A Useful Guide on How to Take Screenshots on Chromebook

    Screenshots are essential in every day’s work be it personal or official. Capturing screenshots on Chromebook is bit different from that what you do in MAC or Windows. Well, the task is not that difficult; all you would need is to keep a note of specific steps for achieving your goal. Here is a step-by-step guide for taking a screenshot on Chromebook.

    Capture A Full Screenshot

    If you wish to capture the entire screen, you would need to press the keys simultaneously: Ctrl + Show Windows. The Show Windows button is located in the top row between the Full-screen and Brightness down buttons. It is like a rectangle followed by two lines and is the replacement for F5 key on standard keyboards.

    Taking Screenshots on Chromebook

    Once you press both keys simultaneously, a message appears in the bottom-right corner with a thumbnail of your screenshot. When you click on the thumbnail, it navigates you to the Downloads folder which is the by-default folder, for offline access. You can also check the screenshots by clicking the blue Files folder-style icon on the Shelf and selecting either Images or Downloads. The best part is Chrome OS labels all screenshots on Chromebooks with the date and time they were captured.

    If you wish to access these screenshots on Google drive then you would need to upload them to the drive manually first. You need to follow these steps to add them to Google Drive.

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    You will need to open the Files app and select the Images or Downloads on the left and select the screenshot you wish to upload. For multiple uploads, click the check icon on each screenshot through the mouse pointer and click on share in the top-right corner. Select the option of “Save to Drive”. Also, you can send the screenshot to other platforms like OneDrive and Dropbox.

    Chromebooks and Screenshots

    Capturing A Specific Area

    If you wish to capture a specific area or a partial screen, you need to click on keys- Ctrl + Shift + Show Windows. You must hold the Ctrl + Shift keys together, and then click the Show Windows button. It will lead to screen fade and cursor changing into a crosshair temporarily. Use the cross-hair to start from one corner portion of your capture area and hold down on the touchpad. You have to drag the cursor using the touchpad until a box is created and capture the screen. The captured window is saved to the Images and Downloads folder like a full screenshot.

    How To Take Screenshots On Chromebook

    Capturing Screenshots on Chromebook In The Tablet Mode

    If you wish to capture screenshot in tablet mode, you can even adopt a method of taking an easy screenshot by pressing the physical buttons Power + Volume Down. This will help to take the screenshot of the entire screen. If you are interested in taking the screenshot with the help of stylus, you can tap on the stylus pen. Click on Capture Screen option using the stylus. This is the method for full screen capture.

    If you wish for a partial capture, click on the stylus to click on the Capture Region option. You need to use the stylus to touch the start point of your screen and drag the stylus to the end to draw a box. Then you can release it to capture the screenshot.

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    Chrome OS on Chromebooks

    Copying and Editing Screenshots on Chromebook

    If you wish to copy a screenshot in the ChromeBook, you need to click on the Copy to clipboard button, and then click on Ctrl + V when you wish to paste it. Find and select the screenshot you wish to paste and then click on Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V as you do in Windows. For editing, you need to click on blue Files Folder icon and select the images that you wish to edit. The image opens with the Gallery application by default and if you wish to change the image viewer, you can change the options as well.

    Using External Keyboard for Screenshots On Chromebook

    Using External Keyboards

    You can even use an external keyboard which is compatible with the ChromeBook.

    You can also use other screenshot tools.

    There are plenty of other apps available in the play store which can provide additional functionalities as well to make your work easier.

    In a nutshell, follow these simple tips and tricks to get your screenshot work done seamlessly on a Chromebook.

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