How To Delete A Group On Facebook: A Conclusive Guide

    Facebook groups are quite a great way to arrange meet-ups, organize events, and interact with a grouping of like-minded people. That doesn’t mean they can’t be problematic, which is why it becomes necessary to leave a group at times. You can be probably dealing with some abusive members, or you’ve gone off steam. After a while, a group would have served its purposes, with messages and comments quieting down. This is the time when you need to know how to delete a group on Facebook.

    If you are the creator of a Facebook group, and you want to make it off, you can do that anytime. Deleting a Facebook group on your PC would be a simple process, as well as using the Facebook application on mobile devices just after you go through this article on ‘how to delete a group on Facebook’. Here’s what you actually need to do.

    How to delete a group on Facebook’s classic interface?

    If you’re still using the classic interface of Facebook, the instructions are a bit different. To commence how to delete a group on Facebook, tap Groups on the left side of the Facebook interface.
    • Under the Groups you manage, hit on the group you wish to delete.
    • Strike Members in the left-hand menu.
    • To start removing members, tap the three-dot menu icon next to the group member’s name.
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    • Choose Remove from group, after that hit the “Confirm” button to confirm.
    • Repeat this for each group member. Once you reach the last member (you), tap the three-point icon and hit Leave Group.
    • Tap Leave and Delete to confirm your choice.
    • Once confirmed, the group will be indelibly deleted.

    How to delete a group on Facebook’s new interface?

    If you are using the new interface of Facebook, you must follow the instructions below on how to delete a group on Facebook.

    • Begin by tapping Groups on the left side of the Facebook homepage.
    • If you want to close and delete your own Facebook group, you’ll need to clear it. Under the Groups you manage, hit the group you want to delete.
    • Below your group name, tap on the Members link.
    • You will need to discharge each member from the group before you can delete them. To do this, strike on the three dot menu icon next to the member name.
    • Tap the Remove Member option, from the drop-down menu.
    • Repeat this for each member of the group. This can take some time, especially for large groups.
    • Once this is done, hit the three dots menu icon next to your own name. From the menu, tap Leave Group.
    • Hit on the Leave Group again to confirm. A Facebook group needs at least one member to be active.
    • The group will be permanently deleted, once you leave the group.

    How to delete a group on Facebook group on mobile devices?

    If you’re using Facebook on a mobile device, you could access your group settings to delete the group by following the below steps.

    • Get started by clicking the menu icon in the upper-right corner of the Facebook mobile application.
    • Choose groups from the menu.
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    How to delete a group on Facebook
    • Click the Groups tab, then choose the group you wish to delete under the Groups you manage.
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    • Hit the arrow to access your group settings.
    • Start striking on each member’s name.
    • For each member, click the cog icon and select Remove from group.
    • When you have removed all the other members manually, click yourself and choose Leave Group.
    • To confirm and delete a group from Facebook, select Skip and Delete.

    What’s the ultimate difference between deleting and archiving a Facebook group?

    Archiving and deleting a Facebook group is not the same thing. Everyone has slightly different results.

    Deleting a group

    Learn how to delete a group on Facebook. Regardless, deleting a Facebook group is permanent. You can’t bring it back once it’s done.

    It is also important to note that as long as the original creators of the group are still the members, only they have the power to delete that group permanently. Regardless, in case if the founder of the group has left, then the other admin would be able to delete it.

    Archiving a group

    Archiving the Facebook group indicates closing of it for any further discussions. Once it is archived, the group will appear to be frozen or inactive; however the admin can store it at any time.

    Once the group is archived, members can still visit the group, but they cannot upload photos, any post, comment, or videos. Members can only see what got published in the group beforehand it was archived.

    Only existing members of the archived group will be capable of accessing it, hence no new members will be able to join. The archived group will also not appear in the Facebook search results.

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    Group administrators or admin will not be able to edit the details of the archived group, such as photos or descriptions, but they will still be able to remove or block users and delete posts from the group.

    If an admin decides to store the archived group, the group will return to normal, and all members will be able to resume posting.

    Final Words

    By this time you have got a clear idea on how to delete a group on Facebook. For years many of us have been using Facebook, but there may still be settings and features that you are completely unaware of.

    For instance, changing your name on Facebook is a simple process to give yourself a fresh start. You’ll be able to move things forward by creating your own Facebook avatar for your messages. You can also prepare for the worst by adding up a Facebook legacy contact to give another user control over your account after you leave.

    If you feel that your use of Facebook is getting out of hand, you can learn how to use your time on the Facebook attribute to always be in control. Facebook is the most popular among all other social platforms. Most of us use the platform but hardly know all the applications of the platform or how to handle the platform.

    To know more about the popular social platform, you can also read the blog on Facebook News Tab – Important Step To Strengthen Democracy in 2021.


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