Akshay Kumar net worth: Know the best 5 philanthropic acts

    Akshay Kumar in his nearly thirty years in the Bollywood film industry has steadily and successfully climbed to the top. He has been seen on screen for over a hundred films most of which turned out to be a raging success. Not only a mere filmstar, but we know Akshay Kumar as a national figure of the country by now. Most of his films are iconic and he as an actor has made them unforgettable.

    Owing to his versatility, he has climbed his way to be one of the most successful performers in the industry. Already he has bagged in a multitude of awards and we don’t think he plans to stop anytime soon. From family movies to dramas to action-packed movies, more than one generation has grown up with Akshay Kumar.

    Being this much of a smash hit, nobody will be surprised to know that this favorite actor of ours, Bollywood’s very own Khiladi, has a net worth of $325 as of 2021 which inevitably makes him one of the highest-paid actors in the town. In Indian money, Akshay Kumar net worth will be about rupees 2414 crores, no less.

    Early Beginnings – How he started off

    Akshay Kumar net worth

    In Amritsar of 1967 was born Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, to a government worker. In the country, most of the families are seen to have an aspiring actor. Such was the case for the son born in the Bhatia family. He was trained in dance and martial arts from a young age. Having little to no interest in studies, he graduated high school, left studies and tried his hand in lowly jobs.

    His working at a Bangkok food store is a well-known backdrop for him. It was also during his stay in Bangkok that he got proper training in martial arts like Thai boxing. Although, in India, he has already learned Taekwondo and earned a black belt.

    Gradually, he lost his place in Bangkok. He came back to Bombay after a few years. He worked at the Metro guest house. He also lived a minimal lifestyle, on a sharing basis, and tried to reach his way to the top. After Bangkok and Thailand, he worked in a travel agency In Kolkata.

    The next few years, however, saw him in the country of Bangladesh where he worked as a hotel chef. Coming back from Bangladesh, he used his gained knowledge of martial arts and started imparting it.

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    The father of one of the students he had, while being a martial arts teacher, once approached him with an offer of modeling. The actor we see now wasn’t like this back then. He had no hold in the fields like modeling and as such hesitated to start on it.

    Then he got a good photoshoot and began having small bouts of modeling assignments. One of the unknown facts about him is that he also worked as an assistant photographer for eighteen months. He worked under Jayesh Seth to get an advantage in getting a portfolio shot.

    Owing to him being an eye-candy, he got quite a few assignments as a model and then he got cast as background dancers in many Bollywood films. Previously he has sold Kundan jewelry in Delhi and then after the photo shoot, he went into filming for advertisements too.

    One morning he missed his flight for such a shoot. The disappointment made him desperate enough to visit a film studio with the portfolio. That evening itself, Pramod Chakravarthy signed him in his upcoming film Deedar as the protagonist. The film, although not a box office hit, settled him right in in the heart of the filmy world.

    Akshay’s career and rise in popularity

    Fate was kind to him. Bollywood got its Akshay Kumar in 1987 in a movie called Aaj, which is barely spoken about by anyone. In 1991, we got Saugandh, a year before his signature Khiladi. Khiladi was the first milestone of his success that made him the talk of the town. The Khiladi film later expanded into a series.

    He received huge praise as the lead actor in the Khiladi series and got established as one of the leads in Bollywood. hHs foothold in the industry has grown stronger ever since. Though his films in 1993 were not that up to the mark, he got back in pace pretty soon.

    Yash Chopra’s Yeh Dillagi established him a little further as a mainstream actor and earned him his first nominations as best actor at the Star Screen Awards and Filmfare awards. In 1997, Dil to Pagal Hai got him the Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award.

    Akshay Kumar net worth

    The year 2000 saw a major turning point in his career with the film Hera Pheri. The same year witnessed him performing one of his most dangerous stunts. This surely was one of the steps in him ending up with the sobriquet “Indian Jackie Chan”.

    2007 became a raging success for the actor with four awe-inspiring hits and no flops in the process. His Singh Is Kinng in 2008 broke the worldwide record of the highest-grossing first week which was earlier held by Om Shanti Om.

    In 2011, he co-produced a film, reminiscent of Patiala House, one of his own, alongside Russell Peters, titled Breakaway. It became the highest-grossing cross-cultural film in Canada.

    By 2012, his films were earning over 1 billion in Indian currency. Praises of him went as far as Al Pacino said that Akshay, in a poster, reminded him of his own The Godfather.

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    In 2016, Airlift and Rustom got him the National Film Award for Best Actor. After this time and throughout the present, his movies with social messages have been highly acclaimed.

    His career can definitely be said to be a huge success story. 52 of his 113 films were successful commercially. He happens to be the first Bollywood actor who can boast that his domestic net lifetime collections have, by 2016, crossed 30 billion in Indian currency which accounts for 400 million US dollars and the Akshay Kumar net worth skyrocketed.

    Akshay Kumar net worth

    Canada considered him to have played a significant role in strengthening the trade, commercial and tourism relations between Canada and India and as a result honored him with citizenship of the country. The University of Windsor conferred in 2008 an honorary doctorate on Akshay Kumar. He was awarded the Padma Shri in the year 2009. Padma Shri happens to be the fourth most honorable civil honor bestowed upon by the Government of India.

    As of the Forbes list of 2015 and 2019 of the highest-paid entertainers in the world, Akshay Kumar can be seen as the only Bollywood actor who made it to the list. He ranked 52 with the earnings of a whopping 48.5 million dollars. In 2020 Forbes ranked him the highest-paid among the actors of Bollywood.

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    Other works

    The other works of Akshay Kumar also contributed largely to Akshay Kumar net worth. His other works include the following:

    • He has worked as a stunt actor which earned him the sobriquet, “Indian Jackie Chan”.
    • He hosted the show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi in 2008.
    • In 2009, Akshay Kumar founded the Hari Om Entertainment production company.
    • In 2012, Grazing Goat Pictures production company found its way holding his hand.
    • Kumar launched the TV reality show Dare 2 Dance in 2014.
    • The team Khalsa Warriors in the World Kabaddi League is owned by him.

    Akshay Kumar as a philanthropist

    Not only with his acting skills, but also with his philanthropic nature, he manages to steal the hearts of millions of audiences. He always comes forward to the needy people in times of crisis. Akshay is believed to be a man with a golden heart. Here are some of the contributions that he made to needy people suffering through bad situations.

    Donation of Rs. 1 crore to Gautam Gambhir’s Foundation

    Akshay Kumar net worth

    Actor Akshay Kumar is greatly known for his philanthropic ventures. He has contributed a sum of Rs. 1 crore to the NGO set up by Gautam Gambhir in New Delhi. This initiative has been made to help the sufferers who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of people have been supplied with foods, medicines, clothing, and oxygen supplies in this high time. Gautam Gambhir thanked the actor for this contribution.

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    Contribution of Rs. 25 crores to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relief fund

    Akshay Kumar net worth

    Due to the extreme pandemic situation caused by the immense rise in coronavirus cases, PM Narendra Modi opened a relief fund. During this sudden rise, there occurred a high demand for Oxygen in every part of the world. Top hospitals of India, patients, and their families urged for help from every possible way not only monetarily but also with supply of oxygen and hospital beds. In this highly sensitive situation, Actor Akshay Kumar came up with a huge sum of 25 crores and donated it to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relief fund.

    Donation of Rs. 1 crore for flood relief

    Akshay Kumar net worth

    He is never away from helping people whenever they are in urgent need. This was not also an exception in regard to flood relief of Assam. Lakhs of people were left homeless when the flood-hit Assam badly. Akshay Kumar came forward and donated a sum of Rs. 1 crore to help the flood-stricken people of Assam. Chief Minister Sarbannada Sonowal, through an official statement, expressed his generosity towards the actor.

    Contribution of Rs. 1.5 crores for transgenders in Chennai

    Akshay Kumar net worth

    Transgenders have always been considered to be a downtrodden part of society. They have always come up with issues that have majorly remained unsolved. Here, again Akshay Kumar pulled out time from his busy schedule to help and support the transgenders of Chennai. He contributed a huge amount of Rs. 1.5 crores to build homes for transgenders. He took a great initiative to make sure that others also feel proud in helping and supporting transgenders. The filmmaker Raghava Lawrence was found to share an appreciation post for this golden-hearted actor.

    Contribution of Rs. 1.08 crores for the families of CRPF Martyred Jawans

    A huge massacre was created when 12 CRPF personnel were killed in Chhattisgarh in a Naxal ambush. In this regard, Akshay Kumar donated a total sum of 1.08 crores to the families of the dead and injured personnel. He won a large number of hearts for portraying his love and care for needy persons.

    Contribution of Rs. 1 crore for Chennai flood relief

    After witnessing the traumatizing scene of the flood-affected areas in Chennai, Akshay Kumar contributed a worth of Rs. 1 crore to the flood relief fund of Chennai. The Bhoomika trust in Chennai was preparing and distributing food for the people of Chennai when it was hit by a massive torrential rainfall. To this trust, the actor contributed a sum of Rs. 1 crore following Suhasini’s suggestion. The filmmaker Jyendra was in the management of Bhoomika Trust who received a cheque from Akshay.

    Donation of Rs. 50 lakhs for Water Conservation Scheme

    Akshay Kumar net worth

    Under the Maharashtra government’s flagship, ‘Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan’, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar donated a worth of Rs. 50 lakhs for the successfulness of the water conservation scheme. This Abhiyan primarily aimed at conserving local water for the construction of ponds and farms that would help in water harvesting and making the villages drought-proof. This scheme was vigorously promoted by the CM.


    There were multiple ways that contributed to Akshay Kumar’s net worth. This huge-hearted man will always remain a gem in Indian history. He has been immensely successful in penning down his name in the hearts of millions of citizens. Akshay Kumar’s life is also an inspiration for thousands of people who are working hard to reach their dreams.


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