How to Combine PowerPoints – 2 Amazing and Easiest Ways

    How to combine powerpoints has been one of the most crucial questions ever. Microsoft Powerpoint is one of the essential packages of graphics presentation. It has every function to give your presentation a professional look. If you have been curious about how to combine PowerPoints, then you should refer to this article.

    Tools like drawing, word processing, outlining, and other presentation management can easily be accessed through PowerPoint. It is very beneficial if you learn how to use it. You can do a wide range of things by this. While you are creating a presentation with the help of PowerPoint, you can showcase your presentation in the form of a slide show. The presentation of the slides can be done as 35mm slides or overhead transparencies.

    You should read this article till the end to know how to combine PowerPoints. You will catch up on the formatting of all the slides in a presentation with the help of a powerful slide master about which you can learn from a tutorial.

    The presentation made from PowerPoint can be easily kept in a single file with speaker’s notes, audience handouts, and all the slides. The option to import your other documents created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel into any of the slides is possible.

    How to combine Powerpoints – 3 Amazing Steps

    How to Combine PowerPoints | Sleck
    Source – SlideModel

    #1. Select the presentation files to merge

    The first and foremost step is selecting the presentation you want to merge. By following these, it would be easier to know how to combine PowerPoints.

    • Open your File Explorer
    • Click on the presentations which need to be combined
    • Choose the presentation to be merged
    • Select the presentations with slides so that you can move them to another file by selecting them
    • Tap on each name of the file for opening the presentations

    #2. Adding the slides to merge them

    After opening the presentations, you can easily select the slides you combine. If you are curious about how to combine PowerPoints, then this article might benefit you.

    • You have to tap on the PowerPoint slides to select them.
    • Merge the slides into your second presentation
    • Tap on the first slide of your presentation and press the Shift key, followed by clicking on the end slide
    • You have to hold Ctrl +C on the keyboard to copy all those slides.
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    #3. Choose a theme for your combined PowerPoint presentation

    By following these easy steps, you will easily answer how to combine PowerPoints presentations. Adding a theme is one of the most important things in your presentations.

    Here are some of the steps to do it:-

    • Go to the presentation file on which you want to add the slides, and in the sidebar, press right-click
    • Two options would be visible on your screen to merge the presentation.
    • Tap on the ‘Use Destination Theme’ option to choose your desirable theme
    • Through this function, both of the slides, the one that would be pasted and the slides that would be pasted on, would have the same theme.
    • All the merge slides would perfectly fit.
    • You can also right-click for choosing a second thumbnail.
    • Click on the Keep Source Formatting option.
    • This option would maintain the same in all slides used either in the source document or the original.

    Although there are different ways to merge the presentations, this is one of the most convenient methods.

    How to Combine PowerPoints presentations with the help of Reuse Slides Option

    how to combine powerpoints | Sleck
    Source – Microsoft Support

    Microsoft PowerPoint supports combining different presentations with the help of the Reuse Slides option. This feature can easily merge the content in your presentation file into another that would match the theme of your new presentation file.

    Read this article till the end to know how to combine PowerPoints. Following some of the steps detailed below to help you:-

    1. You will find the menu on the right. Tap on the ‘browse’ button for locating your presentation, which needs to be merged
    2. After locating the second PowerPoint file, tap on the ‘Open’ button to insert it.
    3. From your second presentation, a list of some slides would be visible in the ‘Reuse Slides’ menu, which is on the right.
    4. Select ‘Insert Slide’ for inserting individual series and then press the right click on a slide.
    5. You can also tap on the “Insert All Slides” option for copying all of your slides into the opened PowerPoint presentation.
    6. After applying these steps, your slides will be automatically inserted into your open presentation or selected file.
    7. Don’t forget to click on a file to save your presentation after you have combined your PowerPoint files.
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    Although it is recommended to decide which inserted slides you need to format. For keeping the same format as well as the theme from your original PowerPoint presentation, you should check if the “Keep Source Formatting” option is enabled at the bottom of your “Reuse Slides” menu.`

    If you search for how to combine PowerPoints, this article won’t brief you about the same. It is necessary to check this option to keep your inserted slides in the same theme as your original or selected presentation.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. How to insert a PowerPoint slide without changing the format? I

    A: After you have pasted the content, your new slide into the thumbnails of your slide on the left, you have selected the ‘Paste Option,’ which is there at the bottom right of the thumbnail of the new slide. Tap on the icon for changing the default setting to “Keep Source Formatting.”

    Q2. How to combine powerpoints – multiple into one?

    A: To combine multiple PowerPoints into one, you have to open your PowerPoint Presentation file, which you want to merge. On the ribbon bar, you will find the ‘Home’ tab. Click on the ‘New Slide’ button; after that, tap on the ‘Reuse Slides’ option at the bottom of the drop-down menu. You would find a menu visible on the right to proceed further.

    Q3. What does Ctrl+M do in PowerPoint?

    A: By pressing Ctrl+M in Microsoft PowerPoint, you would be able to insert a new blank slide right after your selected slide. After pressing Ctrl+M in Microsoft Outlook, you can send and receive all emails. By applying this shortcut key in Microsoft Word and other word processor programs, the paragraph would be indented.

    Q4. How to get more themes in PowerPoint?

    A: The first step is to open the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. In the Themes group, you would find a design tan to select the theme according to your preference from the list. You would be able to see a preview after clicking on any one of them. To continue, you just have to tap on the theme. That theme would be applied to your entire presentation.

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    Q5. How to select a section in the PowerPoint?

    A: The most convenient way to select multiple objects on the slide is by pressing the shift key. For selecting the title and the image in your slide, tap on the Shift button to click the other. The PowerPoint would display the selection handles for both the objects.


    It’s quite a daunting task for two or more people to work together on a PowerPoint presentation since Office doesn’t offer the same features just like Google Slides. By reading this article, you will know how to combine PowerPoints.

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    People often search for how to combine PowerPoints presentations into a single file. It is very easy to merge two PowerPoints either by importing all the slides with the help of the ‘Reuse Slides’ option or opting for the copy-paste method.

    Such kinds of instructions are for the latest updated versions of Office, which includes Office 2016 as well as Office 2019. However, you might find variations in instructions for the older versions of PowerPoint. All your queries would be resolved regarding how to combine PowerPoints after reading this article.

    By using the method of Reuse Slides, you would be able to change the format of the slides before inserting them, and you can simply combine your PowerPoint presentations by copying the slides from one presentation and inserting them into another.

    To make things more convenient for the users, their final presentation would be automatically updated, just like the way their receiving document has been designed. Read this article to know everything about how to combine PowerPoints.

    If you still have an issue and can’t find a solution to the same, use the Microsoft support facility to get the best idea about it.


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