How To Close Apps on Apple TV: A Simple and Effective Guide For Apple TV Users

    The Apple TV is a special line of media player software programs offered by Apple Inc. for viewing various kinds of shows. However, to operate this smoothly, you need to know about how to close apps on Apple TV.

    When you want to go from one app to another on the newer models of Apple TV, the first app usually doesn’t close. Instead, it will run in the background, so it can open very quickly when you switch back to that app.

    This can be proving to be a problem if you switch between more than one apps often. If one app runs in the background or freezes, it can slow down the entire system of your Apple TV. In those cases, you’ll need to close it completely, and for that, you have to know about how to close apps on Apple TV.

    We will discuss here various kinds of methods of how to close apps on Apple TV.

    Method 1: How to close apps on Apple TV (for HD models)

    This process is only valid for the Apple TV HD models and Apple TV 4K.

    To know how to close apps on Apple TV properly, you’ll need to be using the Siri Remote or also known as the Apple TV Remote in some specific locations. It’s a black-colored remote and has a smooth touchpad at its top part. Here is the step by step process of doing this, such as:

    1. First of all, return to the Home screen of your Apple TV.
    2. After that, you need to double-click the Home button on the remote of your Apple TV. It’s the button which has a picture of a television screen on it. This can pull up all the other apps that are open currently, arranged in separate or different windows.
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    How to close apps on Apple TV
    1. Next, Scroll with that touchpad mentioned earlier until you can find and choose the app which you want to close.
    2. Now, just Swipe up on the trackpad on the remote of your Apple TV. This easily closes the app.
    Apple TV tutorial

    You can continue scrolling through and also closing your apps that are open until you’ve closed as many apps as you want. After you’ve successfully closed all your open apps, the only thing left will be the home screen of your Apple TV.

    In that case, you need to click once you are on the center of the trackpad, and then you’ll be able to return to the Apple TV home screen.

    Method 2: How to Close Apps on Apple TV ( for the 3rd Generation Apple TVs)

    To close an app on your 3rd generation Apple TV and also want to return to the main menu, just press and hold the Menu button on your remote of the Apple TV that comes with your device.

    Method 3: How to Force-Close an App on your Apple TV

    In some special cases, you may need to force-quit an app if it’s not responding properly. You need to perform this action from anywhere on your Apple TV, whether you’re already in an app or just on the main screen: Here are the steps:

    • First of all, just Double-click the button showing Home to bring up the app switcher.
    • If you’re already in the app, this step will be the first one. If not, just swipe right until the app is present.
    • After that, you need to Swipe up, and the app will just disappear to the top.
    • Now, click on the button showing Home to return to the main screen.
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    Method 4: How to close apps on Apple TV by the remote application

    How to close Apple TV apps

    The remote of Apple TV, which you can find in the Control Center on your iPhone can also be useful to perform all the tasks related to how to close apps on Apple TV mentioned above. The software can easily mimic the look of the physical remote, so the virtual buttons can work in a similar way.

    Tips on How to Restart your Apple TV

    It is a good idea to know how to restart your Apple TV after knowing about the methods of how to close apps on Apple TV.

    If you tried enough to quit an app forcefully, but it isn’t quitting properly, or the app switcher isn’t showing it, just restart your Apple TV.

    Then go to the Settings menu > System > Restart to restart the device immediately.

    Here just remember, not to click on Reset, which is used for clearing data and returning the Apple TV to its default settings.

    In an alternative way, if the Apple TV is frozen and cannot respond to any commands or inputs, just unplug the power cable from the back, then wait for a few seconds, then plug it back in.

    Final Words

    Apple TV gives you the chance to both download and installs various types of third-party apps from the App Store, and therefore, there are some chances that the buggy apps may cause some problems and therefore need to be purged from memory, and this is the main reason why you need to close apps on your Apple TV.

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    Like any other kind of iOS device such as, the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac, the Apple TV gives you chances to multi-task and free up the resources by the Apple TV close App feature. Hence, the methods of how to close apps on Apple TV can really help you a lot in those situations without destroying your joy of watching interesting shows on your Apple TV.

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