How to clean an iPhone Speaker? – 5 Amazing Ways

    Have you heard a distorted sound from your iPhone speaker? Do you know the reason for it? The iPhone speakers are prone to dust, dirt particles, and debris. To get a clear sound, you need to clean the speakers. Do you know how to clean an iPhone speaker? Are you planning to clean your iPhone speaker? Do you know which things you can use to clean iPhone speakers? Have you talked to the company? Ohh! Not to worry when we are with you.

    Here in this article, let’s discuss how to clean an iPhone speaker. Let’s have a check on the things needed to clean the iPhone speaker. We would even discuss the do’s and don’ts while cleaning an iPhone speaker.

    iPhones add up to lifestyle. People purchase it for its good functioning and sound quality. The speakers of the iPhone are prone to dust, dirt. The sound wouldn’t be clear if the speaker got dirt blocked. You need to clean its speaker. But mind it, iPhone speakers are very delicate. It would allow if you handled it with care, or else you can damage them entirely. Any minor damage would primarily affect your pocket. Be sure while cleaning it.

    Here in this article, we will discuss the things you can use to clean the speakers of an iPhone by yourself. When you clean it yourself, you need extra precautions.

    First, let’s discuss what can cause dust to accumulate.

    • Dust in your trouser pockets largely contributes to speaker blockage. Any dust in the pocket stuck to the speaker blocking them.
    • Keep your phone anywhere. In this case, high dust gets inside the speaker.
    • Using the phone with dirty hands also adds to dust in the speakers. We use the phone while eating and while working in the kitchen. In this way, a large amount of dust moisture gets inside the speaker, blocking them from performing well.
    • Rough handling of the iPhone also causes dirt accumulation in the speakers.
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    How to clean an iPhone speaker? – 5 Different Ways 

    The iPhone has two types of speakers. One is for earplugs, and another is for the main speaker. Speakers are present on the bottom side of the phone. Both are prone to dust. By following the various ways mentioned below, how to clean an iPhone speaker wouldn’t be very difficult. Let’s discuss the methods.

    How to clean an iPhone speaker

    #1 Use a soft brush

    The easiest and safest way to clean an iPhone speaker is to clean it with a soft bristle brush. The company hasn’t mentioned any cleaning clause. But it’s safe on your side to clean it with a soft brush.

    If you use an old brush, press the bristles with your fingers to confirm whether it’s soft. Dare not use a brush with even slight stiff bristles. The hard bristles can damage the speakers.

    You may even use paintbrushes in place of toothbrushes. Paintbrushes are softer than toothbrushes and effectively clean any dust dirt particles accumulating on the speakers.

    #2 Use of painters tape

    Painters tape or paper tapes to clean the speakers. You may ask why a painter tape, why not regular tape? But painter tape leaves no residue or stickiness after being peeled off and so is used. If any sticky residue is left on the speaker, it again becomes dirty.

    Stick painter’s tape on the speakers of your iPhone. Rub the painter’s tape with your nails to deeply clean the dust off the speakers. This way, the dust would stick on the tape. Now carefully remove the video from the speakers. You would see a large amount of dust stuck to the tape. It’s a simple and easy way to clean the speakers of your iPhone.

    #3 Use of cleaning slime

    Sometimes wax mixed dust accumulates on your iPhone speaker. You need a more effective method to clean it. So it would be best if you had cleaning slime or cleaning putties available in the market. A lot of craft ads showcase the use of slimes.

    Cleaning putties and slimes effectively remove the wax mixed dust inside the phone speaker holes. You can effectively use them to clean both speakers’ dust particles. Even they are readily available in the market. So you can use it.

    Airsquare cleaning putty is used to clean dust from Phone speakers and earplugs.

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    #4. Using small dust blowers

    Tiny dust blowers are quickly and cheaply available in the market. Many of us even have it at our home. It would help if you pressed it to blow air from it. This air helps remove dust particles present in the iPhone speaker.

    As these blowers are small in size, the air blown from them is safe for iPhone speakers, unlike canned or processed air. Blowers effectively remove dust debris that has blocked the speaker of the iPhone. How to clean an iPhone speaker becomes easy with it.

    #5. Use of toothpicks

    After using all these things, you still find some dust on your iPhone speaker; use a toothpick to clean it. We always use toothpicks to clean dust from many things. But in iPhone speakers, you need to be extra cautious while using a toothpick.

    Make sure to flash enough light so that the speakers are easily visible. Then slowly prick the speakers with a toothpick. Don’t use more complicated force to clean. There might be a chance that a toothpick breaks inside and damages the speaker. Speakers are delicate, clean, very softly, and careful. A small mistake while cleaning could damage your iPhone’s speaker.

    How to clean an iPhone Speaker? – Do’s and Don’ts

    How to clean an iPhone speaker

    How to clean an iPhone speaker is incomplete without knowing the dos and don’ts of it.

    While cleaning the iPhone speaker, some points should be kept in mind. Some objects or things can ultimately damage your phone’s speaker. Knowledge of it would largely help you. So below is a list of dos and don’ts to follow while cleaning your iPhone speaker.

    • While cleaning with a toothbrush, use only a soft bristle brush.
    • Don’t use sharp objects like needles, safety pins, etc. Any mischance and the speakers would damage ultimately.
    • Do not use sanitizer or any liquid soap to clean the speakers of the iPhone.
    • Don’t ever wash your iPhone speaker with water.
    • Do not use canned or compressed air to clean the speakers, as it may damage your phone.
    • If you find dust and distorted sound, only clean the speakers or else unnecessarily don’t clean it.
    • Whatever materials you use, use it of good quality to prevent damage to your speaker.

    How to clean an iPhone speaker? – FAQs

    How to clean an iphone speaker
    1. Is it necessary to clean iPhone speakers frequently?
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    No, it is not. Frequent cleaning of iPhone speakers is not required unless you face any trouble. If you encounter a situation when the audio or sounds come while you talk on a call, you may check whether your phone’s speaker has dust formed on it. If you find dust particles, you may use the above-mentioned ways to clean your iPhone speaker.

    1. Can alcohol be used to clean iPhone speakers?

    No alcohol or any liquid items can damage the speaker of your iPhone. It would be best if you didn’t use any of these to clean your phone speaker. Rather liquid items will cause more damage to the speaker.

    1. Are slime and cleaning putty beneficial?

    Yes, in many cases of wax mixed dust, this cleaning slimes and putty efficiently brings the dust out of the speakers. You can get this putty from the market quickly. Their easy availability has made them more popular to clean many electronic devices.

    1. Is cleaning putty available online?

    Yes, cleaning putty-like Airsquare is available on the online sites. You can get one for yourself quickly.


    How to clean an iPhone speaker is a broad question. An iPhone is today’s generation’s need. While we use it daily, many specks of dust bacteria accumulate on its screen and even on the speakers. We need proper cleaning and care or else the phone wouldn’t work efficiently after some time.

    Above, we have discussed various ways to clean the iPhone speaker. You may use multiple things to clean iPhone speakers. You can apply them anyway to clean your phone speaker and even the earplugs holes. But some factors or something to be taken care of while you tend the speakers. We have even pointed out some dos and don’ts to follow while cleaning the iPhone speaker.

    Applying any method needs proper attention and patience. Any mishap and you would damage your speaker. Without adequate functioning of the speaker, your iPhone is just useless. It would be best to have it function and sound well each time you use it. Some questions arise in the public mind while having these issues. This article has even covered those questions that iPhone users generally ask.

    We hope our ways mentioned above are of practical use to you. Use these methods and get your iPhone speaker free of various dust particles. How to clean an iPhone speaker is not difficult anymore.

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