How to Clean Keurig Needle: Simple 2-Step Guide to Follow

    A Guide on How to Clean Keurig Needle

    Since the easy way to get a hot cup of coffee was invented, people have become crazy about it. This single-serve brewer or Keurig, as we all know it, has won the hearts of many with its easy-to-use and efficient nature. But, it becomes a concern when it comes to cleaning its needle. Most people still do not know how to clean it properly. Therefore, a common question occurs among all coffee-lovers- “How to Clean Keurig Needle?”

    In this article, we are going to discuss it. Also, we will ponder over how it works, your very own Keurig! If the machine is not working, or working slowly, giving you partial cups of coffee, here is what you can do. Follow till the end to get interesting facts and tips on how to clean Keurig needle.

    So, without further ado, let’s begin.

    How does Keurig Needle Work?

    As you learn to clean Keurig needle, you must first know its mechanism. Without knowing how it works, you cannot clean it.

    The needle pierces through the coffee pod, with the hot water flowing through the coffee powder. Thus, the brewer machine makes coffee. Now, after many days’ use, regular dust can clog the needles with coffee powder and regular dust. And due to it, water cannot run into the coffee powder. So, it becomes essential to clean it properly to get your favorite hot, foaming, full-cup coffee.

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    How to Clean the Keurig Needle: A Two-Step guide:

    Yes, you read it right. The whole process requires only two steps. But, ahem, hang on! Both of them include multiple aspects, or you can say, sub-processes. Interesting for you! Let’s know more about it.

    Step 1: Access the Needle

    Cleaning the needle asks for accessing it. If you are here to learn how to clean Keurig needle, learn this step carefully. First, you have to turn off the machine and unplug it. (Well, probably, your brewer is already turned off for hours, as it is not working correctly.)Once disconnected from the plug, reach out to the coffee pod and detach it from the machine.

    how to clean keurig needle

    You will find the pod at the place where you put your cup to get the coffee. Hold and push it from underneath. It will come out of the machine. Now, grab the funnel and detach it from the coffee pod. The funnel is located at the lower part of the pod. A tip here! If it is not coming out quickly, hold it under warm running water. It will help to loosen the connection.

    how to clean keurig needle

    Step 2: Clean the Needle:

    Coming to the second step, once you detach the funnel, take a toothpick or a paper clip and remove the clogging materials from the funnel. Well, let us tell you that Keurig includes more than one needle. While one needle pierces from the top, the other goes through the bottom.

    how to clean keurig needle

    First, you can turn the pod upside down to clean the needle placed there. Tweak the material inside for nearly 20-30 seconds and unclog the needle. Rinse the funnel through running water properly. Wipe the water off the body with a dry cloth, preferably a towel.

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    how to clean keurig needle
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    Now, it’s time to clean the entrance needle. Open the Keurig’s handle that you hold while taking your coffee. You can find the entrance needle located on the top half of the machine. Clean it with a paper clip. Here, it would help if you were extra careful while cleaning thus entrance needle as it is very sharp.

    Final Tasks after Cleaning the Needles

    So, this is all about how to clean Keurig needle. Well, your task is not over after cleaning the needle only. You need to attach the pod back to the machine. First, connect the pod and funnel with each other. Then, put the pod holder back to the device. Maintain proper guidelines for it; otherwise, things may go wrong. And your brewer may get damaged forever.

    Align the pod first and push down. It will safely stick to its place. How to know if it is set right? The white arrow must be at the center on the top.

    Now, run two water-only brew cycles. It will help to remove the remaining materials clogged in the needle. Once you are done with the water-only cycles, you can take your cup of coffee quickly.

    how to clean keurig needle

    Coming to the end of our discussion, we will discuss some frequently asked questions on cleaning Keurig needle and maintaining it further.

    How to Clean Keurig Needles: Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. How do I clean the needle on my Keurig without the tool?

    We have discussed the process that includes no extra tools except a paper clip and your uninterrupted attention.

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    Q. How do I clean my Keurig needle with vinegar?

    You can put a white vinegar-water mix into the water reservoir. Turn on the machine and run a cycle, passing the mix through it.

    Q. How do I use the needle maintenance on my Keurig?

    Turn off your Keurig and fill it with plain water. Place the brewer maintenance tool into the cupholder. Close and open several times. And take the tool out. Then, run at least three cycles of plain water. Now, your brewer is clean to use.

    Q. Can you replace the needle in a Keurig?

    You can. But, it would help if you get professional assistance to stay safe with your brewer machine.

    Q. How many needles does a Keurig have?

    Two needles work together within a brewer. One needle pierces from the top and another one from the bottom.

    how to clean keurig needle
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    The Bottom Line

    So, got the idea on how to clean Keurig needle? We hope you have got the much-needed details. We have also discussed some frequently asked questions. If you have any more in your mind, feel free to ask. The comment box is all yours. We are waiting to know how you liked the write-up and improved your knowledge.

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