How to Clean Retainers: 7 Useful Tips You Should Not Miss

    Learn How to Clean Retainers: Essential Factors you must Know

    Have you just completed your orthodontic session? Then, you may have got the advice of wearing a retainer when your braces are about to come out. And now you are wondering how to take care of it. Well, the variety of innumerable suggestions and dental guides available online, are enough to confuse people at any time. So, you must get an all-inclusive guide to help you. Here we have something for you. If you ask how to clean retainers, the answer awaits you below. Also, you will find many other exclusive tips to take care of the retainers. Let’s proceed.

    how to clean retainers

    How to Clean Retainers: Different Cleaning Process

    Many people often ask, ‘Do I have to clean my retainers?’ Definitely, yes. You must clean your retainer regularly. As it stays inside your mouth, it is likely to accumulate bacteria, plaque, etc. However, a wide range of variety is available for retainers. If you look for how to clean retainers, you must be aware of the types. Here, we will mention the types of retainers and their cleaning processes. Find out the particular type of your retainer and follow the steps to clean it properly.

    Usually, three types of retainers are available. They are Hawley Retainers, Clear Plastic Retainers, and Fixed Retainers. Fixed Retainers are known as permanent retainers. Another name for a plastic retainer is Essix retainer. People also call it Vivera, or clear aligners. Hawley Retainers are made out of acrylic to fit an individual’s mouth whereas Essix retainers are plastic coated. You may miss seeing it with open eyes due to its transparent nature. Permanent retainers are fixed with the teeth. So, you cannot remove them easily like the other two alternatives.

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    Considering the different variations of the retainers, the cleaning process also varies. Let’s delve into that.

    Hawley Retainers: As it is easy to remove, you can clean it easily. Before going deep, let us remind you that Hawley retainers are of two types. One type of Hawley retainer has metal solder attached to it. And another type of Hawley retainer comes without any metal solder. For the retainer without any metal solder, the process is easy. Use any of the retainer cleaners you prefer.

    how to clean retainers
    Kellyn Hodges Orthodontics: hawley retainers

    Soak the retainer for some time and clean it well. But if you are about to clean the retainer with metal solder you have to be careful. Soaking for a long time may break the solder. If it is not broken, it may get crumbled. So, go to the dental shop and find a cleaner that keeps the metal solder intact.

    Plastic Retainers: You can try different methods to clean plastic retainers. The equipment you need is castile soap, mild dishwashing detergent, and a toothbrush with a soft bristle. You can also clean it by soaking it in vinegar water.

    how to clean retainers
    Jefferson Medical Clinics: plastic retainer

    If you do not have vinegar, you can try a baking soda solution. Remember not to boil it under any circumstances. It will ruin the plastic.

    Permanent Retainer: The people asking how to clean retainers often have permanent retainers. But you cannot clean such retainers easily. It is basically a wire attached behind the back of your front teeth. One type of permanent retainer is attached to each of the individual teeth. And another type of permanent retainer is attached only to the teeth at the end.

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    how to clean retainers
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    To clean both of the types, you can take the help of a floss threader. How to get a floss threader? Take a threader and pass a piece of floss through it. Then, put it under the wire. Drag the floss forward and let it come under the retainer. If the retainer is glued to individual teeth, you have to drag the floss under each teeth. And for the retainers attached to the teeth at the end, you can pull the floss easily and continue it under all of the teeth behind the wire.

    Practice it daily and keep your fixed retainer clean always.

    So, that was the answer to how to clean retainers. Now, go back to your retainer and check which type it is. Then, clean it accordingly.

    As you have got the idea of how to clean retainers, let’s know some useful tips that will help you to keep the retainers clean and hygienic for a long time. Also, it will help to keep the retainers durable.

    How to Clean Retainers: 7 Essential Tips You Must Follow

    1. Do not forget to take your retainer case with you wherever you go. It will keep your retainer safe from external dust and particles when you are not using it.
    2. Never keep it at any unhygienic place.
    3. Keep an eye on your pets if you have any. Often, they misplace or damage the retainers while playing around the house.
    4. Keep your retainer in a cool place away from heat. Heat may damage it and you will feel discomfort while putting it again inside the mouth.
    5. If possible, remove your retainer before eating anything. Often, the food particles get stuck to it creating problems.
    6. Make sure you remove your retainer while consuming juice, soda, or any other beverage except water.
    7. Visit your orthodontist if you find any problem with your retainer.
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    how to clean retainers
    Medical News Today

    The Bottom Line – Take care of Your Retainer

    Our teeth are functional and decorative at once. So, taking proper care of it is of utmost importance. Keeping your teeth retainer clean is the first step towards enjoying good dental health for a long time. Here, we have mentioned everything you need to know about how to clean retainers.

    Well, one-day cleaning is not enough. You have to do it regularly. Many people often ask – why does my retainer smell even after cleaning? The answer is the formation of bacteria in it. If you do not clean your retainer regularly, it may form bacteria and emits a foul smell even after cleaning.

    So, we hope all of your doubts are cleared now. Follow the specific process and tips and clean the retainer. If you still have any questions in your mind, you can ask at the comment box below. Have sound dental health ahead! If you want to know some interesting facts about kids’ dental health, click here.


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