How To Charge Switch Controllers – The Super Easy Guide

    Switch controllers play an important role in your gaming experience. They are used to control the movement of the game. If the switch controller runs out of battery while playing the game, it can ruin your total gaming experience. So, charging switch controllers from time to time is very important to have a peaceful gaming experience. If you don’t know how to charge switch controllers, then you are at the right place.

    After knowing how to charge switch controllers, you don’t have to face the horrifying situation of flashing on-screen indicators. Here we are going to discuss how you can charge your switch controller and what is the appropriate time to charge it. The option of charging your switch controller depends on the type of switch controller you use. Some controllers have more features than the other ones, which make the charging much easier, but first, we are going to discuss what a switch controller actually is.

    What is a switch controller?

    A switch controller is a device that lets you control the game. You will get a little remote which has multiple keys to control the game movement. It can be wireless or with wire, depending on what type of controller you use. You need to connect your controller with the PC before starting the game. After that, you can control gaming movements with it.

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    Switch controllers run on battery, so it could be out of battery after use. To keep your controller alive, you need to know how to charge switch controllers which we are going to discuss next.

    How to charge switch controllers?

    There are two ways of charging your switch controller. One is charging it while playing, and the other one is charging it while it’s not in use. Here we are going to describe both ways. Also, pro controllers have different charging procedures, so we will talk about that too.

    How to charge switch controllers while not playing?

    Here also we have two options which you can use according to your convenience. The good thing is most of the switch, like the Nintendo Switch controllers, doesn’t need an extra cable to charge them.

    1. You can use the switch itself for charging.

    Step 1 – Connect one side of the console with the switch controller while the switch is on.

    Step 2 – Make sure that the AC adapter is plugged in.

    Step 3 – Now, you have to click the power button to put the controller into sleep mode.

    Step 4 – Now, all you have to do is wait for the controller to charge fully.

    2. You can use a charging dock.

    how to charge switch controllers


    Step 1 – use the USB port of the switch’s dock to plug in the cable.

    Step 2 – Put your switch controller into the dock and make sure to check the red light on top for confirmation.

    How to charge switch controllers when playing?

    You get the three charging options here for charging your switch controller.

    1. You can use the charging grip to charge the switch controller while playing.
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    You can buy a switch controller charging grip to charge it while playing. It is an easier way to charge your switch controller while using it as well. It is quite the same as a regular switch controller grip. The only difference is it has the option to plug in or connect the switch dock. You just have to connect the cable of the charging grip with the switch’s dock.

    2. You can play in handheld mode.

    Step 1 –Plug your AC adapter into a place from where you can continue playing and then plug in the USB-C end into the console at the bottom port.

    Step 2 – Now all you have to do is to attach your switch controller to play while it is charging.

    3. You can use a charging case.


    Some switch controllers offer portable USB chargers to charge it easily at any place. The portable chargers have their own battery backup to recharge the controller at any place. You just have to connect your switch controller with the portable charger, and the work is done. You can play the game anywhere while charging.

    How to charge the pro switch controller?

    There are two ways to charge a pro switch controller. Obviously, pro switch controllers are more convenient than the regular ones.

    1. Plug into the switch’s dock to charge your controller

    The simplest way to charge a switch controller is to plug it into the switch’s dock.

    Step 1 – Use a cable to plug into the front USB port of the switch’s dock.

    Step 2 – Check for the orange light on the top to make sure that it is connected.

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    Step 3 – Wait for the switch controller to charge fully and use it. It usually takes six hours to charge fully. You can also play the game while it is charging in this method, but most cables are very short and that’s the only problem.

    1. Use third party charging dock to charge it

    This option is for those who don’t want to use the switch’s dock for charging their switch controller. Third-party charging docks can fit anywhere and mostly have a dongle system, which makes them comfortable to use. You connect it with the pro switch controller using the USB cable through the USB type C port of your switch controller.

    Here we described all the ways you could charge your switch controller and avoid a bad gaming experience. If you have a pro switch controller, then things are a little bit easy for you, although normal switch controllers work well too if you know how to use them properly. Now, you can avoid any mess-up created by low battery switch controllers because you know how to charge switch controllers easily. We hope you will have a wonderful gaming experience.

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