Learn How to Eat Star Fruit: 5 Easy and Simple Steps You should Try

    Enjoy a Detailed Discussion on How to Eat Star fruit: General Process and Other Recipes.

    Enriched with numerous essential nutrients, star fruit is one of the most popular fruits in recent days. As the whole part of it, from its skin to inner walls, is edible, people find it easy. Star fruit even does not require peeling the skin. The sweet-sour flavor of the star fruit brings a sense of gastronomic pleasure. One can have it with any juice or beverage. Also, you can have it simply as slices. The iconic shape with cones makes it unique, whereas you can have star-like slices when you cut them. Nonetheless, often people get confused about how to eat star fruit.

    how to eat star fruit

    Although the process is so simple, many people often end up eating it in the wrong way. So, if you currently have a star-fruit in your hand and you are planning to taste it, you should know how to eat star fruit properly. Otherwise, you may not enjoy it the way it should be. Here we have discussed the right way of eating star fruit. So, keep your knife aside for a moment and have a look at the details. Before delving into the main process, we will briefly talk about what kind of star fruit you should choose for eating instantly.

    How to Eat Star Fruit: Choose the Best Kind of It:

    If you want to keep your body healthy, sound, and fit, star fruit can help you. It is a great source of anti-oxidants. Alongside this, it is a low-calorie fruit, so you do not have to worry about gaining weight. It has a good amount of fiber and vitamins like vitamin C. It helps prevent a wide range of diseases, including cardiovascular troubles, blood sugar problems, and so on. But, you can find no result if you choose the wrong kind of it.

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    So, how can you choose the best star fruit? Take the ripe ones. While buying the star fruits, make sure the skins are yellow and the edges are slightly brown. If you find such yellowish versions of it, you are one step ahead of enjoying it at its best! You have found your star fruit. Pack it and bring it home. Prepare now for how to eat star fruit. Here, find the steps for this.

    How to Eat Star Fruit: A Step-by-step Guide to It

    1. Start with the Basics: First of all, rinse it under the water. Wash well before you bring your knife to assassinate it. Whether you are bringing it from the market or your garden, washing well is important. Often, dirt is found on its body. Wipe it out by moving your fingers on the star fruit body. And remember to apply cold or regular temperature water for washing it. It will help to keep the nutrients and anti-oxidant properties intact.
    2. Take a Sharp Knife: Although appearance does not matter for some people when it comes to food, looks matter for many. So, along with good taste, a nice appearance is also important. And only a sharp knife can provide the perfect star-like shape to the slices. Otherwise, with a blunt knife, you may end up finding the odd shapes. So, if you are here to know how to eat star fruit, this is the first step to follow.
    3. Cut gently into Slices: Hold it with the broad side open in front of you. Then, divide it into star-shaped slices gently with the knife. The ideal size for the slices must be like 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. As it can be eaten as a whole, you do not need to remove the peels. Instead, simply cut it the way we mentioned.
    4. Remove the Edges and Seeds: Although it is not harmful to have the edges, to decorate it more perfectly, you may remove them. To remove the seeds, use the top of your knife. Then, insert it inside the fruit body to find out the seeds.
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    The Spruce Eats

    5. Present it Well: The exotic look of the star fruit asks for a perfect presentation. So, before having it, present it well into your favorite bowl. You can sprinkle some black salt and black pepper on it if you like. However, this is completely optional. You can have it without any additional ingredients.

    Now you know the general process of how to eat star fruit. Let’s know how you can eat it in some different ways.

    How to Eat Star Fruit: Some Other Recipes

    • Put it in the Fruit Salad: A bowl of tangy-spicy fruit salad is the first thing we crave in hot summer afternoons or chilly winter evenings. In fact, it is a dish to enjoy at any season, although the fruits can be altered as per the season. You can add star fruit to it any time. Though the star fruits mostly grow in the summer season, you can find them any time of the year.
    • Garnish the Dishes: If you are not so fond of the tangy flavor of the fruit but still do not want to miss its benefits, use it as a garnishing component. Whether it is an apple pie or an exotic dish, star fruit is the best item to decorate the dishes. Even if it is a glass of cocktail, you can simply hang a slice on the edge of the glass. It will make the drink look more exotic. Often, people decorate the continental dishes with it.
    • Season the Seafood: The savory taste of the star fruit goes well with the seafood, including lobster, shrimp, and so on. So, if you think about how to eat star fruit differently, seasoning it with seafood is the best way. Also, you can put star fruit into different non-vegetarian dishes like chicken salad, tuna salad, grilled chicken, etc. In this case, you can use sour cream along with the star fruit pieces to make the dishes more palatable. Click here to know how to prepare sour cream easily at home.
    • Make a Smoothie: If you are in no mood for cooking seafood or preparing fruit salad, simply put the star fruits into a mixer grinder and make a smoothie out of it. You will get numerous recipes online on how to make a star fruit smoothie. If you have other fruits like mango, pineapple, strawberry at home, you can use them too in it.
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    Living Healthy with Chocolate: Starfruit Mango Smoothie
    • Prepare a Cake or bread: Well, if you want to know how to eat star fruit with baked items, here it goes. Smashed star fruits and star fruit slices can be used to prepare cakes and fruit bread. Use the simple, regular fruit bread recipe where you can use smashed star fruit. And for cakes, put the star-fruit slices in the greased cake pan. Put the batter over it and bake. Once it is done, turn the cake over and serve it with star-fruit pieces peeping out of it. This is another unique way if you want to know how to eat star fruit.

    Bottom the Line

    So, we hope you have got your answer on how to eat star fruit. We have discussed everything from the simple process of eating it to the different ways. Let us know how you liked it. Also, if you have any more recipes, please share them with us in the comment box.


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