Riverdale Season 5: The first episode is poignant yet beautiful

    Riverdale, CW’s one of the most popular shows is back once again after a long interval. Season 5 of Riverdale finally aired on-screen three months after its general schedule. The show generally airs every year in October, but this year the pandemic altered the scenario.

    Riverdale is back once again with its charm and mystery. All the fans are urged to take a look at our episode analysis. Spoiler alert, if you haven’t watched it yet then you better check it out because season 5 gets better and better.

    Previously on Riverdale

    As we’ve seen in season 4, the town with pep is dipped in mystery and chaos. Someone has been making illicit videos. Archie(KJ Apa), Veronica(Camila Mendes), Betty(Lili Reinhert), Jughead(Cole Sprouse), Cheryl(Madelaine Petsch), and everyone else received a video where their house is being watched for hours without any movement. But the video drama escalated when a group of masked individuals impersonating the main characters tried to kill Mr.Honey, the school principal.

    In the meantime, as Jughead is trying to solve this mystery, new chemistry is blooming in between Archie and Betty. But, they ended their short-lived spark as they couldn’t bear to hurt Jughead and Veronica. Veronica, on the other hand, is seen busy with her father’s new found disease. Hiram is trying to recover from his muscle atrophy.

    Riverdale Season 5 Episode 1

    The new season picks up right from where it left. Betty and Jughead are hellbent on solving the video mystery. In fact, Betty dropped in her father’s snuff film to David, the store owner, to gain his trust. The Black Hood’s childhood caught the attention of David. Somehow, both of them are convinced that the store has got to do something with the video spree.

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    Veronica and Archie before attending Prom.

    Archie is preparing for his entrance to Naval Academy when suddenly, the commandant informs him that they’ve chosen someone else as Archie was late in responding. Veronica sets up a boxing match to decide who is stronger among the two Naval Academy aspirants. The other contender turns out to be KO Kelly, Katy Keene’s boyfriend. Even though Archie gives his best, he ends up losing the match and gives up his hope of attending college.

    In the meantime, Veronica finds out the song that Archie wrote for Betty and sings that at her speakeasy. Cheryl and Tony also hit a rock when Cheryl realises that she is gonna end up alone as Tony’s family doesn’t want her to hang out with Cheryl. The Blossom family curse once again isolates her from her loved ones.

    Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica, Cheryl, Tony, Casey, Fangs, and others attend their most awaited graduation prom. When Veronica tells Archie that she’ll defer a year of going to Bernard because she wants to support him, Archie couldn’t bear hide the truth anymore. He tells her the truth about the song and the kiss that he and Betty shared. A heartbroken Veronica is seen weeping at her mother’s arms. In the end, another video is released and this time, the masked impersonators recreated the scene where Archie was attacked by the Black Hood at the Diner.

    Cheryl and Toni at Prom.

    Episode Analysis of Riverdale

    With so much drama going on, this season of Riverdale looks better than ever. On the premiere day of Season 5, KJ Apa took Instagram to announce that this is the best season they’ve ever shot. Moreover, the first episode hinted at a lot of upcoming suspense and mystery. Who is behind the masked impersonators? Will Betty and Archie end up together? What will happen to Jughead? Will Hiram go after Archie again now that he’s hurt his daughter? Will Cheryl and Toni not end up together? We’ve so much to look forward to.

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    As we all know that this season will feature a time jump, it’s now only a few episodes away till we see another intriguing and mysterious story-line.

    “Season 5, we’re actually doing a, I believe, seven-year time jump into the future,” Lili Reinhart said in a 2020 interview with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “So we’re not going to be teenagers anymore – I think it will be nice to play an adult. But I also really appreciate that Roberto, our show-runner, was like, ‘Yeah, let’s, like, revamp.’ We’re not just stuck in high school for seven seasons.”

    The time jump also gave Veronica Lodge a husband, a Wall Street tycoon who is jealous, controlling, manipulative, and extremely conniving human being. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists fame actor Chris Mason is all set to play Veronica’s husband. He is the “alpha dog” who has an issue with her returning to Riverdale and reunion with old lover Archie. Jughead will also have a “hipster” girlfriend who doesn’t like his passion for writing.

    You’ll find weekly episode analysis of Riverdale at our site. While you wait for more salacious details, check out our take on Derry Girls success –


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