How to Clean Outdoor Cushions in 6 Simple Steps: Learn the Details

    A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Outdoor Cushions

    how to clean outdoor cushions

    The growing demand for outdoor cushions has brought striking statistics. According to Data Bridge Market Research, the outdoor cushions market will grow by 11.02% by 2027. You are not alone with your love for patio cushions and deck pillows.

    Whether wooden furniture or metal ones, cane swing, or vinyl plank flooring, the cushions bring an excellent outlook. Since they are exposed to external elements, you must know how to clean outdoor cushions well. Otherwise, your favorite deck bed or patio swing will look sick.

    So, let’s know here how to clean outdoor cushions. We will discuss essential factors related to it. Ranging from the cleaning steps to maintenance tips- we will share every bit of knowledge regarding how to clean outdoor cushions.

    How to Clean Outdoor Cushions: Ingredients and Steps:

    how to clean outdoor cushions
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    Are you looking for an easy way to make your outdoor fabric pieces glow? Clean them first. Here are the details for how to clean outdoor cushions. Let’s proceed.

    When covers are removable-

    The task becomes less tiresome when you can remove the covers. You need to remove the covers and put them into the washing machine. The rest of the task will be handled by the machine blades. Make sure that you do not use any abrasive detergent here.

    When covers are non-removable-

    You may have to put more effort into cleaning the cushions when you cannot remove the covers. Let’s know how to clean outdoor cushions step by step.

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    Ingredients You Need:

    • upholstery attachment
    • mild detergent powder
    • garden hose
    • borax
    • bucket of water
    • microfiber towel
    • soft-bristled scrubbing brush

    Steps to Follow:

    Step 1: Lay the Cushions Down:

    First, lay the cushions down on the open deck. Make sure no grass area is there as it may bring new stains on the fabric after cleaning. Sprinkle water on them to dampen the cushions.

    Step 2: Vacuum with Upholstery Attachment:

    Use upholstery attachment and vacuum the loose dirt from the cushion surfaces. Run it all over the cushion body so that loose dust, dirt, and debris go away. Make sure to check out the crevices where often dirt and dust hide.

    how to clean outdoor cushions
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    If there is any decorative design or stylish buttons, vacuum carefully. They may get damaged if you do not pay attention.

    Step 3: Prepare the Cleaning Solution:

    It is time to wash off the grime that has settled on the pillows for days. Take a tablespoon of detergent powder and mix it with 1/4 cup of Borax. Combine with a bucket of water.

    Step 4: Apply the Cleaning Solution:

    Use a brush and dip it into the solution. Rub the fabric surfaces with the soft-bristled brush dipped into the solution. Rinse with water. If there is any tough stain on the fabric surface, pour a bit of solution on the specific portions. Scrub the surface and let it soak for around 5-6 minutes. Wash well with plain water.

    Step 5: Pressure Wash with Garden hose:

    This step is vital. After applying the cleaning mix, you have to rinse off with a garden hose. Let’s note down how to clean outdoor cushions with the pressure wash method.

    • Prepare a garden hose at medium pressure. Attach it well with a pressure washer.
    • Check the speed of the water by triggering the spray gun. Once you see water running from the fixture to the end of the gun, you can turn on the pressure washer.
    • Rinse off the cushions using the pressure wash. Make sure you clean the sides of the cushions too. Even a single sign of grime will be removed if you pay attention.
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    how to clean outdoor cushions
    • If the one-time spray is not enough, spray more than once. Before the second spray, scrub the cushions well with a brush.
    • Finally, spray clean water once to rinse off all of the cleaning solutions.

    Step 6: Dry the Cushions:

    Once you clean the cushions, let them dry completely before you use them again. Squeeze the water by hand and blot them with a clean, dry towel. Finally, air dries them. You can spread them in sunlight to dry quickly. But, make sure that it is not too hot to fade the color and texture of the fabric.

    So, this is how to clean outdoor cushions. Follow each step carefully and maintain cleanliness.

    Want to know more about how to take care of your sweet, soft cushions? Here it goes. We will share some interesting tips.

    how to clean outdoor cushions
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    How to Clean Outdoor Cushions: Tips You Should Not Miss

    • You can apply the mix of 1/4 cup of vinegar and 4 cups of warm water instead of Borax and detergent powder solution.
    • To remove grass stains, you can use a liquid detergent that comprises stain-removing enzymes.
    • Use a brush to scrape away the molds, if there are any.
    • Apply cornstarch or baking soda to remove greasy stains. Wait for around 15 minutes when the oil will soak the powder. Then, scrub with a brush.
    • To remove tree sap, scrub with powder and hot water.
    • If any stain remains after too many washes, use oxygen bleach to clean the fabric.
    • Protect the cushions with covers if possible. It will save you from the tiresome tasks of cleaning.
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    Now, we have come to the end of our today’s talk on how to clean outdoor cushions. Let’s have some commonly asked questions.

    How to Clean Outdoor Cushions: Questions that You Want to Ask

    What is the easiest way to clean outdoor cushions?

    Use covers and clean them in the washing machine. Yes, this is the easiest way to keep your outdoor fabric pieces well. However, if they are not covered, clean them at least twice a month.

    How do you remove black stains from outdoor cushions?

    Mix 3/4 cup of oxygen bleach in a gallon of water. Soak a piece of cloth into the bleach solution. Rub the particular areas with bleach. Let it sit for around 5-10 minutes.

    how to clean outdoor cushions

    Can vinegar and baking soda remove mildew stains?

    Yes, vinegar and baking soda together can kill molds and mildew stains. In fact, baking soda also removes the smell of mold. So, cleanliness is available at its best.

    Can I leave the vinegar on mold overnight? 

    The best option is to leave vinegar for an hour or two. Leaving it overnight may cause damage to the fabric.

    What kind of vinegar kills mold? 

    White distilled vinegar is the best option to kill molds. Make sure you leave vinegar for some time until the mold goes away.

    The Takeaway

    Cleanliness is next to godliness. After all, being a homeowner, you should clean every corner of your home. Especially when it comes to outdoor furniture, it attracts the visitors first. It is more about the overall appearance of the house than anything else.

    how to clean outdoor cushions

    We hope that the write-up on how to clean outdoor cushions will help you keep the outdoor areas well. Let us know if it has helped you. Also, we are looking forward to if you have any more suggestions to improve the outlook of the cushions. The comment box is all yours.

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