How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One- The Best Guide For You

    Xbox doesn’t have Bluetooth capacity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect your Bluetooth earphones or earbuds to it. If you know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One, you can do it easily without any hazards. Here we will get to know the methods to associate your Xbox One with Bluetooth headsets so that you can genuinely drench yourself in the game without any worry. However, you need to understand few things related to Xbox before we go to our main process.

    Would you be able to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One?

    You can easily connect your Bluetooth earphones to your Xbox One. It will not be as basic as associating your Bluetooth earphones to your cell phone. The Xbox One doesn’t have Bluetooth. In place of that, Microsoft made its own exclusive framework and named it Xbox Wireless. So, before you know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One, you need to know about Xbox Wireless.

    What is Xbox Wireless?

    It is an exclusive convention that allows you remotely to interface into the peripherals, for example, controller to console. For audiophiles, this incorporates many viable earphones from enormous hitters like Turtle Beach and Razer, which have hi-tech functions, and the authority Xbox Stereo Headset. On a specialized level, it is immensely better than Bluetooth as it’s anything but a higher recurrence. The consequence is being a more steady connection among the console and other accessories with undeniably less idleness.

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    The difficulty is, a large number of people will not possess Xbox Wireless-viable headsets, and most wireless earphones and earbuds don’t highlight this innovation. Most have Bluetooth. So, if you also don’t have one, don’t worry because here, we are going to give you all the details about how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One.

    how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One

    Instructions for how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One controller

    Without taking the help of Bluetooth, the easiest way to connect your earphones to your Xbox console is through an outsider Bluetooth connector. It’s anything but the ideal alternative; it’s your lone choice.

    There are two sorts of gadgets:

    Bluetooth Transmitter: The least expensive and most normal Bluetooth connector, this allows you to hear sound communicated from the Xbox One.

    Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver: The Bluetooth transmitter and recipient allow you to hear sent sounds and use voice-visit if your jars have a mouthpiece.

    Instructions to enable Bluetooth on Xbox controllers with an audio jack


    How you connect any Bluetooth connector relies upon the particular model of Xbox regulator. If you want to ignore the factor of the model and empower the regulator sound, then you must make sure to adjust your Xbox controller with the Xbox One first. More current game cushions have an inherent 3.5mm sound jack. This is the least difficult approach to associate wired and wireless earphones.

    1. Attach the Bluetooth transmitter’s 3.5mm into the sound jack in the base of the Xbox One regulator.
    2. Pair your earphones with the connector.

    Remember, you can interface with your TV, as well. Since these gadgets aren’t explicitly made for your Xbox, you can plug them into pretty much any gadget with an earphone port to give it Bluetooth capacities. That incorporates your TV. In this way, you don’t need the Bluetooth dongle hanging between your hands while you play; check your TV has a sound jack and attachment the connector into that, all things being equal.

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    Step by step instructions of how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One without Audio Jack


    You have the Xbox One controller to connect with your headset to the control center, you will require two things:

    1. Bluetooth transmitter
    2. Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

    The very first Xbox One controller didn’t have a 3.5mm sound jack. Regardless of whether you’re interfacing remote or wired earphones, you need the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. This piece of the unit was initially planned to associate wired earphones to the control center by giving the missing 3.5mm female sound port. It can, in any case, be utilized for your Bluetooth earphones.

    1. To begin with, pop the headset connector into the port at the lower part of the regulator.
    2. Get your Bluetooth transmitter and connect it to the 3.5mm wire hanging from the finish of the headset connector.
    3. Pair your earphones with the gadget.

    The most effective method of how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One using Optical

    There is another process also to connect the Bluetooth on your Xbox and that is by utilizing a Bluetooth connector that upholds advanced optical associations. This association is commonly for attaching sound bars, yet you can likewise utilize it to carry Bluetooth to your Xbox.

    This does not have any specific type of transmitter to each other. However, close to a 3.5mm port, some likewise have an advanced optical link.

    1. You have to attach the computerized optical of the Bluetooth transmitter to the S/PDIF port situated at the back of the Xbox.
    2. Now, change the transmitter mode from 3.5mm (or AUX) to S/PDIF if your gadget is able to uphold it.
    3. Connect the earphones to the transmitter by through Bluetooth.
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    Utilizing computerized optical out isn’t very best. Since it is just the out-put option and you will not have the option to talk to your companions on Xbox One.

    Now you know all about how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One. With the Xbox One lacking Bluetooth abilities, utilizing a transmitter to interface your Bluetooth earphones to Xbox is the best way to go. In case you’re attaching one of these gadgets, you don’t need to utilize earphones or wireless earbuds, by the same token. You could even interface Bluetooth speakers to the Xbox One to give your sound somewhat of a lift. Remember to look into the Xbox One’s sound settings and turn on Windows Sonic, as well. It offers 3D spatial help that makes your gaming much more vivid.

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