How To Take A Break From Facebook: Everything You Need To Know!

    The popularity of Facebook is increasing rapidly as a social media platform, as it is powered by some really cool and amazing features. Recently, the problems regarding mental health were being highlighted globally, and so, it becomes very important that those people who are fond of social media can understand it is also good to know about how to take a break from Facebook and give themselves some time of their own.

    Whether your friends or dear ones are posting continuously or you just wish to avoid someone — you can always use the Take a break feature of Facebook to give yourself some relief. So, here we will discuss how to take a break from Facebook.

    Let’s get to know about the process of how to take a break from Facebook in detail and also the method of how to activate and undo it.

    How long can the how to take a break from Facebook feature last

    There is no specific time limit on this special feature. It can last until you follow that person again or you remove him/her from the restricted list.

    What is this take a break feature?

    The Take a break feature of Facebook allows you to take a break literary from someone without making it obvious. The person could be your friend, ex-lover, business partner, or anyone.

    When you want to avoid a person both in the digital and real world, the easy way is to block them or remove them from your friend list. However, both are really harsh and apparent moves. That is where comes the Take a break feature to help you.

    It is developed and designed to help you avoid anyone you want. Similarly, it can also restrict the other person from getting a view of your updates on Facebook. And by following this, you are easily avoiding the person digitally without unfriending them.

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    What are the things which will not change after you choose the Take a break feature?

    After you go through the process of how to take a break from Facebook, the things that can remain the same are:

    Wall Posts

    Both of you can be able to post on each other’s timelines after choosing how to take a break from Facebook feature if your privacy settings allow that. Who else can see your posts depends on your existing privacy settings.

    how to take a break from Facebook

    The Messages

    You can still see each other on Facebook Messenger. You can also message each other. However, you won’t be able to see their name as a shortcut.

    The Comments

    If you both give a comment on the same post, which can be from a common page/group, you can be able to see other’s comments. You can also send a reply to those comments.

    The process of how to take a break from Facebook

    To activate the feature of taking a break from a person on Facebook, you have to perform two important steps — first, to launch the mode of taking a break, and next is to select its preferences. We will first show you how to launch the take a break mode, and then we will go to its preferences.

    Know about how to open the Take a Break Mode

    By default, when you wish to change your relationship status to anything like divorced, single, or empty, you can use the take a break feature on Facebook. To use it by not making any changes to your relationship status, just follow these steps mentioned below for the Facebook mobile apps and also the desktop.

    Launch the Take a Break feature on Facebook Website

    For this method, just open Facebook and then log in with your account details. After that, open the Launch Take a Break Feature link.

    After clicking on the link, a pop-up will open and then ask you to give the name of the specific person. Just type the first few initials of the name and then click on the full name suggested by Facebook. After that, you will need to select the preferences.

    how to take a break from facebook

    Launch Take a Break on Facebook on your Android App

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    In this case, you need to Open the profile of that specific person. Tap on the Friends and then select Take a Break from the menu list. After that, just set the preferences as shown next.

    Launch Take a Break mode on Facebook on your iPhone App

    For this case, just visit the special Facebook profile. Then Tap on the icon displaying Friends. Then, tap on the Take a Break. You will be instructed to set the preferences.

    The process of setting the Take a Break Preferences

    After you successfully launch the take a break feature, you will be able to see three sections. You need to customize the privacy settings of those sections as per your preferences. For this task, just click or tap on the See options.

    Here, you can choose one specific setting from one section and a completely different setting from the second section. That is, you can see less information about someone, but you can allow them to see your posts. So choose those options with good care.

    In the first part, you need to pick your choice of seeing the content of other persons. You just have to select ‘Limit where your see [name of the person].’ Next, just click or tap on the Save button.

    In the second part, just choose the box next to ‘Hide your posts from [name of the person].’

    At last, Facebook will provide three options for limiting the previous or past posts.

    First of all, you can easily keep the privacy settings of the previous posts as they are. By performing this, the previous posts between you two will remain unchanged. Just tap or click on ‘Keep all posts as they are.’

    You can also easily change the privacy settings of the posts individually with the help of the ‘Edit individual posts’ button. When you choose to do so, just tap on the Next button at the bottom part. You will then be taken to the friendship page, where you can curate the privacy of the posts which have occurred between you two.

    Facebook will then show you all of the common posts when you can select this option. You just need to tap or click on the three-dot icon on the post and then just select the Remove tag from the menu.

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    Then select the ‘Edit all my posts and posts I’m tagged in’, if you wish Facebook to remove the tags and delete the past posts between the two automatically. Now click on the Save button to record all the changes.

    How to undo the take a break feature on Facebook

    After knowing about how to take a break from Facebook, now you need to know about how you can undo it. This undoing process isn’t as easy as deleting someone from a list by just clicking on one button. You have to take slight pain in order to reverse some of the effects.

    There are just two ways to stop the feature of how to take a break from Facebook.

    1. Reverse the Take a Break in a direct way

    On the website of Facebook, just open the link to ‘Take a Break’. Then type the name of the person from whom you want to take a break.

    On the mobile apps, just follow the steps suggested above to launch the feature known as taking a break. You just need to repeat the same steps again.

    After you see the customization screen of the feature of taking a break, you have to bring back the settings to their original values. That is, in the first part, just select the option ‘See [name of the person] anywhere on Facebook.

    In the second part, you need to select ‘No longer limit what [name] can see’.

    Lastly, select the option ‘Keep all posts as they are’ in the last section. Also, keep in mind to press the Save button under each section.

    1. Stop the Taking a Break feature indirectly

    As this feature can un-follow the person and also adds them to the restricted list, you just have to reverse those two things. That is, firstly, follow the person again and delete them from the restricted list. In both cases, that person will not be informed.

    how to take a break from facebook

    Hence, this is the complete guide on how to take a break from Facebook and also how you can undo that special feature without any kind of trouble.

    Facebook is popular and the most widely used social media platform. Most of us use this platform, but do we really know every feature of this platform? If you are interested in knowing more about various features of Facebook, you can read this blog The Comprehensive Guide On How To See Who Follows You On Facebook.


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