15 Amazing facts about a Sapiophile – Are You One Of Them?

    Sapiophile- Are You A Sapiosexual Or Dating One?

    You might have come across the term sapiosexual and there are chances you know what sapiosexual people are, Sapiophile is a term, not most people are aware of. You will learn a lot about sapiophiles in this article and you will also know if you are one of them.

    A sapiophile is any person who is attracted sexually to an intelligent person. The presence of intellect and intelligence is highly attractive to a sapiophile. Physical appearance, fame, wealth, etc does not mean a lot to such people.

    One of the most amazing things about science it has given labels to all the things we emotionally and physically experience which makes it a lot earlier for people to know themselves.

    You might have noticed that many people seem to be attracted and more impressed by intelligent people in the room. Well, now you know there is a particular name for them. This attraction to highly intelligent and thoughtful people is called scopophilia so people who experience such attraction are coined the term sapiophiles.

    But, ever wondered why are human beings attracted to other intelligent beings? Not everyone is attracted necessarily to intelligent people, if everyone were attracted, there was no need for studying the topic separately and no term would have been given to this phenomenon, right?

    Another term most often used is sapiosexual, these people are mentally and physically turned on by smart people. They are in a literal sense aroused by intelligence. One more striking thing about the term sapiophile is that these people have tremendous intellectual conversations about random and unexpected things.

    A good number of people are more driven towards laugh, smile, fashion sense, eye color, etc, but all these are physical attributes of a person. Sapiophile sare totally different.

    How to tell if a person is a sapiophile?

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    Now that you very well know how sapiophiles are, you might wonder how do we figure out if we have met one or not. How do you figure out if a person is really intelligent? This might not be very obvious that know that it is not impossible either.

    The way a person talks to you and starts conversations and responds to what you say can be revealing enough to find out if the person is a sapiophile or not. Considering all the things in mind, let’s see some useful signs that will narrow down your concept and choices.

    1. A sapiophile will love owning a library of their own

    Since you know what defines sapiophiles (their ability to be attracted to intelligent people), it is profoundly likely that they will love spending most of their time with someone having a library. The explanation of this fact about such people is simple to rule out because they love reading and gaining more knowledge. This is one way they get to improve and build more thought processes and vocabulary to talk to.

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    This is the reason they are easily able to start complex conversations using difficult words and sentences without making any mistakes and stuttering. If they meet another person having the same abilities, there are high chances they will be attracted.

    2. They truly enjoy intimate, long, and eye-opening conversations.

    If you are attracted to or love people that seem to love intelligent and long conversations, there are high chances of you being a sapiophile without you even realizing it. These people just love meaningful, long, and deep conversations. They are more likely to communicate when the conversations are deep otherwise they just fall out of interest.

    Fortunately, they are not even restricted to some topics of conversation. they literally choose anything in the form of science, IT, art, and celestial topics. The most important thing one must understand is that the talk should be informative enough to keep them engaged. Small tasks do not go well with such people. If you are one, you might now recall many instances of conversations you loved.

    3. A sharp, photographic memory

    A large number of sapiosexuals find unique things like a photographic memory immensely hot. The explanation behind this phenomenon is quite simple when you draw out meaning, you are more likely to remember everything they say that the reason behind this is because they are quite the same.

    Despite so many challenges behind having such memories and possessing such a mind, they still find it attractive. No one likes to pair with a partner that remembers vividly all the petty details, especially of the memories that they had made together. This depth is generally not liked by people but sapiophiles find it incredibly attractive and they are drawn towards it.

    4. Debating is their favorite

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    You can be pretty sure beforehand that a sapiophile will be all over you when they debate or discuss something that needs utter intelligence and a great thought process.

    In most cases, they are well-researched, especially when it comes to the topic of their interest. They will highly respect someone that has the same level of debating skills and this makes them more attracted to the person of intelligence.

    A sapiosexual cannot stop themselves from admiring those people who are not at all afraid to speak what’s in their mind. The catch here is that they very well know how to organize various thoughts into perfect order. The creative mess that comes along with highly intellectual conversations is something that gets a sapiophile every time.

    5. They are extremely curious

    They are highly driven towards people that are creative and curious. The fact that they wish to know more about what is happening with people around you and random things surrounding you makes it desirable to them. The idea of you sending your days and nights searching and learning on particular topics makes you highly attractive to them.

    As an intelligent person, you will simply have an urge to keep learning more to broaden your knowledge base, even if that means you need to try out experiments to attain and reach your goals.

    In the eye of a sapiosexual, the most attractive feature one can have is their curiosity to learn something new and it also works as a fuel to the person’s imagination.

    6. Immense Love Towards education

    Education might not be a dealbreaker with someone confident in their own level of intelligence. However, education provides you insights into various new topics and pieces of literature that help you become a much better version of yourself.

    For this reason alone, sapiophiles love education and someone who is educated by their sides. The secret is to have an education of anything ad everything. You must have the ability to take part in intellectual communication at any time of the day. This is the hottest trait you can have that sapiophiles find attractive. It could be a mega turn-on for your partner if they are sapiophiles.

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    7. They have open minds

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    sapiosexual people are often very good when it comes to having a strong opinion. Even so, they have the ability to strike a balance between having an open mind and still expressing their strong opinions on a subject. Knowing that there is a person who is ready to listen to everything they have to say including various theories and respond politely and positively can be quite comforting to them.

    Nothing will make a partner easy to bond with other than the knowledge that they will hear always even the silliest things you have to convey. The ability to have an open-minded character guarantees the partner that you will understand everything even if the other one does not know something.

    This is something everyone needs in a relationship. It is the perfect recipe for every healthy and good relationship.

    8.Someone knows that “pretending to be dumb” is not cool and cute

    A lot of girls have to act dumb because they find it immensely hard to attract a person that has the ability to reason with them well. If this is one thing you literally hate doing, there are good chances of you being a sapiophile. It is not at all cute or cool to act dumb in front of others to peas them well. Selling yourself short in front of people is totally unreasonable but totally uncalled for.

    People should adore and like you for who you are not something you are pretending to be in front of others.

    9. Embracing oneself

    From all the given explanations so far, it is absolutely clear that sapiophile are totally confident, and are attracted to people who are like them. They are bold men and women that are not afraid to speak their minds and not ashamed to embrace their interests, needs, and wants wt others.

    They will also be absolutely clear about being attracted to amazing intelligence rather than attracted by someone’s physique like big backside or sex-pack abs.

    For such reasons and more, you must never hide how brilliant your thinking is just because some people around you cannot handle the intelligence you possess. The world has thousands of people like you that would love to meet you and become a perfect match, as long as you don’t act shy and show them how you really are instead of pretending.

    10. They are totally obsessed with correct spellings

    Although it may seem common and totally fine to some people, sapiophiles find it immensely unattractive and totally a turn-off if someone uses wrong meanings again and again. They are easily pissed off and stops chatting once you are even willing to.

    Sapiopiles are the people that will notice even the simplest of things when you all are talking. You might not know that they will even notice the way you read a text or write something without using wrong spellings. Using the correct way to pronounce things and spell them is a blessing to them and in fact, can be a huge turn-on for them.

    11. When someone reveals that they are totally clueless about topics but they wish to know more

    It is not that sapiophiles know everything, but they definitely appreciate those people that allow the truth about themselves too. They are very well aware of their limitations and totally own up to not having answers to every question.

    When they meet someone that knows about a subject more than them, they would stop with everything and listen to them to learn more. They don’t like diving in with foolish and empty comments. The best that can be done is to ask questions in need of clarifications. Also, they will accept the same from other people with who they bond.

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    12. They will reveal all the weird interests easily

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    A sapiophile is more likely to love you if you are not at all afraid to open up about weird and interesting topics of research. They love to hear about everything including your dreams as well as your willingness to share about your own fascinations. This means you should not hide any weird interests you have and embrace them with your partners.

    13. using conversations as your foreplay

    After you have set the mood using pretty candles and wine, you must k ow that cuddling and kissing might not mean everything to them and may not work. You will have to work o your mind to proceed further with the date. The kisses may somehow come later after the mind is captured. If these features are there in your partner, then you better step up to find something that makes your partner more engaged in things you want.

    Some tricks you can use to attract them are reading their favorite chapters from their favorite book or talking to them about any study you find interesting or have been part of something recently.

    With all the passionate conversations you two have and the mood going on around you two, a sapiosexual or sapiophile partner will go crazy for you. Take note and identify that you shouldn’t neglect physical appearance. Even though a sapiophile will not necessarily get attracted to physical approaches, they will still notice a person that overlooks themselves and keep off.

    15. Uniqueness

    A sapiophile is always attracted to a person with unique nature. You can identify a sapiophile by seeing that the person will never reach out to someone who follows all the trends and is all about them. They are more about looking for someone that stands out as opposed to someone that likes to fit in.

    When you start staying true to yourself and cultivate unique tastes in everything like movies, music, food, etc, you are more likely to win a sapiosexual. These traits are amazing for them as they make you seem interesting and special, which is all they want in their partners.

    As long as you keep proving to them about your originality or ability to keep everything original about yourselves, you have good chances with sapiophiles. You need to show them that you are slightly concerned about being different than others but not concerned about what people will think about you.

    15. Heart is as important as mind.

    Everyone is aware that being emotionally intelligent is as important as being mindful and intellectual. In addition to having admirable knowledge and being well-read about topics, you also need to remain in touch with your feelings in general. Sapiophiles will definitely admire your intelligent mind but if you do not have emotional intelligence, you might be perceived as being cold.

    Rember that even a sapiophile needs warmth as normal people do and understanding more than anything.

    Difference between a sapiophile and sapiosexual

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    Now that you know what a sapiophile is, can you differentiate between a saiosexual and a sapiophile?

    The sapiosexual is any person who bases their emotional and physical attraction based on the intellectual level of other person. By definition, you can call a saiosexual as a person with intelleucal basis,a though it might not be always true. They just have sentimentala nd sexual tendencies towards intelligent people. They are open minded, loves tolive outside box, and find great happiness in reading and doing intellectual acitvites.

    The saiosexual in short is the desire felt by people, due to intellecutality and knowledge. It is also described as sexualty these days. By knowing all these signs about a saosexual, you know that there likes no differences between a sapiosexuala and sapiophiles other than some historical knwdge.

    Knwing how to handle a sapiophile can easily increase the quality of your bond and relationship with them. These individuals tend to be highly unique and have certain specific needs and wants they exect from their partner.

    There reactions are also quite different to events than normal people’s reaction. If you a saiosexual or sapiophile or you are dating one, you will certainly know more about it!


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