How to Clean Pizza Stone: With 7 Interesting Facts You Should Not Miss

    Learn How to Clean Pizza Stone: Steps, Tips, Interesting Facts, and More

    how to clean pizza stone
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    You can cook the world’s best pizza with a well-maintained pizza stone, some essential ingredients, and excellent pizza-making skills. Whether you are a super mom or a single bachelor- a well-cooked pizza is enough to bring happiness at home.

    It is crucial to know how to clean pizza stone since you cannot use regular detergent or soap water to clean them. According to the experts’ advice, you should use as little water as possible for the cleaning task. So, it is a question for many cooks and pizza lovers- how to clean pizza stone then?

    Too much water exposure can help mold grow on a pizza stone. Similarly, abrasive detergent and cleaning solutions can damage the stone. So, how to clean pizza stone without any regular soap or cleaning solution?

    Here, we will talk about the issue. If you are the one who is worried about how to clean pizza stone, you are at the right place. Along with the general cleaning process, we will mention how to clean burnt pizza stones, moldy pizza stones, etc.

    How to Clean Pizza Stone: All Details Explained

    Pizza stone, regardless of the material, is porous mainly. You cannot clean it with soap or other cleaners that are not edible. It may get stuck into the pores. So, how to clean pizza stone? Let’s know here.

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    how to clean pizza stone
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    Tools and Ingredients Required:

    • soft cloth, preferably microfiber cloth
    • baking soda
    • water
    • toothbrush
    • plastic spatula or sandpaper

    Steps to Follow: 

    Now, let’s move ahead with how to clean pizza stone. Once again, let us remind you that you cannot use soap or any other liquid on the porous surface of a pizza stone, regardless of how dirty it is. The steps to clean the stone are-

    Step 1: Let the pizza stone cool entirely before you clean it. Otherwise, a sudden temperature change can damage the pizza stone. It can even break.

    Step 2: Wipe the stone with a soft cloth and remove all loose pieces of hard cheese, crust, toppings, etc.

    how to clean pizza stone
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    Step 3: Prepare a semi-thick paste with 1 tbsp—baking soda and water. If there is any hard stain or stuck-on food particles, pour the mix on those areas. Use a toothbrush and rub gently.

    Step 4: Wipe the stone with a damp microfiber cloth.

    Step 5: If there are still tough stains, scrape them off with a plastic spatula or sandpaper. And brush them off from the stone.

    Step 6: Clean and wipe the stone surface with a damp microfiber cloth. Let it air dry.

    So, that is how you clean pizza stone without any soap or other liquid. Now, what if it is more stained? What if it has been burnt? Let’s know more about how to clean pizza stone.

    How to Clean a Pizza Stone: When it is Burnt- 

    Due to frequent use and overheating, pizza stones can often get signs of burning. It becomes difficult to remove the tough stains. However, when such a situation occurs, follow the aforementioned process. Once you are done with the basics, let’s put in a little more effort.

    • Prepare an oven and pre-heat it at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Now, place the pizza stone at the top rack of the oven.
    • Bake it for around 1 hour.
    • When you see grease bubbles popping up, it is time to set up auto cleaning.
    • At this stage, food will burn off. Now, let the oven cool down.
    • When cool enough, remove the pizza stone and wipe it down with a clean cloth.
    • All of the crumbs and burnt signs should have gone now. If any tough stain is still there, take sandpaper and rub gently. It will go away.
    • Finally, wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth.
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    how to clean pizza stone
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    How to Clean a Pizza Stone: When it is Moldy- 

    If there is mold on your pizza stone, it has been exposed to too much moisture than expected. Do not worry. You can get rid of it with some simple steps. Here is the remedy. Let’s proceed with how to clean pizza stone when it is moldy.

    • Prepare a mix with baking soda and water.
    • Pour it on the molds and rub it with a brush.
    • Finally, clean the stone with a damp microfiber cloth.

    Essential Tips to Maintain Pizza Stone

    When you regularly take care of the pizza stone, you do not have to brainstorm for ideas regarding how to clean the pizza stone. So, here are some tips to help you in the everyday maintenance of pizza stones.

    • Make sure to flour the dough well. It will prevent the dough from sticking to the stone. So, less effort is ensured for cleaning the stone.
    • Place the stone at the middle rack of the oven while baking the pizza. If you are baking something heavier than usual, use the bottom rack of the oven.
    • A pizza stone can last for around ten years if you take care of it well every day after use.
    • You should not cut pizza directly at the pizza stone. The cheese and sauce may melt on the stone and burn it if you do so.
    • Do not put it directly on the stone when you cook store-bought frozen pizzas. Use a baking sheet instead.
    • Before using the stone for the first time, wipe it with a damp cloth and air dry it.
    • To clean a moldy pizza stone, do not use hydrogen peroxide, bleach, detergent, or tea tree oil. It will absorb the chemicals, and all of them are non-edible.
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    how to clean pizza stone
    • Preheat the stone for at least 15 minutes before cooking pizza on it.
    • A pizza stone is porous, and it may absorb fat and oils and turn black. It is not harmful. Do not rush to clean it.
    • Do not put your pizza stone on the stovetop.

    So, it was about how to clean pizza stone and maintain it before and after use. Thus, we have come to the end of our discussion. Well, how can we let you go without a bonus treat? Let’s know a few interesting facts about pizza stones.

    Interesting Facts about Pizza Stone:

    1. You can roast a whole chicken on the pizza stone.
    2. A pizza stone is a good alternative for pan-roasting and grilling.
    3. A pizza stone can be square, rectangular, or circular.
    4. Different types of pizza stones are- ceramic pizza stones, cordierite pizza stones, and glazed pizza stones.
    5. Place the pizza stone at the lowest oven rack while pre-heating it.
    6. Never put a wet pizza stone in the oven. It may damage the stone. Dry it thoroughly before you cook your delicious pizza.
    7. You can use a pizza stone on an outside grill.
    how to clean pizza stone
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    Wrapping it Up

    Cleaning every belonging of your home may be your favorite task to do. But, when it comes to cleaning your lovely pizza stone, handle it with care. You do not have to soak it into the water or soapy liquid like you do with the dishes. We have mentioned how to clean pizza stone properly. Follow the steps tips and enjoy a crystal clear pizza stone in your culinary space.

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