tap Edit in the top-right corner and then tap on the icon showing minus (-) near the book you want to delete.
    4. Then, go back to the MyWatch screen and look on the apps lists for Podcasts and Tap it.
    5. From the menu showing AddEpisodesFrom, choose Custom and toggle off the podcasts that you don’t need on your device.
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    How to Fix the Message showing “Storage Full” on your Apple Watch

    Is your Apple Watch is showing “storage full” even after you deleted almost everything from the device? Many users say that after removing many photos, Music, and the other files that can consume their storage capacity, this message still shows up.

    This storage issue is a very common thing for Apple Watch Series 3.

    Here’s what to do to fix it:

    1. First, Restart your Apple Watch by holding on the Side button and sliding to power off. Then again press the Side button to restart it.
    2. Unpair it from the iPhone and again pair it.
    3. Now, Delete the Apple Watch by going to the part showing Settings>General>Reset on the watch itself.

    Usually, you can be able to fix this problem by simply restarting your Apple Watch.


    Now that you can get a clear idea about how to free up space on Apple watch you’ll be able to manage it properly. By deleting the unused and unwanted content from the device, you can free some storage space for storing some more important apps and files.


    Using an Apple watch can be difficult at times as you need to know so many things about the gadget in order to utilize it fully. Do you want to read more about the functions of Apple watch? Try this blog on How To Unpair An Apple Watch – Do It In 7 Easy Steps.


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