How To Block Twitch Ads: The Most Effective Guide

    Twitch is a hot topic again on account of their recently settled advertisement strategy. This new approach became effective last September of 2020, giving the stage admittance to place mid-roll promotions in live streams. On account of this new strategy, a large number of clients have been figuring out how to block Twitch ads. The good news is some have discovered achievement in this process.

    In this present instructional article, we will attach you with the right information and devices to go around Twitch’s forceful notices. As existing apart from everything else, you have two substantial choices:

    1. Pay for Twitch Turbo.
    2. Utilize an ad blocker augmentation on your PC.

    Notwithstanding your decision, we can ensure an all the more advertisement-free streaming experience on Twitch on our guidance of how to block Twitch ads.


    How to block Twitch ads without additional settings?


    The most convenient solution is usually locked behind the premium. If you want the simplest ad-free experience solution while supporting the platform, then Twitch Turbo is for you. At the minimum price, you will no longer need to learn how to block Twitch ads, because ad-free viewing is one of the benefits you can get as a Turbo user.

    The following are the benefits for paying the minimum price on Twitch premium

    1. Custom chat user name color.
    2. Chat badge.
    3. Extended emoji set.
    4. Extended broadcast storage
    5. No ads displayed with limited exceptions.
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    how to block twitch ads


    Ad Blocker Browser Extension for Twitch

    As for now, three known ad blockers are working on Twitch TV to block ads for users: UBlock Origin, AdGuard, and AdBlock Plus.


    How to use an ad blocker on Twitch TV?


    In this guide, we chose to use AdBlock Plus, because it is still being updated to run smoothly on Twitch. The good news is that almost all ad blocker extensions are the same. If you plan to use something other than AdGuard, you can safely say that it will run smoothly.

    Here’s what you should do to block ads on Twitch –


    Step 1: Get the Ad blocker Extensions


    This is the first step to know how to block Twitch ads. The three most common Ad blocker extensions are listed below. We strongly recommend choosing any of these three because they have the best customization features without spending a penny.

    AdBlock Plus, Ublock Origin, AdGuard. Open any of this, and at first, you will see the homepage of each ad blocker. Depending on your operating system and/or browser, you can find the install button immediately. Just follow the instructions to install.


    Step 2: Enable Ad blocker


    If you use Adblock Plus, it should run automatically. If it doesn’t work right away, restart your browser, and it should appear in your extension’s toolbar. If not, check if your extension is installed /allowed.



    Step 3: Check the advanced settings (optional)


    If you want to have more control over the URL filter, you can go to the advanced settings and select the corresponding settings to edit. This is for advanced users only, so if you don’t feel comfortable modifying it, leave it as is.

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    Step 4: Check if ad blocker is working on Twitch TV


    Go to and browse different streams and check if you still receive ads after choosing a stream.


    Tip for AdGuard users

    AdGuard users may need to take additional measures to effectively block ads on Twitch. It may be confusing for ordinary users, but if you are good at following the instructions, you can solve it.


    Step 1: Copy the value

    Copy this below writing without quotes (“”)

    “Twitchtv #%#(function(){if(“function”==typeof fetch){var a = window.fetch; window .fetch = function (b) {if (2 <= arguments.length && “string” == typeof b && b.includes (“/ access_token”)) {var d = new URL (arguments [0]); d. searchParams.delete(“player_type”), d.searchParams.delete(“platform”), arguments [0] = d.href} return a.apply(this, arguments)}}})(); “ ”Twitch. TV #%#! Function() {var c ;! 1! == / (^ |.) $ /. test [delete] .hostname) && (c = window.fetch, window.fetch = function ( t, e) {var n; return 2 & lt; = arguments.length && “string” == typeof t && t.includes (“/access_token”) && ((n = new URL (t)). searchParams.forEach (function (t, e) {n .searchParams.delete (e)}), t = n.href), c.apply (this, arguments)})} (); ”


    Step 2: Now it is time to paste this into in the custom filter

    You have to go to AdGuard settings and find the filter. You should see Add custom filter in the right pane of the page. There you have to paste the values ​​listed above and click Save.


    Step 3: Check if ad blocker is running on Twitch TV


    Now, you know how to block Twitch ads. Go to and look for different streaming media, and check if you still receive ads after choosing a stream.

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    As you now know how to block Twitch ads but there are few things you need to remember. As Twitch continues to adjust and improve its platform for ad blockers, it is only a matter of time before these extensions are patched. Fortunately, the communities behind these ad blockers are constantly looking for ways to circumvent these new restrictions. If your ad blocker stops working on Twitch, please wait a few days or weeks, and it should work again.


    There is a fine line between the support of the platform and its community and the value of your time. We know that the website runs on ads, and we agree with this. However, if you find that ads are more annoying than before, we won’t blame you for using an ad blocker. It is very natural for people to use an ad blocker.

    Even if you know about how to block Twitch ads, you should think twice before using them. Becoming a member of Twitch Turbo is the moral bottom line that most people should follow because this is the best solution. However, if you are struggling to spend a certain amount of money in a month, your next best option is to learn how to use a browser extension to block Twitch ads.


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