Farrah Fawcett Hair- Iconic Hairstyle In 10 Easy Steps

    farrah fawcett hair

    Farrah Fawcett hair is an iconic hairstyle from the ’70s era. It is easy to get that hairdo at home if you have layered hair with medium length. Curling layered hair does the magic and gives you iconic hair.

    You can get Farrah Fawcett hair in quick and easy steps. Get a layered haircut and curl your hair if you have straight or curly hair. Medium-length hair is ideal for this haircut. The 70s haircuts are iconic and blend with most of the outfits. They have evolved with fringes, pixies, shags, wavy cuts, under-shaved, etc.

    Farrah Fawcett Haircut For Face Shapes

    farrah fawcett hair

    This haircut is most suitable for square, round, rectangle, diamond, and long face shapes. If you have an oval or triangle face shape, it is best to avoid this haircut. The in-curls and out-curls look good on the mentioned face shapes. If you choose this haircut for oval and triangle face shape, get more layers and feathers and curl them lightly.

    Farrah Fawcett Haircut Tutorial

    If you have straight hair, you can do the following—your style and cut hair while wet. Use a mousse before you start cutting hair. Use the right shears to layer hair. It is easy to layer hair with a rearview mirror.

    Things you need

    • Shears
    • Comb
    • mousse

    For feathering and layering haircuts, the first step is to partition hair into two halves. Start layering the bottom-most part by holding the shears and cutting the hair at 45 degrees angle. Depending on the number of layers you need, hold hair and layer them as per the length of the hair.

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    When you do a DIY in layering, it is easier to cut it in the hair length and layering style with this technique. If you want to randomize and texturize, cut hair by twisting it hold the shears in-between hair instead of across hair, and randomize the hair cut in layers.

    Hair colors Suitable For Farrah Fawcett Haircut

    farrah fawcett hair
    super haircut

    This haircut looks good on light-colored hair. Choose shades from the same color and choose between light and dark colors. The choice of hair colors depends on the type of Farrah Fawcett haircut you have chosen and the hair length. If you have this haircut with a wavy haircut, choose a single shade that is a few tones lighter than your natural hair color.

    For under-shaved style, choose a blend of dark and light shades. With this haircut, you can use more than two colors if you have an under-shaved style. For in curls, choose a lighter shade, and if you have out curls, you can experiment with light and dark shades of two colors. For curls, choose a lighter shade, and if you have out curls, you can experiment with light and dark shades of two colors.


    If you have a blend of feathered with this hair cut, add a bit of ash color and blend it with light and dark hues. You can do a Sombre or Ombre with hair color. Use in curls or out curls based on the outfit you wear. In curls are suitable for formal outfits as a rule of thumb. Out curls are suitable for casual outfits and to wear iconic 70s outfits.

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    You can use more than two colors of your choice for the undercut or shaved part and leave the rest in two hues of the same color. When choosing a hair color for this hair cut, always choose a lighter shade to make the layers apparent.

    For Long Hair

    This haircut is not suitable for long hair. But if you want to use in curls instead of out curls, space the layers or feathered style. It is best to avoid this haircut for long hair.


    It is easy to get this iconic haircut at home and style it in your way. The 70s has been the most iconic era for fashion and music. With variations and choosing the right hair color, you can create an iconic look from this 70s haircut that suits your style.


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