How To Unpair An Apple Watch- Do It In 7 Easy Steps

    1. The Apple Watch is an excellent device and it helps you a lot in your daily routine activities. If you wish to unpair an Apple Watch from your iPhone, all you need is to backup the data and disable the activation lock so that it is set once again. In order to pair it with a new phone, you must restore it to the factory settings to troubleshoot it.

    The most recommended method to reset and unpair an Apple Watch is from the iPhone’s Watch App. This method being the fastest method, involves simple steps which can be followed to get your task done.

    • Step 1: Place your Apple Watch and iPhone in very close proximity. This will help to unpair them easily.
    • Step 2: Open the Watch Application on your iPhone
    How To unpair An Apple Watch
    • Step 3: Go to My Watch Tab and tap on All Watches
    Steps To Unpair Your Apple Watch
    • Step 4: You have to tap the info button next to the watch that you wish to unpair.
    Steps To Unpair Apple Watch


    • Step 5: Click on Unpair Apple Watch. This will show a screen prompt to unpair an Apple Watch.
    Steps To Unpair An Apple Watch
    • Step 6: The next step is about the cellular service. If your iPhone uses the GPS+Cellular model, you can choose whether to keep or remove the cellular plan. In case if you wish to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again, you must keep the plan. If you opt to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again, you must remove the plan. In case if you are not going to pair with a different watch or iPhone, you must contact your network carrier to completely cancel the cellular subscription.
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    Unpair and Reset Apple Watch
    • Step 7: The next step is to click on the “confirm” button. After that, you might need to enter your Apple ID and password to disable Activation Lock which is essential to do. Before you erase all settings and content on your Watch, the iPhone will automatically create a new backup of your Apple Watch. You can use the backup later to reinstate a new Apple Watch. After the unpairing of your Apple Watch is done, the Start Pairing message will display in the screen.
    Unpairing Your Apple Watch

    After you unpair an Apple Watch, you can also set up your Apple Watch again if you wish to.

    Let’s take a look on How to erase your Apple Watch if you don’t own an iPhone. Follow these basic steps to erase your data from your Apple Watch without being an iPhone owner.

    1. You have to navigate to the below path in your Apple Watch.

    Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

    Setup Your Apple Watch After Unpairing

    You may need to enter the password if the system prompts.

    1. If you have the GPS + Cellular models, you can either keep the plan or remove it. If you want to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again, you can keep else if you don’t wish to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again, you can remove the plan. In case, if you aren’t going to pair with different watch or iPhone, you may need to contact for your subscription cancellation.
    2. Click on Erase All to confirm your activity. This task will reset your Apple Watch to the default factory settings.
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    Erasing all content will just erase the data and customized settings from your Apple Watch but the activation lock is still present. If you want to remove the activation lock, you would need to unpair the watch first. Before you prompt to erase the data in the Apple Watch, a backup of the data is automatically created on your iPhone.


    Another way you can follow is when after the Apple Watch has finished restoring, you can navigate to the from your computer’s browser and disable the activation lock. Sign in with Apple ID and password. Then click on settings and select your Apple Watch under the My Devices option. You have to click on X next to your Apple Watch and remove it. Confirm once done.

    Apple Watch Unpair and Reset


    You can easily unpair an Apple Watch with these simple steps. In case of any queries, it would be best to contact the authorized showroom or can even contact Apple Support for help. While making a purchase, you must purchase it from an authorized dealer to avoid any issues in future. Good luck with Apple Watch Unpairing with this short and simple guide.

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